List of Sulfate-free Shampoos in India

If you are facing dryness and frizz in hair and are looking to revamp your hair care to give your hair more moisture and conditioning, you should be following this regimen mention in this post. If you have already read and are trying to follow the sulfate and silicone-free regimen, then the next thing you are probably looking for is a sulfate free shampoo, a silicone free conditioner and a silicone-free hair styling product .

As linked above, I have already collated lists for the conditioners and styling products.

This list for sulfate-free shampoos available in India was long due. I had started getting queries to suggest sulfate free shampoos. So I thought I will quickly write this list and post it up the blog. Thank you for the motivation dear readers!! it made the lazy me to write this post… 😀

Out of these below products, few I have used myself…few have been used by other curly/wavy readers who were sweet enough to share pics of the products and their Ingredient lists (thank you sooo much, curlies!! <3 <3)…..and most I have checked the list of ingredients on the products’ official site.

Here is a list of Sulfate-free shampoos available in India:


Majority of these are easily available on online shopping sites and I have linked few of them to the product page!

I will keep updating this list as and when I come across more sulfate-free shampoos. If you have tried any of these or know of any sulfate-free shampoo that is not on this list, please do share the product name and reviews in the comments below and also the Ingredients list and pic, if possible, in the Forum.


Hope this helps. 🙂

127 thoughts on “List of Sulfate-free Shampoos in India

  1. Hey Divya,
    Thanks for suggesting Giovanni Roots 66 Max Volume Shampoo. Its wonderful, I could straightaway feel the difference using this shampoo. With SLS shampoo, I felt my hair like stalk and with this SLS free shampoo my hair is soft and manageable. I add flaxseed gel to this shampoo to make it as my 2 in 1, shampoo + conditioner:).

      1. Hi Rita,

        Organix products contain silicones. The shampoos are sulfate free, but most of them contain silicone. The conditioners too, that I have come across, contain silicones. So, if you follow a silicone-sulfate free regimen, I will not recommend Ogx.

        Regarding Lotus Herbals Keraveda products, I have not really come across (or used) these personally, so cannot comment on recommendation. However, after your comment I checked out the ingredients online. The shampoos are either not sulfate-free or do not provide whole list of ingredients(so cannot be sure).

        The Lotus Herbals Soyasmooth deep conditioner is Silicone free, so you can surely give it a try!!

        P.S. – I will add this conditioner to my list of Silicone-free conditioner too! thanks for bringing to my notice 🙂

        1. Hi Divya,

          Thank you so much for your reply.
          I have an oily scalp but really dry and frizzy hair. I would like to grow my hair long and get layers done. Could you please help me choose a proper shampoo and conditioner. I am using Tresemme at the moment. Thanks!!

          1. Hey Rita!

            You can use any of the Sulfate-free shampoos mentioned in this post based on your budget. However for your conditioner, I would suggest to splurge a little and get Giovanni (preferable Smooth as Silk) for daily moisturizing. Also get a cost-effective one like Enliven or Loreal Smooth Intense Conditioner for refreshing or co-washing or detangling. If you are planning to grow hair long, oil hair regularly, deep condition frequently and apply protein treatments once a month atleast.

            Do read this post for things to keep in mind while starting this method.
            Also, refer this Index for links to details posts.

            Hope it helps!! 🙂

          2. Hey Divya!!

            I use an egg+olive oil hair mask every Sunday. I warm up olive oil+castor oil+coconut oil and apply it once during the week. My hair is still frizzy without shine. I do not use blow dryers/straighteners often unless I’m headed to a party which is pretty rare. Thanks to my work timings!!

          3. Hey… The egg mask and oiling is a super good thing for your hair. Frizz is also caused due to combing, if you have wavy or curly hair. Styling hair in its natural state might help. 🙂 And it is good that you do not use blow dryer or straighteners…I used straightener and now growing out my heat damaged hair 🙁 😀

    1. Hi Swati,

      You can try Rustic Art Shampoos. If you want range lower than that, then Khadi shampoo. There is a range which mentions SLS and Paraben free. However, Khadi doesn’t provide entire list of ingredients so cannot be sure what other surfactant they use.

