My Curly Hair Styling Routine

Sharing my curly hair styling routine was long due. You won’t believe that these pics I had clicked in August last year….but I didn’t want to post coz my nail polish was chipped (lol!). I had thought that I would click another set of pics. But I never got around to clicking those. So, if you don’t mind the chipped nail polish, here is the basic routine. I use different products, but the styling routine is pretty much the same. I will also share few other routines or variations that I follow for styling..but then these pics took about 8 months to be up on the blog…so for the next set you can anticipate the expected time of that post!! LOL šŸ˜€   Anyway, let’s start…. In the shower, I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo (it is sulfate-free) Loreal Smooth Intense Conditioner for detangling and as a rinse off […]

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Basics: What is “Scrunch out the Crunch(SOTC)” and “Fluffing”? How to get volume once hair dries!

I hate the hard gel cast Gives a wet and weighed down look to my hair Kills my hair volume I don’t know what to do That is why I avoid gels You know the hard crunchy hold that strong hold gels give? *yuck* Many curlies hate that!! Well, know what? I personally like hard hold gels.Ā The gel cast formed by such gels are so good for frizz control and retaining definition!! So, here is the routine that I follow: After my usual washing andĀ  conditioningĀ routine, I apply my styling products aka gels on soaking wet hair. Techniques that I use to apply the styling products are mentioned in this post. Once gel is applied, I leave my hair alone!! :-p I don’t touch it at all till it dries completely. If I touch or mess my hair before it is dry, that is the sure shot way to infuse […]

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Curly Hair Cut at BBlunt Salon, Bangalore (Magrath Road) – My Experience

Bblunt Salons (in India) have curly hair experts, you have heard that? Well yeah! They do…I knew this for a really long time…My bro is in Bengaluru.. and I had planned a visit in Nov and a haircut around the same time… but the things that kept me away from my blog kept me from executing my plan. So, finally after the delay of so many months, I finally landed at a Bblunt salon this month. Andddd finally got my hair cut by a curly hair expert at BBlunt!! Yaayyy!! No… Nothing drastic!! A usual cut but at the much awaited place šŸ™‚   Let’s start from the start. Fixing Appointment: I called up at Bblunt @StudioWest branch to get an appointment. I asked for a curly hair expert. They redirected me to BBlunt Magrath Road. The person on phone sweetly told me that BBlunt Magrath road has special curly […]

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Curls @ Dawn….

Curly Hair Collage_India_Curlacious

Day 3 Curly Hair Not-so-refreshed. Yet-defined-ones. Dawn. Hill. Curls.Ā  Sun. Wind.Ā  L.O.V.E.   I am not much of a poser.. well, no.. I am…but I am too shy to post my pics on my blog.. Now that’s a very bad quality to have for a hair blogger!!! šŸ˜€ Well, few weeks ago, my bro took me on an early morning driving test..I just woke up dressed up, just wet my fingers and ran through my hair and went….When we reached the spot we of course ended up clicking some pics on our phones…Now when I transferred those pics, I felt like sharing few of many !! šŸ™‚ The quality of pic might not be awesome but please try to acknowledge the feel of the pic than the quality hehe….. So, this is my Day 3 morning just-out-of-bed kind of hair…in the super windy and chilly Nandhi hills šŸ™‚     […]

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Curly Hair Journey…2016

What an year 2016 was!! ………this post…rather than talking, I would just say it though pictures………. Professionally, I have been super busy Personally, it has been a roller coaster ride Blogging-wise it has been smooth Last two months of the year went by in a daze *still don’t wanna talk about it* Let’s look at the Hair Journey of 2016……..                         I don’t really have pics from November and December My hair routine has been totally off but hair has been behaving better… so I clicked this ‘just outta bed curls’ today (I am at mommyland so Sunday morning be like) Mom’s nightie.. …waking up to good hair… ….piping hot cup of tea served at the table…. … this is called an awesome start to the new year….. How did your year start? I would love to know… […]

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Curly Girl Method: Before-After (Part 2)

