A Quick Tip for Shiny Hair by a Guest Blogger + Introduction!

If you find yourself coming back again and again to Curlacious, then the love for curly and wavy hair is something that you and I (and many others)share! For those of you who are curly and even wavies who lean towards little curly hair might find most of my posts very much relatable! But then there are those who have straight to wavy hair and are facing dryness and frizz and dunno what to do about it. Or if you are a struggling Type 1c or seeking information on how to take care of your hair and are having zillions of hair queries like – what kind of products to use, is sulfate-free or silicone-free for me, etc. etc. I have a happy news for you beauties!! I got hold of an old friend who is very much into hair care. So, without any delay, let me introduce her….

Without any delay, let me first introduce this awesome haired guest blogger, Divya (Yes! me and she share the same name! ;))…..She is a straightish to slightly wavy(1C) gorgeous haired darling whose love for long, strong, thick and healthy hair is very much infectious! We were roomies for a really long time and I have seen her take care of her hair better than anything else in this world. I have always been fascinated by her super awesome hair and her enthusiasm for hair care. I have seen her struggling to keep her hair moisturized and to combat dryness and frizz. When we were roomies, she would religiously oil her hair, patiently detangle the thick and long mane and wash and care for it like a baby.

After I started hair blog, she and me were discussing hair products and I told her that I have shifted to sulfate and silicone free products. I showed her ingredients list on her products and mine and explained the effect of sulfates and silicones. She immediately shifted to sulfate and silicone free hair products. I did not think this as a huge step. She always experiments with hair products so this was not new to me. Then recently she was telling me that how shifting to sulfate-silicone free products has helped her keep her hair better moisturized. Also that Curlacious has reignited her love for hair care and experimenting with awesome methods and products both natural and commercial! Best part is she is as much enthusiastic to share her experiments and experiences as I am. Hope we can all learn a trick or two from her!!

So let’s start with info on her hair properties….then will  share her secret quick tip for her shiny hair.

Hair Properties:

  • Curl pattern: 1c
  • Porosity: Low porosity
  • Density: Thick (Super thick!)
  • Width: Coarse
  • Very Dry
  • Tends to frizz
  • She loves making her hair more wavy by using heat-free methods. More on it in later posts.

In case the collage of her hair pics (on top of this blog) missed to catch your attention, here is another pic where you can see the gorgeous hair she has. It is the kind of hair we see in hair product commercials – Long, strong & thick!!! 😉 (P.S. this pic is from before she went sulfate and silicone-free)

Curlacious_Indian Wavy hair_2aWavy


Now, A Quick Tip for Moisturized & Shiny hair:

  • Soak 1/2 cup of raw rice in 3 cups of water overnight.
  • Strain the water in the morning.
  • As soon as you step in for a bath, pour the strained rice water on your hair.
  • Keep a mug or bucket at the ends while pouring the water on hair so that it collects all the rice water that slides down the hair.
  • Re-pour the collected rice water on your hair.
  • Repeat until you feel that your hair is saturated.
  • You can wrap either a plastic cover or shower cap at this stage and leave it on for 10-15 mins
  • Follow it up with washing hair with your usual shampoo and apply your usual conditioner.
  • Pour cold water just before stepping out of shower.
  • Tada! Hello moisturized, shiny hair!! :-*

P.S. you gotta use this as a pre-rinse. If you use it after shampoo, your hair might get sticky.


Here is a video for you to ogle at her gorgeous hair!! Also, this video shows the shine that her hair get on using the above mentioned tip – no serum…no silicones!! Yayyy!! So, it is true that we do no need silicones to get that shine!

Well, in case if you are wondering (like me) that she has straightish hair and thus the shine…believe me, I have seen her dry vs moisturized hair days and the difference is amazing! So you would wanna try this tip for sure! 🙂 Also, In case you cannot soak rice whole night, do it for 1-2 hours in the morning. People say even 10-20mins soaking works (but I am not sure).


Additional tip to this quick tip:

  • If you are a South Indian, you might be familiar with vadicha rice, where we cook rice in open pan and strain the excess water once rice is cooked. The strained water can be used instead of the soaked rice water in above tip. I have tried it for my hair and it works wonders. Keeps hair moisturized, gives shine and provides all awesome nutrients to hair.
  • Water used to boil pasta can also be used, Another option suggested by Sunitha was to use Whey.


Hope you liked…umm…loved this post!! 🙂 Stay tuned for more such posts on Curlacious!!


Update: I recently met Divya and couldn’t believe the shine and glow of her hair. Her hair used to curve and wave towards the ends. but now are pretty much straightish and look super healthy, shiny and awesome. Adding moisture to her hair has kind of taken her hair up a notch!! See for yourself:



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  1. Hey Div! This is totally true, I did have long and think hair but always dry like hay 😛 . Thanks a ton to you after your silicon and sulfate free shampoo ideas my hair is way too better and with different hair masks:):) xxxxxxx Sweety!!!

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