WOW Miracle 10 in 1 Shampoo Review: for Dry, Wavy, Curly, Frizzy Hair

WOW Shampoo Review India sulfate free_Curlacious_Miracle 10in1sulfate free

Few of my readers introduced me to this brand called “WOW Organics”. I was asked by several curlies to check the ingredient list of their range of shampoos as they claimed to be sulfate and paraben free andddd there were so many positive comments regarding the shampoo. So, I had to get my hands on this product. Price Rs. 499 for  300 ml   Availability: Easily available at online shopping sites Amazon & Flipkart   You can buy it here: WOW Miracle 10 in 1 Shampoo   Ingredients: It is in fact sulfate and paraben free. It contains Polyquats – 7 & 10. Polyquats have detangling and conditioning properties for which it is usually used in shampoos and conditioner. Well, polyquaternium-10 seems all okay. But I was not sure about Polyquarternium-7 which supposedly has a film forming property if used in higher quantities. But then this ingredient is after the first 5 […]

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Read Ingredients Before Accepting a Brand’s 100% “Natural” claim!!

Hindu News Clip_read product labels & Ingredients

The Hindu’s magazine Metro Plus’s (Bangalore Edition) first page news by Sriya Narayanan (the one clicked in the pic!) resonates every word of what I keep telling all you dear curly/wavy haired people!!! Do NOT accept any brand’s claim of being 100% “herbal” or “natural” or “organic”. Look at the ingredients list. Learn to differentiate between what truly is an organic or natural product than just fake claims that include one or two natural extracts or oils towards the end of the entire ingredients list!!! If  you are okay with using products with chemicals, then fine!! But if you are buying a product coz of its claims of being natural or herbal, then you need to think and look twice before you buy these products…… Typical conversations I have with some readers 🙂   A: Can I use hair product X, it says it is all natural. Me: Umm.. cannot […]

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DIY Deep Conditioning Idea for Curlies Living in Hostels


Hello Curlies!! I often get asked by many young curlies staying in hostels to give simple DIY deep conditioning ideas.   I am  in hostel… do not have multiple kitchen ingredients at my disposal and above all, do not have a blender or mixie to create a smooth blend Hmm… I can understand that….to be frank, even though I have all this as one-step distance from my couch, I am too lazy to pick up 2-3 ingredients, blend them and then apply!! So, more often than not, I end up doing deep conditioning with the most simple and ready-to-apply ingredients. So here is the quick tip: Choose ONE ingredient which BLENDs easily using bowl and spoon APPLY all over your hair WRAP in plastic cover RINSE off Makes sense? Umm.. lemme explain..I apply one of these packs: DIY Curd Hair Pack: Take Curd, quickly blend it in a bowl and apply. […]

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Curly Hair Journey…2016

What an year 2016 was!! ………this post…rather than talking, I would just say it though pictures………. Professionally, I have been super busy Personally, it has been a roller coaster ride Blogging-wise it has been smooth Last two months of the year went by in a daze *still don’t wanna talk about it* Let’s look at the Hair Journey of 2016……..                         I don’t really have pics from November and December My hair routine has been totally off but hair has been behaving better… so I clicked this ‘just outta bed curls’ today (I am at mommyland so Sunday morning be like) Mom’s nightie.. …waking up to good hair… ….piping hot cup of tea served at the table…. … this is called an awesome start to the new year….. How did your year start? I would love to know… […]

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Review: L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Silk Protein Conditioner

Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner for curly hair

L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner Silk Protein has been the only conditioner that I have been using for last many weeks. So here I am ready to review it for you!   Availability: Very easily available at local supermarkets Online at Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle etc. You can buy it here: L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner Price: Rs.170 for 170ml   Consistency & Slip: Thick – semi creamy. Slippery. The conditioner is not runny, rather squeezes out in a toothpaste like fashion with semi-creamy consistency.  However it spreads easily on hair and helps in detangling too.   Ingredients list: It is silicone free and the ingredients list can be found here: L’Oreal Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner (Silk Protein) – Ingredients   My experience: Suddenly I have been having doubts regarding enliven conditioners that I have reviewed here. Enliven surely is the most cost effective silicone free conditioner but I always had […]

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Yves Rocher Nutri-Silky Hair Mask + Shoppers Stop Online Shopping Experience!