      So if you are fine with spending a little more, then surely Rustic Art Shampoos are the way to go!! 🙂 Are easily available on flipkart.

    1. Hi Rita!!

      Thanks for sharing this link… 🙂

      I have already read this post while I was checking for the Rustic Arts Shampoo Ingredients long ago. This post talks about whether the ingredients in this shampoo are ‘Natural’ or not. I agree with the post that any commercially available shampoo cannot be easily deemed 100% natural since some chemical modification is always included.

      That said, the Rustic Arts Shampoos are sulfate free and the surfactant in its shampoos are milder than the sulfates so it would suit our curly/wavy/dry hair. Also, currently, the rustic art website provides complete list of ingredients (no incomplete names). If someone is looking for a sulfate-free shampoo, then this would be fine… if the need is all natural shampoo, probably most shampoos won’t fit the bill!! 😉 Lemme know your thoughts!

      And you just read my mind!! “Juicy Chemistry” and “Sand and Soapaholics” products are on my “Currently Checking Out” list… 🙂

      If you have used any of those, please feel free to share the review in the Forum: Here- Product Reviews

      Thanks a lot!!! <3 🙂

      1. Hey Divya,

        I’m currently using the Juicy Chemistry scrubs and under-eye cream.I will post a review on it soon.

        Would you recommend me to use Rustic Art shampoo, Giovanni conditioner and Organix penetrating serum to tame my dry frizzy hair?

        1. Thanks, Rita!

          Share when you get time….

          Rustic Art shampoo, Giovanni Conditioner are fine…. However, the Organix Penetrating Serum (In fact all hair serums) contain silicones. If you are switching to silicone-free regimen then I would not recommend serum. Instead, leave-in the same silicone-free conditioner that you use in shower and follow it up with Styling gels or flaxseed gel!!

    1. Hey Aditi!

      Biotique Shampoos do not provide entire list of ingredients. So we cannot be sure whether they use sulfates or not(i.e. whether they are mild or not). I myself haven’t used Biotique so cannot comment on whether it will be appropriate for dry hair!

  2. Hey! Got through your website, its wonderful. Please tell me some sulphate free shampoos that I can get from local stores. I read about tresemme.. Is it sulphate free?

    1. Hey Anubhuti! Thank you so much!!
      Tresemme shampoos are not sulfate free 🙁
      Options found at stores that I know of are:
      If you have Health & Glow stores in your city, you can get Giovanni shampoo there (price 595).

      If you have The Body Shop stores, you can get their Rain forest range shampoo (price approx. 700+)

      Apart from these two Khadi shampoos (SLS free ones) are easily available at Khadi outlets or at some shops the stock them! 🙂

      Most of the other ones are more easily available on online websites only…may be you can get 2 at a time and stock up in advance?

  3. Hii Divya,
    I love your blog coz it is entirely for curlies ..Now decided to switch sulfate free shampoo nd conditioner but only thing is can’t decide which one suits me..lemme explain my hair type ,it is dry ,curly ,frizzy and little dandruff too using himalaya shampoo it is ok but it is leaving my hair dry !! Weekly once am also using egg mask but after shampooing,no use of egg mask also!! Thank you !!

    1. Hi Prashanthi!! Thanks 🙂 great that you are shifting to sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner!! Himalaya contains sulfates and hence the drying..The ‘little dandruff’ can also be due to dryness. So you can select any of these sulfate free shampoos based on your budget and switch to silicone free conditioner. For dryness use hair masks with little oil, add curd, coconut milk, conditioner etc while deep conditioning. Egg mask is great! Hope you are adding some oils, banana or avocados to it for more moisture.

