Indian Curly Hair

Naturally Curly Indian Celebrities

More and More Indians have started embracing their Naturally Curly and Wavy hair. It is a trend that  any latest trend is propagated by our bollywood beauties…And now the trend is to flaunt their natural hair wherever they can!! 🙂

I have come across so many posts which is a compilation of naturally curly haired Hollywood beauties. It is so nice to see those compilations, however it is more interesting to see Indian beauties rock their natural curls.

I am posting the top 4 naturally curly haired Indian Beauties in this post. I love the way these beauties flaunt their natural hair onto various platforms. Flaunting their natural hair even in the movies is the latest trend and I loved it.

Here I have uploaded pics where their hair looks natural and relate-able. It should give us a boost in loving and flaunting our natural hair! 🙂


  • Kangna Ranaut 

She is gorgeous and she rocks those awesome curls gorgeously. Love the way she turns up at all event flaunting her curls. Also she wears her hair curly in her movies!! Wow…

Indian Curly hair
Kangana ranaut – Curly Hair
  • Nithya Menon

Nithya Menon also has gorgeous curls. Just like Kangna, she too rocks her curly hair everywhere she makes an appearance. I became a huge fan of her hair and her after watching her in the Tamil movie “O.K. Kanmani”. She wears her hair in its natural state in almost all scenes. All hairdos in the movie are done on her naturally curly hair. I fell in love with her hair. AND the fact that this Tamil movie embraced her naturally curly hair and styled it perfectly.

Indian Curly Hair
Nithya Menon – Curly Hair
  • Taapsi Pannu

Oh this beautiful bubbly actress loves her curls and doesn’t shy away from flaunting it!! I once read an interview of hers where she talks about loving her curls and that curly hair need special care. So true! She just not ‘talk’ she literally wears her hair curly almost everywhere. Gorgeous!

Indian Curly Hair
Taapsee Pannu – Curly Hair
  • Kiran Rao

If we talk of curly haired Indian celebrities, how can we not have Kiran Rao on the list. She is famous for many talents and wises but she is equally applauded for carrying her naturally curly hair admirably well. Talk about Curly bob and she is the one who pops up on our mind.

Indian Curly Hair
Kiran Rao – Curly Hair

When our Indian celebrities are embracing their natural hair then why not us? Even with the constant need to style their hair for their professional commitments, these celebrities flaunt their natural hair as much as possible. Shouldn’t we be inspired by these beauties and go natural on our hair?!

For the love of curls and waves, please follow proper curly hair routine and flaunt those beautiful tresses!! 🙂


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