Basics: What is Transitioning? Hair Regimen for Transitioning (from Chemical/Heat Damaged to Natural Hair)

This is totally a personal choice. But I personally and from few more feedback that using sulfate-free shampoo does make a HUGE difference...skipping sulfates means by default skipping silicones. Using too  much of silicones in the long run does dry out our hair more. BUT, the choice is yours. Many curlies love silicones, many totally hate it. If you are not on a tight budget, I would suggest following the sulfate-silicone free regimen as mentioned here. It makes a lot of difference to the scalp and hair.

I have been wanting to write many many posts on Curlacious. But there are just wayyyy too many reasons to postpone writing a post. Usually, 2 of my friends always call and ask if I am alive since nothing is up on the blog and then I rushhh and write…  😉 This time, I am writing a post for you curlies out there…. Day before yesterday, I had a nice long chat with another curlie who was new to my blog (that’s the best part about blogging..I get to talk and interact with such sweet & awesome people!!). She had landed here looking to revive her straightened hair. She wants to grow out her hair and was asking about ways and steps to do that. Since this question is something that I often get asked and this post was already due for really long, I thought why not to write a whole […]

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What is “Hair Elasticity”? Key to Protein-Moisture Balance!

Hair care is a lot about knowing few nuances of your hair properties…that’s why I like to discuss and explain few of the basics of our hair properties which affect of hair and the hair care regimen that we follow. After Curly Hair Typ(Pattern), Density & Width and porosity,  now I am gonna be writing about another important property: Elasticity.   Elasticity is probably one of the most important properties of hair that we need to keep in mind while doing protein treatments or deep conditioning treatments. What is Hair Elasticity? The general definition of elasticity is applicable to hair too. The ability of our hair strands to stretch and to get back to original shape is called hair’s elasticity. Why is Elasticity important? Hair Elasticity determines hair’s health and strength. It helps us know whether our hair needs moisture or protein. Gives an idea on how much manipulation our […]

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