DIY Deep Conditioning Idea for Curlies Living in Hostels


Hello Curlies!!

I often get asked by many young curlies staying in hostels to give simple DIY deep conditioning ideas.


I am  in hostel…

do not have multiple kitchen ingredients at my disposal

and above all, do not have a blender or mixie to create a smooth blend

Hmm… I can understand that….to be frank, even though I have all this as one-step distance from my couch, I am too lazy to pick up 2-3 ingredients, blend them and then apply!! So, more often than not, I end up doing deep conditioning with the most simple and ready-to-apply ingredients.

So here is the quick tip:

Choose ONE ingredient

which BLENDs easily using bowl and spoon

APPLY all over your hair

WRAP in plastic cover


Makes sense? Umm.. lemme explain..I apply one of these packs:

DIY Curd Hair Pack:

  • Take Curd, quickly blend it in a bowl and apply.
  • Wrap hair with plastic cover.
  • Keep for 20 mins.
  • Rinse off.

DIY Milk Hair Pack:

  • Take raw milk (or boiled one, if you have only that).
  • Saturate your hair with it.
  • Wrap hair with plastic cover
  • Keep for 20mins
  • Rinse off

DIY Egg Hair Pack:

  • Blend egg and apply
  • Can add milk or curd too to this pack
  • Wrap hair in plastic cover
  • Keep for 20mins
  • Rinse off

DIY Aloe Vera Hair Pack:

  • Get a bottle of aloe vera juice
  • Beg your Kitchen staff to store it for you (coz I think it needs to be refrigerated after opening, right? But Patanjali one doesn’t mention that…go check!!)
  • Use it as deep condtioning pack.
  • Saturate hair with the juice
  • Wrap hair with plastic cover
  • Keep for 20mins
  • Rinse off

DIY Ghee Hair pack:

  • Apply ghee all over hair like oil (this might not work in winters as ghee will solidify)
  • Wrap hair in a plastic cover
  • Keep for 20 mins or overnight
  • Rinse off


Another option using your usual conditioner is mentioned here:

Quick DIY deep conditioning hair mask: for dry or frizzy hair


To any of these packs, you can add essential oils or coldpressed oils or any hair oil that you use. Essential oils must be just 2-3 drops. Other oils can vary anywhere from 1/2 tea spoon to 2 tablespoons based on how well your hair takes oils. 🙂


So, does this solve your DIY deep conditioning issues with limited resources? Lemme know!! Do share pics or feedback if you try it out, curlies!! 

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