Curls @ Dusk…. Curls Before the Haircut!!

India Curly Girl Method Curlacious

I got a curly hair cut at BBlunt, Magrath Road, Bangalore. I loved the cut!!. You can read all about it here. I have styled my hair on my own few times after the haircut…and I like the cut a lot… Most of the stringy and looser damaged ends are gone..I am happier than ever!! However one fine day, before the hair cut, I forced my sleepy bro to come out and click pics of my hair. It was already darkening and he was sleep deprived…I had 10 specifications to add….I wanted my curls to show…I wanted my skin not to show ( I had the worst breakout ever!! I don’t even remember the last time my skin had broken out like this!!I didn’t want it to show).. The wind was blowing and I am not at a poser!! 🙁 Well, as he patiently played around with the camera settings, me […]

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