Read Ingredients Before Accepting a Brand’s 100% “Natural” claim!!

Hindu News Clip_read product labels & Ingredients

The Hindu’s magazine Metro Plus’s (Bangalore Edition) first page news by Sriya Narayanan (the one clicked in the pic!) resonates every word of what I keep telling all you dear curly/wavy haired people!!! Do NOT accept any brand’s claim of being 100% “herbal” or “natural” or “organic”. Look at the ingredients list. Learn to differentiate between what truly is an organic or natural product than just fake claims that include one or two natural extracts or oils towards the end of the entire ingredients list!!! If  you are okay with using products with chemicals, then fine!! But if you are buying a product coz of its claims of being natural or herbal, then you need to think and look twice before you buy these products…… Typical conversations I have with some readers 🙂   A: Can I use hair product X, it says it is all natural. Me: Umm.. cannot […]

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DIY Deep Conditioning Idea for Curlies Living in Hostels


Hello Curlies!! I often get asked by many young curlies staying in hostels to give simple DIY deep conditioning ideas.   I am  in hostel… do not have multiple kitchen ingredients at my disposal and above all, do not have a blender or mixie to create a smooth blend Hmm… I can understand that….to be frank, even though I have all this as one-step distance from my couch, I am too lazy to pick up 2-3 ingredients, blend them and then apply!! So, more often than not, I end up doing deep conditioning with the most simple and ready-to-apply ingredients. So here is the quick tip: Choose ONE ingredient which BLENDs easily using bowl and spoon APPLY all over your hair WRAP in plastic cover RINSE off Makes sense? Umm.. lemme explain..I apply one of these packs: DIY Curd Hair Pack: Take Curd, quickly blend it in a bowl and apply. […]

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Comments Replied!!!

Hey Curlies,  I have finally tried and replied all the pending comments on the blog… except one from Assam(I will approve & reply soon!!)… There were so so soooo many comments pending for so so soooo long!!! 🙁 I am really really sorry, darlings… I had let them pile up so much that every time I sat down to reply, I didn’t know where to start.. 🙁 If I have missed out any of your comments, please drop me another comment or a reminder, I will look into it and reply. 🙂 I still am to look into my mails…If you had sent me an email and didn’t get a reply, don’t give up yet!! I am getting at it!! 😀 Planning to stay more active now on!!  Stay in touch!! and keep sharing your curl stories and love…….. *Muaaahhhh*  Love, Divya  

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Curls @ Dawn….

Curly Hair Collage_India_Curlacious

Day 3 Curly Hair Not-so-refreshed. Yet-defined-ones. Dawn. Hill. Curls.  Sun. Wind.  L.O.V.E.   I am not much of a poser.. well, no.. I am…but I am too shy to post my pics on my blog.. Now that’s a very bad quality to have for a hair blogger!!! 😀 Well, few weeks ago, my bro took me on an early morning driving test..I just woke up dressed up, just wet my fingers and ran through my hair and went….When we reached the spot we of course ended up clicking some pics on our phones…Now when I transferred those pics, I felt like sharing few of many !! 🙂 The quality of pic might not be awesome but please try to acknowledge the feel of the pic than the quality hehe….. So, this is my Day 3 morning just-out-of-bed kind of hair…in the super windy and chilly Nandhi hills 🙂     […]

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