      If you are fine with the price, Giovanni is good. I use Giovanni only. If you are looking at little lower range, Rustic Art. I haven’t tried Rustic Art. It is next on my to-try list! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Divya for your suggestion!! Iam staying in Malaysia so have search that product here. Hey one more thing ,I want to grow my hair then this giovanni helps me ah ?? !!

    1. Oh okay.  In case you find any other product claiming to be sulfate or silicone free, take a pic of the ingredients and upload it in the forum. I can cross check if those are sulfate and silicone free and then you can buy 🙂

      For growing hair, shampoo is not the major contributor,  being sulfate free will not dry out your hair and strip moisture so keeps hair and scalp healthy in long run..

      For growing it long, you have to keep it healthy via frequent deep conditioning, massages, oiling etc. I gave written a post in the forum. Please check the below link:

      1. Yeah sure if I find anything sulfate free shampoo I will let you know. Your blog is so informative thnq so much once again

          1. Hii Divya,
            I found giovanni products here in online. Please suggest me which one in giovanni is best to me and also suggest me about conditioner too !! Thanq !!

          2. Hi Prashanthi,

            You can try Giovanni Smooth as silk conditioner. And any shampoo from Giovanni in this list. All are mild and effective for our hair type. I have used root 66 max volume and that’s good. I recently bought Giovanni 2Chic Ultra sleek Brazilian nut and Argan oil shampoo and find it a tad bit better. 🙂

  5. Hii
    Would be great if you could help me..
    I stay in rajasthan and the water here is too harsh..
    Lately i’m loosing like 50 strands of hair per day”
    I’m using Tressme silk n shine shampoo n conditioner….
    I had thick dry hair but i fear this wsy i’ll go bland.

    1. Hi Khushboo….
      Losing 50-100strands per day is pretty normal. What you should judge is whether it is hair fall or breakage. if fall, then you should look for the reasons and fix it. But 50 seems fine to me. Sometimes it is also a phase. if it is breakage, you should fix the reason for breakage. Do DIY protein treatments and DIY deep conditioning treatments to keep hair healthy. For hair growth, read through this topic at the forum: Curly Hair Growth.
      And since you have hard water? See if you have buildup in hair. That can also lead to dry hair and hair fall/breakage so you should clarify your hair once in a month or as per the buildup hat you face. Do not overdo it, though. Details: how to clarify.

      If possible, rinse hair with RO water? Also in hair packs, refreshing or anything you put on hair, if you are adding water, either use RO water or boil and cool down normal water and use.

      Also, you should try and massage hair daily atleast once just for 2-5mins. This will imprpve blood circulation to scalp and stimulate hair growth. Since water is harsh, you can do dry massage by applying pressure with your fingerpads (and not finger nails) instead of using oil.

      Whatever you follow, it is best to follow consistently to see positive effects.

      Hope it helps! Don’t worry…and love your hair!

      Also, you know your hair best. If you feel that the hair fall is too much even after trying all home remedies, you should check with a doctor. There can sometimes be some other underlying reasons which only a doctor can fix.

  6. Hi Divya
    I regularly oil my hair and also apply curd,fenugreek seeds paste,etc on them. Will these mild sulphate free shampoos be able to remove all the oil from my hair? I haven’t tried sulphate free shampoos yet.

    1. Hi Gargi,

      Fenugreek seeds paste, curd etc would not be a problem at all. Even oil is removed by sulfate free shampoos. I have seen that only when I oil very heavily and take bath hastily and do not scrub with shampoo properly, there is oil left on hair. Otherwise it is pretty fine to use sulfate free shampoo following all that you have mentioned. And it it better to use sulfate free shampoo as it would not wash away all the goodness of all that was applied.

      Also, sometime if you feel that scalp has oil build up, you can clarify (how to clarify) once in a while, say 1.5 months or so.

  7. Hello Divya,

    The sulphate free shampoo’s will they be able to remove the product build up ? as I use products regularly and almost blow dry my hair every other day.Also do suggest me a good conditioner and shampoo .I shampoo my hair on alternate days

    My hair type is dry scalp , straight and fine hair.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rohit!

