Pro Tip: How to Make Detangling Easier?!

I have already done a detailed post on how to detangle hair on the blog. However, detangling is a huge concern among most curlies. Detangling with oil as a prepoo is an option but frankly who gets the time to detangle with oil on every wash? Detangling in the shower is the best way for most curlies. But, losing a lot of hair while Detangling or the conditioner not having enough slip is a concern.

After using bazillion conditioners and uncountable detangling sessions,  I have come to realize that this one step helps in ease the detangling to some extent..

What I usually do is that I shampoo, then apply conditioner and immediately hop on to detangling and try to rip apart the tangles. This is what led to a lot of hair breakage for me, especially if the conditioner didn’t have enough slip. So I figured out that this one change helps.


  • I apply conditioner all over my hair not-so-precisely. Just making sure I cover all hair.
  • Once I apply the conditioner, I let it sit on my hair for some good 2 minutes.
  • By this, the hair soaks in a bit of the conditioner and starts to get slippery. (even if the conditioner’s slip is not good)
  • Then I add extra water.. and now I section the hair. (Till here, I do not section or try to detangle my hair.)
  • On each section I add more water and conditioner as required.
  • I work my way from ends towards the scalp


So, how do you detangle? Do you let the conditioner sit on your hair before starting to detangle?

Lemme know if you try this simple tip and it helps!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pro Tip: How to Make Detangling Easier?!

  1. Hello Divya
    I do the same when I wash my hair , but I loose a lot of hair when I do this even if I let the conditioner sit in my hair for 2-3 minutes . Do you have another way to de- tangle hair in the shower .

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