Manetane Heat Caps Review

Two awesome curlies have gotten together and started this brand called Manetane that manufactures Heat Caps (for Deep Conditioning) in India!! Indian Curly community is budding with start ups and entrepreneurship!! And that’s really exciting.

I remember having long and deep conversations with them both when they had just started out their curly hair journey. They moved on to experimenting with products and applications etc. and now they love their curly hair so much that they have put in the efforts to make curly hair care stuff in India and make it more accessible to Indian curlies. That’s some #CurlLove right there!!

So when they came up with their heat caps, they sent out samples to many curlies for hands-on reviews and feedback and that’s how I got this one. So, let’s dive on to what I think of these.


Manetane Heat Cap Review_elastic_Curlacious


Look & Feel:

The heat caps come in a wide range of colours and designs. Since I didn’t really have a preference, Yuba and Hinshara sent me this gorgeous green heat cap with floral prints. It looks so pretty. The cloth feels soft and thick.

The heat cap as such a bit feels heavy since it is filled with 500g of flaxseeds which helps in retaining the heat.



The quality of the product is top notch. The stitches being steady and tight. The entire cap is made up of 100% pure cotton. The inner layer of the cap looks like microfiber and even that is of very good quality. The cap is tight and stays put.


Manetane Heat Cap Review_Curlacious



The heat cap needs to be heated in a microwave for a max of 3 minutes. Heat it one side for 1 minute or so and then turn it inside out and then heat for another minute. By the end of it, the cap is pretty much warm and ready to use.

If you do not have a microwave, you can use the double boiler method of heating it. It warms up just fine, but the microwave heating is much more better and faster. When using double boiler method, you need to be careful to not let water get into the heat cap. As per instructions, the heat cap should not be soaked in water, ever! It has flax seeds, you see…so water and heat cap together are a no-no.

You need to shampoo our hair, apply the hair mask that you want to use for deep conditioning and then microwave it. Be ready to put on the cap as soon as you heat it.

The heat cap cannot be put on directly over the product. So a plastic cap needs to be put on to cover the hair and then the heap cap should be worn.

The heat from the cap helps the DC to get imbibed into the hair. You can read more details about efficiently deep conditioning your hair in this post.



They have started taking up orders and it is priced at Rs. 2500.

I did feel that the pricing is a bit steep, but the quality of the product is not compromised in any way. Plus the range of prints are to die for!!

There is an introductory price of Rs. 2200 going on right now. Also there are so so sooo many super pretty prints that you can select from!!

Check out their Inst page at 

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Awesomeness of the Heat Cap:

It keeps the heat trapped for about 15-20 minutes for sure. (I haven’t tried this more than that) and the warmth helps the hair get the most from the deep conditioning process.

It is a total fuss free and easier way to enhance your deep conditioning or oiling session.

Usual methods involve applying heat from blow dryer which keeps you tied down at one place. Or hot towel which at times drips and is messy and needs to be redone within 10 minutes or so.

So this is a better alternate option of adding heat without any fuss or extra efforts.

You can put this on and go about your work while your hair reaps all the benefits from the DC. The concept of heat caps for DC is pure genius!!

Quality is excellent.

Delivers what it claims.

It smells so heavenly, so fresh and pure. It is the effect of good quality flax seeds, I presume!!!

All hair types can use this ~~ straight, curly or wavy!!


Few things I wish were different:

The weight of the product. It is stuffed with 500g of flax seeds which help in maintaining the heat, hence the weight. Though it is heavy, once we out it on, it stay put and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I did notice that the seeds settle at the bottom more and make it feel heavy.

Putting it on over the plastic cap (without moving the plastic cap) takes some practice and patience. 😀

I wish it was washable!!! I know we are supposed to use a plastic cap under this to avoid the product coming in touch with the cap, but still. I would have preferred if these heat caps were washable!! At some point in time, would need to wash it, right? No? Is it just me?


Manetane Heat Cap Review_Divya_Curlacious

Overall Verdict:

This heat cap is an awesome addition to your curly/wavy hair care kit and would be a really a part for the long run. The quality of this heat cap is awesome. Gives perfectly soft hair and helps imbibing the hair mask into the hair. Is usable for all hair types. As far as value for money is concerned, that differs from person to person and depends on your situation in life (college student living on pocket money, earning yourself, etc etc.) So, you are the better judge than me! This review will help you judge that, though 🙂


Have you used any heat cap for your DC?? let me know!! 

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