How to Put up Curly or Wavy Hair at Night – Long, Medium & Short Hair!!


This is probably another most asked question: “My hair gets so tangled and frizzy when I sleep. How to prevent it from frizz?”…….”My day 2 curls get all ruffles…what to do?”…..”How do you put up your hair at night?”……”How to preserve curly or wavy hair at night?”……”How to have maintain my hair for day 2..3.. or 4?”\


I have already written a post on 4 ways to preserve curls overnight. But it has the general points to follow. Still friends ask me how exactly I put my hair. I also understand that it is difficult to understand on reading..sometimes, pictures talk better than words. I am sharing photos so that you can see ways to tie your hair up so that your curly or wavy hair would stay intact, or say, less frizzy the next day.


So, here you go…..


1. Free Hair, Pulled up:

The simplest way is this. As you can see in the pic, you simply put all your hair up so that your curls are not trampled by your head while you sleep. This works pretty well if you do not twist and turn much while sleeping. I use this too a lot…mostly when all my scrunchies plan to play ‘hide and seek’ with me…which is quite often!! Now with time, I have started to push my hair back when I turn in my sleep…has almost become an involuntary reaction 😉



2. The Pineapple Style:

Funny name! Well that’s what it is called, “to pineapple hair at night”. Make a loose pony tail on top of your hair. If your hair is shorter than  mine, it would look like a pineapple. Sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase with laying the pony on top. This is the perfect sleepstyle for medium to long hair.

How to: Turn your head upside down, bring all hair together and tie loosely into a ponytail on top of your head. Flip your head up and tada!! Your hair is in a Pineapple!!

Curlacious_Sleep with Curls India Pineapple Hair
Pineapple Hair


3. The Half Bun

If you have long hair or the loose pony ends up ruffling the ends of your curly or wavy hair, then probably this Half Bun way of tying hair would suit you better.

How to: This is just one step more than the Pineapple. Turn your head upside down, bring all hair together on top of your head and tie the hair band once. For the second round, pull the hair only half way out so that it makes a loose bun Put the loose ends towards your face or the side. (this will make sure that the ends dont get crushed between your head and the pillow. Flip your head up and done! You are ready to conquer the frizz throughout the night!! 


This is my go-to night sleepstyle. I am a very light sleeper…I twist and turn a loooooot….and I sleep with my 2.9 months old kid. We sleep at 0 degrees and wake up any where from 43 degrees to 360 degrees done twice or thrice in one night!! hahaha 😉 You can relate only if you are a mommie 😛 …So this hair style saves  not ‘all’ but a loooot of my hair from frizzing!!! 🙂

The Top Bun
The Half Bun


4. The Top Bun

This too would work for medium to long hair. If you don’t like any loose ends lying around then this one is for you. It is a simple no-fuss top bun. This sleepstyle keeps all the hair into the bun so that there are no loose ends lying around.

How to: Turn your head upside down, bring all hair together on top of your head. Start twisting from the scalp till the roots. Roll all the twisted hair into a slightly loose bun and put on a hairband or scrunchie. Stand upright and hereeee you have a Samurai!!! Yiiihhawww…Where is my Katana!!! 😛


Curlacious_Sleep with Curls India2
The Top Bun


Now, if your hair is too short and doesn’t reach up into a pineapple or bun, then don’t worry.. I have few sleep hairstyles lined up for you tooooooo…..Sunitha doesn’t wear her hair curly but still finds that these below sleepstyles help her hair contain the frizz!! These sleepstyles can be used even if you wear your hair curly or wavy!! 🙂


5. Part and Tie:

Frankly, I have no idea what to call these styles!! So I have just named it after what you have to do. So, if your bottom hair doesn’t reach upto the top bun, you can follow this:

How to: Part hair into 2 parts horizontally – say from ear to ear..or from temple to temple – and tie the top hair in a pony or bun on top of your head. Divide the remaining hair into two parts and tie into two ponytails on the side. You r hair is into 3 parts now and all tied up. So the frizz and ruffling up would be less compared to open hair. She has used a clutcher on top. You can use a scrunchie too.