      What kind of products do you use? If you use products full of silicones then sulfate free shampoo might not remove build up. If you want to shift to a sulfate free shampoo then you will have to move to silicone free hair styling products. Here is  list if you want to refer:

      Blow drying hair every other day sounds a little too much. It can cause more dryness and even damage. Try and reduce the frequency of blow drying if you can.

      Sulfate free shampoo you can use any.  If you are shifting to sulfate free shampoo then you can try using L’Oréal smooth intense conditioner (orange bottle) it is silicone free, cost effective and will not cause build up.

      If only dry scalp is your problem, shifting to sulfate free shampoo would surely help. If you do not have dandruff issues then you should try to oil scalp before each hair wash or at least weekly once. Cold pressed oils are good option.

      1. Hi Divya,

        Thank you for your suggestions.

        I have slight dandruff ,not always and in this monsoon itchy scalp .currently i am using himalaya anti hairfall shampoo . i need something that strengthens the hair, didnt feel that much of a difference with this shampoo
        The products that i use are sulpahate free good brands such as sebastien,wella and giovanni.these mostly have plant extracts .i do use heat protectant before blow drying. but as i am growing my hair now i feel the hair fall is there when i run my hands through the hair while shampooing.Also i have started using argan oil every week.

        So i am mainly looking for a shampoo and conditioner that strengthens my hair

        1. Hey Rohit!

          Sorry I had missed this follow up comment!

          Ya these brands are good. But I would like to mention that hair strengthening is not achieved by shampoo or conditioner alone. Yes good shampoo and conditioner aids but will not solely improve hair strength. You need to do hair protein treatments. There is a DIY gelatin hair treatment posted on Curlacious which helps. If you are pure vegetarian, then alternatley can use banana or avocado hair packs. Gotta keep hair moisturised as well.

          Argan oil is super good too!

          Sulfate and silicone free products surely keep hair healthy and prevent them from getting too dry. But to control or reduce excessive hair fall, you would need to go beyond these and pamper your hair. Hair packs, oils, massage etc.

          Giovanni and The Body Shop Rainforest range are good. I am yet to try the Rustic Art shampoo but they seem promising!

          Also, certain amount of hair fall is acceptable. Try not to stress too much about that.

          Even with heat protectant, blow drying too often is not that good for hair….

          I hope I covered all your questions? 🙂

  8. hi divya,
    thank you very much for sharing all hair care routine for curly hair. i have a 2b type hair, dry, frizzy, with dandruff scalp.. and my hair will be thick at the top and taper at the ends due to breakage. i love the way you maintain yur curls.. and i really fallen in love with tat… for all these days i worry why i got a curly hair and yearn for straight hair and in a hunt to purchace perfect straightners for my hair.. thank god i came acroos your blog.. you really changed my idea. i tried to style my hair with flax seed gel ,i luks really great, i got a black shiny well defined curls…. it looks really really great and fallen in love with it.. now i understood curly hair looks great with proper maintainence…. even my mom appreciated me for tat.. all the credits to you… you r doing a great job… keep it up… expecting more product reviews from you….. and thannkkkk youuuuuuuu very much curlacious………..

    1. Hi Reshma!!

      You just made my day!!!! 🙂 thank you soooo much! I am glad that my blog helped you out… will surely be doing more product reviews soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Saranya…you mean easily available in store?

      Loreal Paris Smooth intense smoothing conditioner is easily available and Revlon Flex Conditioners too. But shampoo of both range are not sulfate free.

      If you have Health & Glow stores in your city, you can find Giovanni products there.

