How to Care for Naturally Curly and Wavy Hair in India (Curly Girl Method in India)

India Best Curly hair products

Hope you have read the little intro of the Curly Girl Method Here. If you tried to google CG to start on your own in India, you probably ended up finding very little information on it or ended up being disheartened.(I really hope you are not disheartened). Well, in any case don’t worry! Nowadays, it is more than easy to start following CG hair care routine in India than ever. There are so so sooo many products easily available in indian markets, especially now that the online shopping is at an all time high! If you are wondering where to start with this method, read along to have an idea. Here I would mention the detailed steps with how you can follow the most apt curly hair routine in India to manage and maintain your curly or wavy hair awesomely. If your current hair care routine resembles anything like what I have mentioned in […]

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What is your Curly Hair Type?

Curly Wavy Hair Pattern

Curls have a beautiful fascination about them. Each curl is different, pretty and precious. Every Indian girl who doesn’t have straight hair have wavy or curly hair. There are so many patterns that curls form and fall into. If we randomly pick 10 curly haired girls and compare their hair type and pattern, there are high chances that none of them have the same kind of curls. Even if girls claim to have the same curl pattern, each curl shape is different from the other. Rather on the same head, there might be a mix of two (or more) curl patterns. There is a highly used system of hair typing called Andre Walker’s Hair typing system. As the name suggests, it was developed by a celebrity hair stylist Andre Walker and is summed up in the below pics. The hair types based on the method are divided into 4 types. […]

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The Curly Girl Method – Basics

In this post, I talked you through how our hair washing routine affects our curls and I mentioned that The Curly Girl method is the better alternative. So what exactly is CG method? Let’s walk through the basics. There is a universe of information on the basics (as well as details) of the Curly Girl method on the internet. So here goes the short (and sweet) summary. If you want to read about how to start with CG method in India, then read here: Start Curly Girl Method in India The Curly Girl Method was introduced by Lorraine Massey in her book called ‘Curly Girl: The Handbook’ (pic shown below) in the year 2002 and then an updated edition came out in 2011. Well back in 2002 I was not even aware of anything called Curly Girl. Frankly, until 2013 I had no idea. Even after that it took me so long […]

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Know your Curly Hair Wash Routine!

Divya Curly Wavy Hair Indian

If you are a curly ow wavy haired person, then one of the main things you should be aware of is the effect of your hair care and hair wash routine on your curls. If you really want to know what your curls crave for and how they respond to the products that you are putting them under, you should take out the time to observe your hair. Then you can tweak and turn your routine for the benefits of your curls. What is the usual hair wash routine that you follow? It might most probably be something like this: Wet hair, shampoo the scalp, lather it up, rinse it out. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft till tips, avoid the roots, keep it in hair for 2-5mins, rinse out. Soak up all excess water using a towel rub, rub, rub.  Wait for hair to air dry or use a blow dryer. Once […]

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