Know your Curly Hair Wash Routine!

If you are a curly ow wavy haired person, then one of the main things you should be aware of is the effect of your hair care and hair wash routine on your curls. If you really want to know what your curls crave for and how they respond to the products that you are putting them under, you should take out the time to observe your hair. Then you can tweak and turn your routine for the benefits of your curls.

What is the usual hair wash routine that you follow? It might most probably be something like this: Wet hair, shampoo the scalp, lather it up, rinse it out. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft till tips, avoid the roots, keep it in hair for 2-5mins, rinse out. Soak up all excess water using a towel rub, rub, rub.  Wait for hair to air dry or use a blow dryer. Once completely dry, then comb or brush your hair, style it the way you want. Apply any finishing product (like serums or leave-ins). If you are a really desperate curlie then your routine might include flat ironing or blow drying your hair daily. Followed by a strong hold spray. {And chances are you might still end up getting frizzy or puffy hair within few hours. 🙁 }


Now, the question is, whether this is the most effective hair was routine for curly haired beauties. And the Answer is a huge No! But why so? For knowing that we need to get into the details of how this routine affects our curls and waves strips our curls and waves of our natural beauty.

  • Most shampoos that we use for washing our hair on daily basis contain sulfates. Most essentially Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or other such sulfates. These ingredients are common between our shampoos and detergents. Imagine washing your hair with a strong detergent! *eeeeks* Sulfates are very drying to the scalp and hair. It strips them of their natural oils which leaves hair dry and damaged. This in turn triggers the scalp to product more oil leading to oily scalp and dry ends within 2 days of hair wash.

                                            Solution: Stop using sulfate containing shampoos. Or start co-washing your hair.


  • Most conditioners that we use contain silicones (ingredients ending with -Cone, -col, -xane etc). Silicones are used in conditioners to give hair a shiny and glossy feel. What silicones basically do is to coat the hair and give it a smooth and silky feel to touch. Well, it does sound like a good thing, right? What we need is smooth and silky hair and silicones do give that, so why bother? However what we actually need is moisture that in turn makes hair smooth and silky naturally. Silicones provide an artificial feel of smoothness by forming a tight layer on the hair. This silicone layer prevents moisture from entering the hair and over a long run, dries it out which in turn makes it brittle and damaged and thirsty for moisture. This layer of silicone stays put till the next wash and can be removed only with the a sulfate containing shampoo. So this basically forms a vicious circle (like that Ogden nash poem). You use silicone conditioner – you have to use sulfate shampoo to remove it – it makes hair dry and frizzy – you have to use silicone shampoo to tame it – it forms a layer – you have to use sulfate shampoo to remove the silicone —- and this keeps going on and on!! This vicious cycle ends up damaging and drying out our curls which end up being frizzy and thirsty.

                                          Solution: Start using silicone-free conditioners.


  • Now comes the towel drying part. If you are a curly who has not started CG, then you definitely love the look of your wet hair. The way it falls makes it look so gorgeous. If only it stayed that way till it dries out. How will it? We just rub rub rub it with a harsh (terrycotton or turkey or any such) towel and disrupt the curl pattern.  Towel drying causes hair strands to be ruffles, curls to be separated and frizz to be formed. Even if we leave it to dry on its own, thanks to the drying sulfates and silicones, it dries to be all frizzy.

                                          Solution: Ditch your existing towels. Start using either microfiber towel or old cotton t-shirts. Use scrunching motion to soak up excess water from hair after wash.


  • Hair brushing.. Can you even imagine not brushing your hair at all? No, right? That’s the worst part. Combing hair when it has completely dried separates each hair strand and totally destroys the curls in our tresses. Combing or brushing curly hair won’t turn it into straight hair. What it simply does is to separate clumped curls, disrupt the pattern and segregate them into single strands stretched out into a frizz against their natural shape. This ends up looking a mess as it is neither in it’s original curly state and brushing can never make it straight! 🙁

                                  Solution: Ditch your hair brushes and fine toothed comb all together. Also quit combing hair while it is damp or dry

Indian curly hair wavy hair CG before after

My hair before & after following proper hair care

Now comes another MAJOR question. If all that we follow is wrong and we gotta tweak it to the level of starting a new regimen, then what is the most “effective” way to care for our curly and wavy hair? The answer is ‘The Curly Girl Method’. What is the Curly Girl Method (CG)? Well.. here I will give you the basics of the CG method and here is a detailed information on how to start following CG method in India. It has become so much easier now.


Care for your curls the way they crave for and enjoy gorgeous and healthy curls and waves…. ♡♡♡

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