My Curly Haircut at Bounce Salon Chennai ~ My new favourite hairstylist!!

2 weeks back, I went for my second haircut of this year. I should have probably cut my hair much earlier, but I wanted to grow it longer…so I just self-trimmed it once in between.

My hair did grow longer but it was

  • Weighing my curls down
  • Ends were getting knotty
  • Hair tangled more than it does
  • Roots felt flat
  • Hair looked too flat on the whole
  • Hair immediately next to scalp was getting elongated
  • The ends rolled over each other
  • I do not have very thick hair, so the volume seemed too less, as my layers grew out!!

So I took an instinctive on the spot decision to go for a cut. Called up the Bounce salon at Phoenix mall, Chennai for an appointment and luckily got the slot that I was looking for.

This particular Bounce salon is a smaller one and focuses more on hair services. I love it here. I do love the usual elaborate set up as well, but this one is super chic. I have already reviewed this one along with my previous hair cut experience. But that hairstylist left Bounce the very same date.

I walked in 10mins after the appointed time. The stylist had had a very tight schedule so was taking a break. The person at reception got me seated and asked to wait for 5 mins….I expected a longer wait time, but the stylist walked in with a minute….I was impressed.. lol!!  mean, I expected a longer waiting period. Anyway, let’s talk about the experience part by part.


The Stylist:

So, the stylist was Dennis. He immediately got into the consultation. I went with my day 3 hair, dry, frizzy and weighed down. Yet he was not judgmental. Analysed my hair and had a neat and open discussion about what I was looking for in the cut. He asked if the hair pattern was natural and how I styled it. Not in a i-want-to-sell-my-product kind of way, but in a genuine how-do-i-cut-it kind of way.


My Expectation:

I wanted:

  • To keep my hair long
  • I want some layers to be added
  • To take off the weight
  • To add some bounce
  • Did not want to take off much of length
  • Did not want to have any drastic change

Dennis suggested that if i get too many layers, he will have to take off a lot of length and then the last layer would be very thin. So I suggested to give some long layers. We finally settled on him giving some bounce to the hair without taking off length.


My Experience:

The Hair wash and Detangling:

Dennis washed my hair with Morrocan Oil Shampoo and conditioned with Morrocan Oil Conditioner. I did not carry my products. Usually during a haircut I do not fuss about following only CG method. The hair wash was very thorough. He did detangle my hair with a comb but it was a lot gentle and smooth. My hair had some conditioner left in from the wash that he did so the detangling was not harsh.

The Haircut:

For the very first time, I was pleasantly surprised during a haircut. Just before starting to cut my hair Dennis surprisingly picked up a hair mousse (again Morrocan Oil one) and scrunched it onto my hair. He made my hair clump together and got the curls back in view and then started to cut.

As he was creating long layers, I was not anxious coz I got a feel that the stylist understood what I was looking for and was trying to compliment my hair pattern. During the cut, he himself showed the length of the shortest layer. For the final touch, he scrunched my hair and saw how it looked curly and then gave the finishing.

The Drying Process:

As expected, Dennis picked up a diffuser attachment and diffused my hair. My next surprise was that he dried my hair on low speed. He was very gentle with my hair and diffused one part for longer time before moving to the other part. He wasn’t blowing my hair with high speed or high heat. usually that is what other stylists do. He dried my hair 70-80% then finished with a holding spray.


Here are the Before and After:

That’s Dennis walking into the frame…like a curly hair saviour!! hehe…

Curlacious_Bounce salon Chennai Pre cut

This is immediately after the cut.

Curlacious_Bounce salon Chennai Post cut

This is 2 hours after the cut…not bad, right?
Curlacious_Bounce salon Chennai Post cut selfie

This is after I styled it myself. The length is reduced slightly but not drastically. There is added bounce and hair is not getting weighed down!! And the length is long as well. I could not be happier with the cut!!!

Curlacious_Bounce salon Chennai best hair stylist.

The Service needs a special mention:

The service at this branch has drastically improved. The staff were very polite, attentive and comfortably chatty. They went an extra mile to make the client comfortable. Offered water bottle and multiple magazines. There was an offer to get Free Morrocan Oil Serum with every haircut. I wasn’t aware of the offer, but the person at reception gave me the serum along with the bill. The staff was truly warm. 🙂



It came to some rs. 800 and odd. ~~ towards rs. 900.


Overall verdict:

I have finally found my curly hair saviour, Dennis – the hair stylist at Bounce Chennai. Considering all other salons of the same range, haircut at this salon is much cost effective and yet very efficient. I personally like a quick to-the-point service and that is what they offer here. I would surely be booking my next haircut appointment with Dennis !!

Do let me know if you go for a haircut to bounce!!

Oh, btw, who is your favourite hair stylist?

8 thoughts on “My Curly Haircut at Bounce Salon Chennai ~ My new favourite hairstylist!!

  1. Lovely post and the cut too! Mine is Mani at Bounce Isaphani Center. He’s really good but it cost me 1500 and I have shoulder length hair. 🙁

    1. Thank youuu, Priya!! And yeahhh nowadays 1500 has become the usual rate for a haircut all across salons!! What to do!!

      and oh! thanks for letting me know…will make a note of the stylist!!

  2. Looks amazing Divya, I can see your hair has become bouncier and I can’t even make out much loss of length. He’s done a great job!

    1. Yes totally! That’s exactly what I had asked for and he delivered!!!! and be had actually been consistent with his haircuts with next few curly readers of mine!!!

  3. How cool- I may have to come to Chennai just to get my hair cut 😀
    My hair on the other hand is shrinking, the longer it grows, the more it curls so the length barely changes >:(

    1. Lol!! Surely do come!!

      And yeah happens naaa hair keeps shrinking and we don’t see the length! But as long as hair is healthy….we should be happpyyyyy

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