  9. Hi Divya,
    Hope you are doing well !! Iam using body shop shampoond conditioner as you suggested and am happy with that,but now am in hunt to find budget friendly 100% natural hair care products.curently Iam in india, so please suggest me everything like shampoo,conditioner, hair pack/ deep moisturizer,serum,hair oil for growth and everything else required for curly hair (mine is 2b /2c very dry frizzy hair )to maintain it healthy with well defined curls!! So I can shop now for coming few months!! Thanks a lot

  10. Hi Divya, I stumbled upon your blog and found it really informative !! Thanks a ton! I had gorgeous curls, and never used any styling products or heat or chemical treatments so that i dont damage them but over the last 3-4 years, they have just deteriorated and become extremely frizzy and thin. I saw a dermatologist and was told that maybe due to multivitamin deficiency i am facing severe hairfall. I am going through normal medication of iron and vitamin etc. Hairfall has decreased very slightly.

    I want to follow your suggested regimen. Would it be advisable to follow it considering my hairfall condition.

    P.S. then i think almost every 2nd person i know is facing hairfall issue these days so don’t know if it’s a big deal .. but i LOVED my curls and now they are just lost !! 🙁

    1. Hi Pragya,

      That’s so right! Nowadays, almost every 2nd person is facing hairfall. So it isn’t a huge issue. In fact, I too faced extreme hairfall post delivery….especially after weaning my baby. Consulted my dermatologist and took vitamin supplements. I still do take them (on and off). So even from personal experience I can tell you that you can follow this regimen along with the prescribed medications for hair fall. Doing both together helps hair grow and become healthier, I feel.

      It’s great that you have not damaged your hair, it will be easier to revive your curls. 🙂 Do not forget to deep condition your hair as often as you can…it makes a HUGE difference.

      Hope you get back your lovely curls soon!! :-*

      Hey, I am adding this question to the forum, so that it is easier for fellow curlies facing similar doubts to find….

      Curly Girl Method along with Prescribed Hair Fall Treatment

  11. Hey Divya!!

    I do know this forum is all about hair but I’d appreciate if you can help me out with SLS & paraben free body washes and face washes?? How about Khadi Natural and Aroma Magic?? Can these be used by men??

    1. Hey Rita, I am not much of a body wash user. I have been using Dove soap for ages now. It is sulfate free and keeps skin well hydrated and clean. I love it so much that I would not swap it for anything! It is zillion tines better than other usual soaps. And I prefer exfoliating body washes which I use only occasionally.

      However I have recently been inspired by a friend to look for milder body washes…and your comment just adds to it!

      As of now I am on the verge of plunging into it…but cannot suggest yet apart from Dove soap…especially one with white and navy blue packing..

  12. Hey Rita!!

    Why aren’t products from Puro Body & Soul, Kama Ayurveda, Aroma Magic, Forest Essentials and Jovees part of this list?

    1. Rita…i have listed only the products that I have personally seen the ingredients list. Or may be shared by readers or friends. I haven’t explored these brands much yet. Will be doing that on an ongoing basis.

      If you have any of these products and think those are sulfate and silicone free, please do share pics in the Forum or via email. 🙂

      1. Could you please check the ingredients list of the brands I’d mentioned earlier especially Puro Body and Soul & Aroma Magic and let me know if the shampoos are sulphate free… Do check and let me know if the body wash range can be used by men

        1. I will try to search for these brands. But that can take time….if you come across the products and ingredients list, feel free to share…will have a look and let you know 🙂

  13. hi Divya… i have many hair troubles the solutions to which i seek. I have had voluminous hair all my life until i started abusing them with colour and all my woes stem from there.
    They are dry, rough, lifeless and hair fall has taken a big leap ahead.
    Please Please i need earnest help and suggestions.

    Need to Know the best sulfate paraben free shampoo and conditioner/mask for my hair type.

    1. Hey Ridhi!

      Oh its so heart breaking to see hair go from healthy and voluminous to dry and lifeless 🙁 🙁

      What you need to focus most now is to keep hair well moisturised. Hair will take a little time to get healthy but the efforts will be so worth it. 🙂

      I like Giovanni products. You can start with products from this brand if available at your place. Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner is also good (cost effective and easily available too!). It also depends on budget. Rustic art shampoos too have good feedback but I haven’t used those yet. Do frequent deep conditioning treatments…Either DIY (there are few listed on this blog) or the Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Aloe Hair Mask can be used silicone-free.