Curlacious_Sleep with Curls India_short hair
Part & Tie

6. Part and Twist

This is one step further than the above style. If you want to secure your curls more, you can try this.

How to: Part hair into 2 parts horizontally – say from ear to ear..or from temple to temple – and tie the top hair in a pony or bun on top of your head. Divide the remaining hair into two parts. Take one part, divide it into two and twist them around each other till end and secure with a band. Repeat on the other part . Sunitha has used a clutcher on top. You can use a scrunchie too.


Curlacious_Sleep with Curls India_short hair2
Part & Twist

7. Part and Braid:

Well, I don’t have pics for this. but you can surely do it on your own coz is veryyyyy simple.

How to: Follow steps in 6. and instead of the lower twists, braid each side as a normal 3 strand pleats and put on bands at ends.


8. Part and Roll

If you feel that the lower two ponytails twists or braids are not containing frizz, you can try to roll up each lower end into a mini-bun and put on a band to keep in place. I think those are called Bantu knots.


9. For Veryyy short hair:

If you have very short hair, which cannot be gathered to top or bottom, you can simple make several mini-buns here and there. Say, part hair 4 ways – top right and left above the ear and bottom right and left below the ear – and make four twists or mini-buns.Secure with a band and you are good to go! As I said above, these are called bantu knots.


The sleepstyles with my pics would surely suit medium to long hair and the ones with Sunitha’s would cover short hair. I could not thank Sunitha enough for the pics and for encouraging me to put up mine as well as her pics. She and I, like all wavy and curly haired people, struggle aloooottt with our hair. While discussing how we both put up our hair at night, I told her I felt so conscious to put such funny pics on the blog. But then she encouraged me to put it up and shared hers too so that you can see and learn and not have issues with understanding!! Thanks aloootttt, sweatheart!! 🙂


  • Use a fabric covered hair band or scrunchie so that it doesn’t leave a dent or sap moisture from hair
  • Make sure hair is tied loosed and the hair is not tugged or tight. Otherwise it might cause hair fall or recede hairline.
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase


These are the 9 sleepstyles which cover allll hair lengths and of course are applicable for all hair types. Sup….which one is your sleepstyle?? and what works the best?? Do let us know in comments below.

Is there any sleepstyle that you follow that we don’t know of? Feel free to mention in comments and share a pic at the Forum or mail us at curlaciousblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

7 thoughts on “How to Put up Curly or Wavy Hair at Night – Long, Medium & Short Hair!!

  1. Nice post and wonderful tips to tie your hair while sleeping! From my experience Honey these tips will work out good for short/medium hair not for long hair (except the “Free Hair, Pulled up” style). Though the “Free Hair, Pulled up” style can be used for long hair but there are chances this might cause tangles when you roll over:P and for the bun styles it feels heavy when you tie it so high and it really do slip off when you wake up to drink water in the middle of the night ;).

    You can braid your hair (which gives wavy style in the morning) or do rope braid very loose if you do not want any waves next day!!! :):)

    1. Yes Div… you are totally right!! For very long, thick and silky hair like yours I agree it would be tough to tie on top.

      I cannot stop laughing when I imagine you drinking water with alllll your hair in a top bun..that too mid sleep… the weight and the bun slipping off here and there..hahahaha 😛

      Well… yaaa… For very long and thick hair, and may be 2a wavy hair girlies too can braid their hair…. share a pic of the rope braid please? 🙂

  2. Hi, that part and twist one is brilliant I recently cut my hair short and the pineapple only gets half my hair- I know which hairstyle I’ll be sleeping in tonight! 😀

      1. It worked really well- this will be my go-to till my hair grows out enough! Could you please do a post on your current curly routine/ wash and go? Or if posted already please direct me to it- I didn’t seem to find it on your blog- thank you!

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