A Tribute to Friendship! :)

On 8th of October, ZEE TV brings us a fun-filled chat show Vivo Smartphone presents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-powered by Amazon.in and Brooke Bond Red Label that will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks. On ZEE TV at 8 PM on 8th October. The very first episode is going to feature Amitabh Bacchan and Shatrugan Sinha. I didn’t even know that they were friends!! And the show would be hosted by Sajit Khan and Ritesh  Deshmukh. How exciting!! I cannot wait to see the very first episode of “Yaaron I baraat’ with Amitabh Bacchan and Shatrugun Sinha sharing their friendship tale!!! Who else is excited?? For more information, head over to the below link : http://www.ozee.com/shows/yaaron-ki-baraat As Shatrughan Sinha and Amitabh Bacchan share the stories of their friendship, Zee cinema gave us an opportunity to share our friendship stories. I have been feeling glad […]

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Detailed Index – Link to all posts!

Hellooo…. So, wanna make your hair as gorgeous as it gets? Let’s start!! If you are completely new to Curly Hair Care methods, then you should get to know the effect of your current  hair care routine. If you are convinced to start on the sulfate-silicone free regimen, then hop on to this post on how to care for your curly/wavy hair in India and get started. You can also follow me on Facebook & Instagram The above 2 links were just a basic over view….Post on post I have covered various other doubts and points involved in creating a hair care regimen….Below, I am linking posts based on their categories…. There are still many more to make to this list…and manyyyy more that are yet to make to my blog!! Will be updating this page and Curlacious both on an ongoing basis!! For any feedback, comment, query, review or help, feel free to join […]

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A Quick Tip for Shiny Hair by a Guest Blogger + Introduction!

Curlacious_Thick and way hair_Long_Curly Hair India

If you find yourself coming back again and again to Curlacious, then the love for curly and wavy hair is something that you and I (and many others)share! For those of you who are curly and even wavies who lean towards little curly hair might find most of my posts very much relatable! But then there are those who have straight to wavy hair and are facing dryness and frizz and dunno what to do about it. Or if you are a struggling Type 1c or seeking information on how to take care of your hair and are having zillions of hair queries like – what kind of products to use, is sulfate-free or silicone-free for me, etc. etc. I have a happy news for you beauties!! I got hold of an old friend who is very much into hair care. So, without any delay, let me introduce her…. Without any delay, let me first introduce […]

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