My Devacurl Haul!!!

Hello curliesssss!!!

I know its been ages since I wrote a post. Well, here is a little treat for your eyes!! One of my relatives came down from US and I ordered few Devacurl products.

My total bill was above $100 so, I got 2 samples and a towel free!

I ordered 2 sets of products. I was very much confused between the blogger bundles and the sets. But finally ordered the the below coz the bundle was comparitively costlier and also then my relative would have had to carry so so so many product, which might have been an issue for her.


So, here is what I ordered:

The Super Curly Set ($40):

It contains:

  • DevaCurl No Poo Decadence Shampoo (12oz),
  • DevaCurl One Condition Decadence Conditioner (12oz)

Freebies with this set:

  • 1 DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Cream Styler (3.2oz)
  • 1 DevaScarf satin


Devacurl Haul_Super Curly Set_Curlacious

Devacurl Haul_Super Curly Set_Curlacious1

The Living Large Wavy Bundle ($88):

It contains:

  • DevaCurl Low Poo Delight Shampoo (32oz)
  • DevaCurl One Condition Delight Conditioner (32oz)

Free with this set:

  • DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel (8oz)


Devacurl Haul_Super Curly Set_Curlacious

Devacurl Haul_Super Curly Set_Curlacious

I had ordered from Devacurl’s official site and they have this awesome offer that if we order for more than $50, we get to choose two 3.2oz samples of our choice from four options. The options were Melt in moisture mask, Build up buster, Wash Day Wonder and Deep Sea Repair treatment mask. I wanted the Melt in Moisture but it was out of stock. So I selected these:

  • Devacurl Build up Buster
  • Devacurl Deep Sea Repair Mask

Devacurl Hair Masks_Melt in Moisture_Deep Sea Repair_Curlacious


Since the total bill was also above $100, I also had the option of choosing either the DevaTowel or Deva Clips.

  • DevaTowel  ($12)

Devacurl DevaTowel_India From US_Curlacious



Overall it came to $128 and there was 25% off on the Livin’ Large Wavy Bundle. So finally I paid $96 including all discounts and got all of this ——–>

Devacurl Haul_Super Curly Set_Curlacious

So, tell me what products out of these have you tried?! And which one is your fav?!


5 thoughts on “My Devacurl Haul!!!

  1. Hi I have Indian hair but I damaged it with heat I have the top of my hair curly then the rest of my hair is straight except for the ends which is curly. I am transitioning what should use. I really need help

  2. Hi, I would like to know how did these Deva Curl products work out for u, an Indian curly girl. I have someone coming from the US by year end and I have just started the transition phase so wanted to know if Deva Curl is really effective or just hyped ans we can easily find good replacement in Indian market, Thanks

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