      You can find links to various topics and posts here: Start Here

      You have to be very consistent with the deep conditioning and a proper hair regimen to see results. Hope it helps!

  14. Hey Divya,

    I have thin, fine, but frizzy curly hair. After a day or two after wash, scalp would be oily but ends would be dry. I want to use a leave in conditioner to keep them hydrated but, without getting my scalp oily. Let me know if you can suggest some products for me. I wanted an opinion on Bed Head products as well. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Varshini… to get the basics, please go through this post:

      Then if you want to switch to sulfate and silicone free routine, then can choose any of the products in this list and the list of silicone free hair conditioners. You can probably start with Giovanni products and even that one L’Oréal conditioner on that list.

      Bed head products contain silicones. I haven’t used them. But curlies who use silicones seems too like tigi bed head range. I cannot comment on that since I haven’t used those. 🙂

  15. Thanks for your response 🙂 I have tried Giovanni, and I am not a big fan, it increased my hair fall and my hair become too sleek.

    I am a little curious about why a sulfate and silicone free routine.. Why is using product with silicones a bad idea?

    1. Hey Varshini, which Giovanni product did you use? sometimes, we experience hair fall when we start using a new product. But it goes down once our scalp gets used to the product.

      Sulfates and silicones are avoided by curly and wavy haired people coz sulfates dry out our hair way too much and silicones basically coat our hair strands which morphs the look of healthy hair. so excessive use of silicones and sulfates cause hair to get more dry. Since curly hair needs more moisture, it is avoided in hair care by many. 🙂

      A little bit in detail is in this post:

  16. I am suffering from lot of hair fall and hair thining..I have tried so many things but none of them gave me results..I have long wavy dry hairs..PLz suggest me sulfate free shampoo..which are easily avialable in India

    1. Hey Pranita..
      My reply didn’t get published earlier…I dunno why..just now saw…

      Hair fall…hmm may be first find the reason for the hair fall and then try to fix it. Read few tips and suggestions here:

      Changing to sulfate-free shampoo alone won’t help. You need to follow a proper hair regimen consistently.

      All the sulfate-free shampoo are good. If you are not too tight on budget, start with Giovanni Shampoo (Any expect the tea tree one).

      Do deep conditioning frequently, oil hair atleast once a week, massage scalp daily (even if dry massage), avoid combing hair vigourously, avoid tying hair too tightly.

      You need to be very consistent to see difference.. 🙂

  17. hey divya… my hair is thin and streight…but i have so much hair fall..and whene i put oil on my hair the hair fall was horrible i must say… please recommend best shampoo which i can buy from general medical store…and some tips for fair fall base…

    1. Hey Dolly.. Thanks for reaching out. If you have excessive hair fall that you are unable to find a reason for, then it is better to consult a doctor. A change in shampoo alone would not control hair fall. I have shared few this in thie forum topic: Please go through and then decide on a hair care regimen.

      oh btw, which oil you use? Usually, f you try a new hair oil or product, some people do see hair fall initially and then the scalp get used to it and hair fall gets controlled….

      1. hiii Thanks for your advice…its alot for me… i am using now Navratna hair oil and Sunsilk black shampoo..i gently massage on my hair 3 times in a week…

          1. Yes Ram Priya, you can use a mix of coconut n castor oil with sulfate free shampoo but need to apply it little lightly….since excessive oil can get difficult to remove.

  18. Hello Mam, Can you suggest shampoo and conditioner for short & dry wavy hair for men? Currently I am using Patanjali hair shampoo (using it 2-3 times a week), no conditioner, applying coconut hair oil in dried up hair everyday. Also, My hair is set well when I comb it but after 3-4 hours, hair becomes more wavy. So, please suggest solution for this mam.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Aakash. Sorry for late reply!

      Are you planning to go sulfate free on your shampoo? You can try any sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner mentioned on this blog.

