Curls Clicked by Mom!!

I was spending few days at my brother’s place when I got these photos of my curls clicked by him(we all know how many Don’ts I had for those clicks). But another day, when I wanted to click pics, bro was not at home. So mom volunteered to give it a try. I put the cam on auto and quickly gave her instructions on how to click. So, here those are….these pics are older than the “Curls at Dusk”, so these too are before the BBlunt curly hair cut that I mentioned in this post. I am already due for another cut, I feel…few more of those ends need to go…. Anyway, here are the pics….Please be generous…since these are clicked by Mommy dearest.   Well, last is of course a selfie!! 🙂 Hope you liked the pics. Learn to care for your naturally curly or wavy hair in India […]

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Curly Hair Cut at BBlunt Salon, Bangalore (Magrath Road) – My Experience

Bblunt Salons (in India) have curly hair experts, you have heard that? Well yeah! They do…I knew this for a really long time…My bro is in Bengaluru.. and I had planned a visit in Nov and a haircut around the same time… but the things that kept me away from my blog kept me from executing my plan. So, finally after the delay of so many months, I finally landed at a Bblunt salon this month. Andddd finally got my hair cut by a curly hair expert at BBlunt!! Yaayyy!! No… Nothing drastic!! A usual cut but at the much awaited place 🙂   Let’s start from the start. Fixing Appointment: I called up at Bblunt @StudioWest branch to get an appointment. I asked for a curly hair expert. They redirected me to BBlunt Magrath Road. The person on phone sweetly told me that BBlunt Magrath road has special curly […]

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Curls @ Dawn….

Curly Hair Collage_India_Curlacious

Day 3 Curly Hair Not-so-refreshed. Yet-defined-ones. Dawn. Hill. Curls.  Sun. Wind.  L.O.V.E.   I am not much of a poser.. well, no.. I am…but I am too shy to post my pics on my blog.. Now that’s a very bad quality to have for a hair blogger!!! 😀 Well, few weeks ago, my bro took me on an early morning driving test..I just woke up dressed up, just wet my fingers and ran through my hair and went….When we reached the spot we of course ended up clicking some pics on our phones…Now when I transferred those pics, I felt like sharing few of many !! 🙂 The quality of pic might not be awesome but please try to acknowledge the feel of the pic than the quality hehe….. So, this is my Day 3 morning just-out-of-bed kind of hair…in the super windy and chilly Nandhi hills 🙂     […]

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Curly Hair Journey…2016

What an year 2016 was!! ………this post…rather than talking, I would just say it though pictures………. Professionally, I have been super busy Personally, it has been a roller coaster ride Blogging-wise it has been smooth Last two months of the year went by in a daze *still don’t wanna talk about it* Let’s look at the Hair Journey of 2016……..                         I don’t really have pics from November and December My hair routine has been totally off but hair has been behaving better… so I clicked this ‘just outta bed curls’ today (I am at mommyland so Sunday morning be like) Mom’s nightie.. …waking up to good hair… ….piping hot cup of tea served at the table…. … this is called an awesome start to the new year….. How did your year start? I would love to know… […]

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Quick Hairstyle Ideas for Indian Naturally Curly and Wavy Hair

Indian Curly & Wavy Hairstyles

I have been asked about zillion times about hair styles for curly and wavy hair. Somehow everyone feels that once we start wearing our hair naturally curly or wavy, the only option is to keep your hair open. Well that’s not true. We can make and create many hairstyles that look gorgeous on our gorgeous curls. I have been delaying this post for the longest coz —–> 1. I am the laziest person on this earth!! 2. I don’t have some bakra to click proper pics for the hairstyle to show. Even when I try hairstyles which look good in person, I am unable to click at angles that show the hairstyle well. Finally now when I am spending few days with my family, I remembered to make my brother click few pics on days that I tried a hair style. These are few very simple hair styles which you […]

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How to Put up Curly or Wavy Hair at Night – Long, Medium & Short Hair!!

  This is probably another most asked question: “My hair gets so tangled and frizzy when I sleep. How to prevent it from frizz?”…….”My day 2 curls get all ruffles…what to do?”…..”How do you put up your hair at night?”……”How to preserve curly or wavy hair at night?”……”How to have maintain my hair for day 2..3.. or 4?”\   I have already written a post on 4 ways to preserve curls overnight. But it has the general points to follow. Still friends ask me how exactly I put my hair. I also understand that it is difficult to understand on reading..sometimes, pictures talk better than words. I am sharing photos so that you can see ways to tie your hair up so that your curly or wavy hair would stay intact, or say, less frizzy the next day.   So, here you go…..   1. Free Hair, Pulled up: The simplest way is […]

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Quick Update!!!

Hello Curlies!!! There has been aloooottt going on on personal front….that’s why I have been MIA here for last while week and a half. However I have been trying to catch up on all your comments and queries as and when I got time in last 2-3days! Anyway, now I am almost back to a routine..please note the ‘almost’!! 😀 So will be replying more quickly. So now to the quick update!! I got a haircut!!!! (Yayyyy!!) Yes, I got a haircut last night. I am yet to style it curly so yet to decide if I like it curly or not!! But for now I am hapyyyy with the cut. Loads of my flat, heat damaged ends are gone. My hair had been feeling weighed down, frizzy and frayed for a long time now. I was waiting to get a cut done and finally got done now. I will […]

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Offbeat Indian Celebrities with Naturally Curly/Wavy Hair!


Sorry I have been MIA!! But after a gap of few days, I am back with a compilation of few curly hair celebs who are awesome in their corresponding fields and love to flaunt their gorgeous curly hair!! I felt so inspired and happy to see their gorgeous hair and the fact that they style it curly…hope it inspires you too to embrace your naturally curly or wavy hair for flaunting that gorgeousness in YOU!! 🙂   Neha Kakkar: Recently, I have been dancing around to the song “Kar Gayi Chul”…It has such nice beats, awesome energy and the voice…oye hoye!! So while searching for the video on Youtube, I came across Neha Kakkar’s Youtube Channel…(Mannn…. she is awesome!!) Then is  when I realised that most of my fav fast paced songs are sung by her!! How on earth did I not know the singer of all those songs!!! Sheesh!! Once […]

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Tips to Avoid Bad Curly/Wavy Haircut!


“I cannot find a curly hair expert!! Neither are there hair stylists who cut hair dry!!” This is the concern of most curly haired people who want to have a haircut that they do not regret! Nowadays, when we search on the internet for idea or tips for curly hair cuts, almost everywhere we read to get hair cut when it is dry!! Frankly, who does that? I mean in India!! Have you ever come across a hair stylist who cuts dry hair in India? No! I haven’t. Also, how many hair salons have curly hair expert? Well I know Bblunt salons have curly hair experts now! Thank goodness. But they do not have branches in all cities 🙁 So in your area have you ever come across someone claiming to be a curly hair expert? No, right?! So most of us end up getting haircuts from stylists who know […]

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