How to Refresh Day 2 Curly or Wavy Hair!

How to Refresh Second Day Curly Wavy hair India

Once we start following the Curly/Wavy hair care routine, we by default fall in love with our curls…. The curl pattern…the lesser frizz…the gorgeous look….the feeling of liberation………wowwww….. after seeing our Day one hair, you feel so encouraged and fabulous….and you go to bed feeling happyyyyyy… On Day 2… You wake up with frizzy, not-so-defined-curls, and above all, you cannot comb cannot straighten it now and you have no idea how to fix it…  That’s when you realise….That Curlacious female(aka me!) *Grrrr* left me hanging…without giving the slightest hint of how to tackle day 2 hair!!!!…….. hahaha… I feel you, gal, I feel you!!! And I am so sorry for not having done a proper post on refreshing curls earlier than this!! Yes, Second Day curly or wavy hair can be very tricky, challenging and discouraging. I myself face issues with day 2 (3 or even 4) hair!! The super gorgeous first […]

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Basics: How to “Scrunch” hair?


Hello Lovely Curlies  & Wavies!! Know? Whenever I start reading a Classic English Literature novel, it starts by sounding ‘Alien’. It takes little time to get the flow of the novel and the way it is written. There are certain words that are used which are not in common use now. After reading on, based on the context or frequent usage, the word makes sense. (Well, sometimes, I even call my parents (both of whom are English Majors) for confirmation of what I think is what it really is!! :-p) Well, similarly, when we read about curly and wavy hair routines, there are many words that sound alien to us!! 🙁 Like, scrunch, plop, porosity, pineapple (the fruit?! Hell nooo!! hehehe)… So I thought why not do few posts to explain what is what in general.  May be you know these already…or you don’t! For beginners, this will give a general idea […]

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Things to Know While Starting Your Naturally Curly/Wavy Hair Journey

Curlacious_Curly hair brushing_wavy Hair India

Embracing your natural curls or waves is something  that takes long to get used to. Apart from that, deciding to take the plunge is the biggest thing. You have never done that yourself. More often than not, considering how desperate we curlies and wavies are to tame our hair, you might be the only person planning to try this out. That means there is no one to tell you what to expect and what not to expect. Worst part, there will be more people to discourage you than to make you believe in your true Curlacious self!! Considering all this and after spending some time following this method, I have few pointers to share with you. In case you are considering to quit (Please don’t quit), hope it helps you in continuing your Curl Journey!!  🙂   When you shift from Sulfate-containing shampoo to a Sulfate-free one, your scalp tends to get […]

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Hair Density and Width & it’s Effect on Hair Care

Indian Wavy Curly hair_density_Messy bun

To the topic of “Hair Basics”, I am adding these two aspects. Just like Hair Porosity and Curl Pattern, Hair Width and Density are important too. Knowing more about your hair helps in maintaining, managing and styling our hair properly. It also helps us in making sound decisions while buying products for our hair care or styling. Let’s start with Hair Density: What is Hair Density? Hair Density is basically the number of hair strands that grace our head. Hair density is determined by the number of hair strands per square inches area of our scalp. How to determine Hair Density? Since counting strands manually is not physically possible for us, there is an alternate and easier method to determine Hair Density. After shower, let it dry naturally. Once hair is completely dry, stand in front of mirror and look at your scalp from various angles. Only try and see […]

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Learn Your Hair Porosity

Curlacious Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is one of the main properties of hair that you need to know about. If you have read my post on how to determine your hair type via the pattern that your tresses follow, then you might already know your hair type. Now it is time to learn about your hair’s porosity. Hair porosity is defined as the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Hair porosity plays a major role in making your hair frizz-free or frizz-full. It helps you determine your hair products and hair styling techniques. Porosity determines how well your tresses hold on to the moisture that you provide to them through conditioners, deep treatments, oils and any other product that you apply to your hair.   What determines Hair Porosity? The cuticles on the hair determine the hair’s porosity. The hair is made up of three layers: Outer most Layer is Cuticle, followed by cortex and the central Medulla. Medulla […]

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What is your Curly Hair Type?

Curly Wavy Hair Pattern

Curls have a beautiful fascination about them. Each curl is different, pretty and precious. Every Indian girl who doesn’t have straight hair have wavy or curly hair. There are so many patterns that curls form and fall into. If we randomly pick 10 curly haired girls and compare their hair type and pattern, there are high chances that none of them have the same kind of curls. Even if girls claim to have the same curl pattern, each curl shape is different from the other. Rather on the same head, there might be a mix of two (or more) curl patterns. There is a highly used system of hair typing called Andre Walker’s Hair typing system. As the name suggests, it was developed by a celebrity hair stylist Andre Walker and is summed up in the below pics. The hair types based on the method are divided into 4 types. […]

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Know your Curly Hair Wash Routine!

Divya Curly Wavy Hair Indian

If you are a curly ow wavy haired person, then one of the main things you should be aware of is the effect of your hair care and hair wash routine on your curls. If you really want to know what your curls crave for and how they respond to the products that you are putting them under, you should take out the time to observe your hair. Then you can tweak and turn your routine for the benefits of your curls. What is the usual hair wash routine that you follow? It might most probably be something like this: Wet hair, shampoo the scalp, lather it up, rinse it out. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft till tips, avoid the roots, keep it in hair for 2-5mins, rinse out. Soak up all excess water using a towel rub, rub, rub.  Wait for hair to air dry or use a blow dryer. Once […]

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