      Also, try applying very little coconut oil on damn hair. And follow up with gel. Or try using a silicone and alcohol free gel to set hair while it is wet.

      Please remember, if you have naurally wavy hair, you can’t really make it straight. You should focus on making it moisturised.

      1. Hi mam.

        I use dabur almond hair oil and kesh king shampoo currently. I never gave much thought on shampoo or hair oil until now. My hair is gradually thinning out. When I braid I notice the volume is too less and I am worried now and I want to take care of my hair before it gets too late. I found your blog useful when I was googling for haircare products.

        I have my curly hair till shoulder length. I have split ends and hair breakage and my hair gets dried after shampooing. I want to get rid of hair breakage and make my hair strong and grow my hair.

        Could you please suggest me a good hair oil, shampoo/ conditioner, good comb or anything that can help me with this please.


        1. Hey Bhuwana…..

          First of all use a protein pack: to strengthen your hair and to prevent breakage…and then keep it well moisturized and please do follow frequent deep conditioning treatments.

          I am copying parts of my older comment here:

          Changing to sulfate-free shampoo alone won’t help. You need to follow a proper hair regimen consistently.

          All the sulfate-free shampoo mentioned on this list are good. If you are not too tight on budget, start with Giovanni Shampoo (Any expect the tea tree one). Even conditioner you can start with Loreal or Giovanni.

          Do deep conditioning frequently, oil hair atleast once a week, massage scalp daily (even if dry massage), avoid combing hair vigourously, avoid tying hair too tightly.

          You need to be very consistent to see difference.. 🙂

          Also read through this post and set a regimen:

          Hope it helps! 🙂

  19. Hey Divya. I appreciate you taking out time for this amazing blog. My hair are curly, a lot frizzy and going grey. I’m not even 35, lol. I too want to go sulfate and silicone free. What shampoo would you suggest so my hair are more manageable and look good and don’t you think applying too many products like a regular conditioner and gels would damage them more? I’m not sure just curious!
    Also, what hair style would you recommend for my round face? I have little above the waist length hair and I want to do a revamp. Thanks for your time :*

      1. Hey Sonia,

        Sorry for such a late response!!! And thanks for being so patient and coming back and dropping a reminder 🙂

        Having curly hair is awesome if you know how to care for it!! Frizz and dryness can be taken care of with frequent deep conditioning treatments. DIYs work awesomely and there are few Hair masks too that work well. Links can be found in Index here:

        If you want to switch to sulfate and silicone free hair care, you can start with Giovanni products – shampoo and conditioner (preferably the Smooth as Silk one). Giovanni is easily available in Health & Glow stores and certain online shopping websites.. Using conditioners and gels would not damage hair as long as you use then right and kow what ingredients to avoid.

        If you are really worried about using commercial gels, you can always use home made flaxseed gel and skip leaving the conditioner in. 🙂 It gives almost same outcome as commercial gels and nourishes hair too. here is link on how to make it:
        You can use commercial products when you travel or go out. 🙂

        Oh you have above waist length hair!! That’s so awesome!!! Revamping sounds good…all I can suggest is that do not lose the length drastically. if you regret later, it will take long to regain the length. Probably you can try to have long side swept fringes. Long side fringes suit round face very well and give a revamp. Also, you need not lose your length at once! Just make sure you don’t go too short on the fringe length since you have curly hair, it might spring more on getting shorter.

        hope this helps. 🙂

        If you try any of these, please do come back and share your experience 🙂

  20. Hi Divya !! Pretty informative blog about SF products.

    I have done Keratin in my hair & I was given a Shampoo & Conditioner from a salon itself. I would like to switch to some SF products. I would appreciate a suggestion. Thanks.

      1. Hey thanks for sharing about sulfates and silicones,such a gyan. I wanted to know about pathanjali shampoos, whether it’s a sulfate and silicone free shampoo.