Indian curly hair wavy hair CG before after

To make up for no posts in the last many manyyyy weeks, here is a comparison pic that I was supposed to post before going MIAā€¦..   The pic in green top was taken in September or October, I thinkā€¦..and the before pic is of 2015ā€¦ month I need to track back..(this is the only proper click that I have of the before curly)ā€¦.   Just want to quickly highlight the importance of proper and consistent hair care, getting rid of the damaged ends as much as possible, staying away from direct heat and above all, Curl Love!!! <3   P.S. I still have those stringy damaged ends, I had a plan to get my nextĀ  cut at a particular salon but then that plan got splashed too!! So, you and I need to wait a little more before I jump on to completely damage free hair!! šŸ™‚

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Quick Hairstyle Ideas for Indian Naturally Curly and Wavy Hair

Indian Curly & Wavy Hairstyles

I have been asked about zillion times about hair styles for curly and wavy hair. Somehow everyone feels that once we start wearing our hair naturally curly or wavy, the only option is to keep your hair open. Well that’s not true. We can make and create many hairstyles that look gorgeous on our gorgeous curls. I have been delaying this post for the longest coz —–> 1. I am the laziest person on this earth!! 2. I don’t have some bakra to click proper pics for the hairstyle to show. Even when I try hairstyles which look good in person, I am unable to click at angles that show the hairstyle well. Finally now when I am spending few days with my family, I remembered to make my brother click few pics on days that I tried a hair style. These are few very simple hair styles which you […]

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Detailed Index – Link to all posts!

Hellooo…. So, wanna make your hair as gorgeous as it gets? Let’s start!! If you are completely new to Curly Hair Care methods, then you shouldĀ get to know the effect of your current Ā hair care routine. If you are convinced to start on the sulfate-silicone free regimen, then hop on to this post on how to care for your curly/wavy hair in India and get started. You can also follow me onĀ FacebookĀ &Ā Instagram The above 2 links were just a basic over view….Post on post I have covered various other doubts and points involved in creating a hair care regimen….Below, I am linking postsĀ based on their categories…. There are still many more to make to this list…and manyyyy more that are yet to make to my blog!! Will be updating this page and Curlacious both on an ongoing basis!! For any feedback, comment, query, review or help, feel free to join […]

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How to Refresh Day 2 Curly or Wavy Hair!

How to Refresh Second Day Curly Wavy hair India

Once we start following the Curly/Wavy hair care routine, we by default fall in love with our curls…. The curl pattern…the lesser frizz…the gorgeous look….the feeling of liberation………wowwww….. after seeing our Day one hair, you feel so encouraged and fabulous….and you go to bed feeling happyyyyyy… OnĀ Day 2… You wake up with frizzy, not-so-defined-curls, and above all, you cannot comb cannot straighten it now and you have no idea how to fix it…Ā  That’s when you realise….That Curlacious female(aka me!) *Grrrr* left meĀ hanging…without giving the slightest hint of how to tackle day 2 hair!!!!…….. hahaha… I feel you, gal, I feel you!!!Ā And I am so sorry for not having done a proper post on refreshing curls earlier than this!! Yes, Second Day curly or wavy hair can be very tricky, challenging and discouraging. I myself face issues with day 2 (3 or even 4) hair!! The super gorgeous first […]

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Techniques to Define Wavy or Curly Hair

Curly wavy hair types India

When we start embracing our naturally curly or wavy hair, one of the biggest issues that we face is regarding how to define the curls. I remember coming out of the shower and gazing at my soaking wet hair in the mirror with gel in my hand and wonder, “What am I supposed to do now?”. Well as it comes, there are various ways of applying styling products to our hair to style our gorgeous locks. I have tried out few of these and kept few to ‘try out later’.   So if you couldn’t find out a way to apply that gel or mousse to your hair, here I am sharing few techniques to make Ā your life easier. Try out and do let me know if it worked out for you!!   Smoothing:Ā In this method, following hair wash, conditioning and applying the leave-in conditioner, the gel is applied to […]

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