Yves Rocher Nutri-silky hair mask for dry hair which is silicon free, paraban free and colorant free was not something that I knew existed until I explored the awesome online shopping portal of Shoppers Stop. Yes shoppers stop has a website which has many products which are suitable for curly and wavy haired people! Let’s begin with my shopping experience  at the shoppers stop website(Link: Shoppers Stop site is easy to explore and finding products based on your requirement is fairly quick. Finding products,  browsing through, adding to card and checking out is pretty simple. The site has a wide range of products – fashion accessories, clothings, hair care, skin care, make up etc. Once I had decided on what I wanted to buy, from creating account to checking out the product took 5 mins flat! The follow up mails, shipping status and the delivery was quick as well. I […]

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DIY Mild Shampoo with Ritha, Shikakai and Flaxseed Gel – RiShiFlax Liquid Soap!

Curlacious_DIY natural shampoo India

  More often than not, I have wondered about going all natural on my hair care. Like ditch the shampoo all together (Well of course won’t ditch the conditioner ;))…and use natural ingredients to whip up a natural shampoo and use only that!! I remember mom making Reetha and Shikakai shampoo at home when I was a kid. It included a loooong process…. soaking at night…boiling in morning…straining….waiting for it to cool. Uff!! Frankly, I might end up going back to my good old sulfate-free shampoo. (Still I have this on my “to-try” list) Well, if you are like me and are looking for a quick fix alternative, then here is a superb post by Sunitha!! Hope it helps all you natural hair care enthusiasts!! 🙂   Guest Post by Sunitha of My Mom My Passion When I was kid, it was a weekly ritual to make ritha shampoo on […]

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Awesome Additional Uses of Flaxseed Gel + Guest Blogger Intro!

Have you ever had excess flaxseed gel in your fridge and wondered how to finish it off before it exceeds its shelf life?? I have fore sure. Sometimes, I make huge batch of flaxseed hoping to wash my hair or style and restyle my hair more often but end up not using it much. By the end of two weeks, I find myself staring at a jar full of unused flaxseed which I know is gonna go down the drain and my heart aches… 🙁 even though flaxseed gel doesn’t cost much, throwing away all that goodness is such a sad thing to do. While discussing with my friend Sunitha about hair care, I ended up sharing the flaxseed recipe. She has a layerlob (long bob!) and is a 2a wavy. She doesn’t really style her hair curly but is a natural hair care enthusiast. So she immediately ordered flaxseed […]

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Let’s talk about Shampooing: How to shampoo?!

Silicone free hair products in India

Once I had decided that I was shifting to sulfate-free shampoos, the next question on my mind was…. Will it be strong enough to clean my scalp and hair. After all I live in a humid city which means plenty of sweating…add to that the day to day dust and pollution…and you get a really dirty scalp to clean… The Answer seems to be “Yes”.. Sulfate free shampoo and cowashing clean the scalp and hair equally well. The basics of that depends on “how” rather than “with what” for hair cleansing.   Will  mild shampoo clean scalp efficiently? Basically, the cleaning of the scalp is done by the rubbing and scrubbing that we do while shampooing rather than the shampoo itself. If we apply any shampoo, and do not massage or rub it into hair, irrespective of the strong detergents in it, it will not clean efficiently. I read this comparison […]

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Let’s talk about Shampooing: Sulfates, No Sulfates or Cowashing!!

India Best Curly hair products

Recently, there has been so much hype regarding the ingredients in our usual daily use Shampoos that somebody needs to clear the air (on cleaning the hair!:-D) and make sense of it all. Nowadays, we cannot buy any product without looking at the ingredients list first. From our shampoo to toothpastes and soaps and detergents and foundation to nail polishes for everything we check the ingredients first and buy them later. Well I do not call this a hype but an outcome of being more informed. However, more often than  not, some of us tend to question such behaviours.  Before going all sulfate and silicone free on my hair, when I read about the curly girl hair routine (like a third person not affected by it!) I couldn’t phantom the thought of not picking up my usual shampoo. Not choosing by the look or packaging or the color of the bottle. […]

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