Basics: When to Comb Curly or Wavy Hair?

Curly hair wide comb_Roots India_Curlacious

Helloooo curlies…so lets plunge into this simple and short topic!!   Does combing or brushing fit into curly or wavy hair care? Well, a brush doesn’t fit anywhere. Comb, yes it does! But only a wide tooth comb and only in the shower. Combing or brushing dry curly/wavy hair is a big no-no!!   When to use a comb in curly/wavy hair care: For curly or wavy hair, comb must be used only on wet hair. Combing dry curly or wavy hair makes it lose definition, puff up and become frizz. NEVER EVER comb dry hair. Vigorous brushing even causes hair breakage.   Uses of Wide Tooth Comb in curly/wavy hair care: Helps in detangling hair easily. (on wet or oiled hair…read more on how to detangle here.) Sometimes finger detangling hair is very very difficult and wide comb becomes a saviour in such cases!! Believe me…I have experienced this […]

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Basics: How to Plop or Plunk?

Curlacious_How to Plop Hair

Hi curlies!! So, here is a quick pictorial tutorial on Plopping or Plunking for you. What is plopping or plunking? Plopping/Plunking is rolling or putting up your hair in a t-shirt or cotton cloth. Reasons to Plop/Plunk: cuts down the drying time enhances curl pattern and gives tighter curls (Wavy haired people will love it!) keeps hair frizz-free while drying prevents us from touching our hair while it dries. When to Plop? On freshly washed hair, after applying all leave-in and styling products, follow it with scrunching using a dry t-shirt….then take another dry t-shirt and plop your hair. How long to Plop? You can plop from 10 mins to as long as you want. Many people even plop overnight. How to Plop: (at the risk of looking funny and is a pictorial tutorial!!) Step 1: Spread a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel on a flat surface like bed, stool, […]

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Curls Clicked by Mom!!

I was spending few days at my brother’s place when I got these photos of my curls clicked by him(we all know how many Don’ts I had for those clicks). But another day, when I wanted to click pics, bro was not at home. So mom volunteered to give it a try. I put the cam on auto and quickly gave her instructions on how to click. So, here those are….these pics are older than the “Curls at Dusk”, so these too are before the BBlunt curly hair cut that I mentioned in this post. I am already due for another cut, I feel…few more of those ends need to go…. Anyway, here are the pics….Please be generous…since these are clicked by Mommy dearest.   Well, last is of course a selfie!! 🙂 Hope you liked the pics. Learn to care for your naturally curly or wavy hair in India […]

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