Quick Tip to unclog your Flaxseed Gel Filters

Hello Curlies!!

If you have been making flaxseed gel frequently, then you would most probably be well acquainted with this equipment in the above pic. There are few variations of the same. I use this one at my place. My Mom has a much finer filter with two more layers of very fine mesh added. There are also smaller filters which are used to filter tea. But the ones I use are all iron filters. If you have also been using iron filters to filter your flaxseed gel and are looking for ways to unclog it, you are in luck!

Even after washing immediately after use or with hot water or with all the scrubs at home, sometimes our iron filters gets clogged here and there. I have not faced major clogging but few meshes here and there do get clogged. But the one at mom’s place with smaller mesh gets clogged more easily.

My tea filters are also iron ones and I had no idea how to unclog it. So I went out and bought new ones. Last month, my bestie’s parents were here for a trip. Aunty saw my clogged filter (which I could not find the heart to discard!) and she simply showed me this trick to unclog them. I was so awestruck! Being a natural hair blogger, I immediately corelated this tip with my Flaxseed Gel (FSG) filter!! I could not thank her enough! She probably couldn’t understand why I was thanking her so much! She simply said, “Arre lohe wali channi aise hi toh saaf karte hein!!” (Iron filters are cleaned like this only!) She is the sweetest, btw!! 🙂


So here is the ‘life changing’ tip!! LOL!! 😉 Once you see the mesh getting clogged, do this:

Unclogging Filter!


Yes! Burn it up under direct flame on the stove. It will burn all the residue that is clogging the pores and clear up the mesh!!! There would be smoke and charring. It might also be accompanied by burning smell. Once you are done, you will have clean and sterilized filters to reuse. 🙂 Isn’t that awesome?! I thought I was the only one who didn’t know this trick. But many of my friends and even my cook didn’t know this. So I thought of posting it here. In case you use the finer mesh, you might be in dire need of this tip!! If you already knew it, you are a genius! :-D:)


So, did you or did you not know this tip to unclog an iron filter.?! Comment below!!


P.S. This tip is meant for iron filters ONLY. If you have plastic, nylon or any other inflammable material filter, please DO NOT try this tip. It will burn your filter down!! I don’t wanna risk anyone trying it on their nylon filters, hence this P.S. 😉    So comment below! 

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip to unclog your Flaxseed Gel Filters

  1. This is super helpful. I keep scrubbing at my filter after making fsg. As if all that filtering wasn’t enough work!!
    Curly hair is a lesson on patience, I tell you

    1. hahahaha thats true!! 😀 and Patience is surely the key to gorgeous curly hair!! glad this tip helped you clear your filer!! 🙂 <3

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