    1. Hey Harpreet… I am just copy pasting an older reply of mine that i had written for another reader….hope it helps…..

      Hair fall…hmm may be first find the reason for the hair fall and then try to fix it. Read few tips and suggestions here:

      Changing to sulfate-free shampoo alone won’t help. You need to follow a proper hair regimen consistently.

      All the sulfate-free shampoo are good. If you are not too tight on budget, start with Giovanni Shampoo (Any expect the tea tree one).

      Do deep conditioning frequently, oil hair atleast once a week, massage scalp daily (even if dry massage), avoid combing hair vigourously, avoid tying hair too tightly.

      You need to be very consistent to see difference.. 🙂

    1. Hey Sush…

      I just looked at the ingredients of WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. It seems sulfate free and the ingredients seem fine. 🙂 you can give it a try!!

  21. Hi. I have type 3A curly hair.. I recently took a decision to straighten it but changed my mind after stumbling upon this website.. thanks a ton.. btw do u recommend wow organics apple cider vinegar??

    1. Hey Gayatri!!

      Thats great to know that you have decided against straightening.. 🙂

      I just went through the ingredients list of wow organics apple cider vinegar shampoo and it looks quite can surely give it a try 🙂

        1. I wish to go for keratin smoothening in a week…. bcz i hv a vry dry n unmanagable curly hair…. So shall i go for that or any othr ways to get shiny n managable frizz free hair by naturally…..

          1. Umm going for a Keratin smoothening treatment is a personal choice, Vidya.

            But I would surely advice against it…coz I have seen that mostly people end up not liking the results so much. even if you do like, once the natural roots grow up, which would be soon, then need to deal with the horrible looking and strikingly different double hair texture…. and not to mention the hair damage, chances of increases hair fall etc. etc…

            Why don’t you try and embrace your natural hair for few weeks. and then decide…there are more chances that you might love your natural hair immensely!! <3 🙂

        2. Hi Vidya you can start with WOW shampoo (any 1 of the listed) and Enliven conditioner. or grab a loreal smooth intense conditioner(orange bottle).

  22. Hie..your blog is very informative..:)
    I am having a hair fall problem from last 2-3 yrs..i have a oily scalp..and most of the hairs i have lost from front of my scalp..i am 23 yrs old..and i feel very bad about it..please suggest me..some good products and treatments..for hair growth and to deal with oily scalp.

  23. And i have started taking hair spa evry 10-15 days..and at present..i am using Wella professional shampoo and conditioner
    for sensitive scalp.

  24. Hi, I’ve been using the new ayush shampoo for damaged hair. I’ve read the ingredients and i haven’t found anu sls ingredients..but im not 100% sure if dey are sls free. Hope you check them out ones!

  25. I have thin wavy hair with oily scalp. I have hair fall issues and my hair goes limp after a while. Can you please suggest something?

    1. Hey Devika… you can switch to any of the sulfate free shampoos…it should help in controlling the oiliness… what is your current hair routine?

  26. Hello Divya..Hope you are doing good. I have very thin but normal hair and dry scalp. I am using castor oil+coconut oil+olive oils as oil massage twice a week. Can you please suggest me a good sulfate and paraben free budget friendly volumizing shampoo .
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  27. Hi! I second the Himalaya Baby shampoo recommendation made by another reader. I got this after seeing it on the list of shampoos for curly hair by Pallavi Juneja of The Curious Jalebi. It’s free from sulphates, silicones & parabens. It’s just fantastic to cleanse your scalp with. It’s mild enough to use on your lengths too if you must. All in all, a great and budget-friendly cleanser for curly hair!

  28. My hair is silky, it tends to be straight fro the top but at ends it becomes frizzy,I also have a itch scalp and mold dandruff

    Which Giovanni shampoo shall I use

    I am also using indulekha hair oil

    Please suggest best Giovanni shampoo as per my hair

    1. hey Zubin, For itchy scalp and dandruff, giovanni triple tea tree shampoo is the best…but since it is rich in essential oils, scalp takes some getting used to. Some people face mild hair fall till th3 scalp gets used to it. So keep that in mind before deciding.

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