Quick Update!!!

Hello Curlies!!!

There has been aloooottt going on on personal front….that’s why I have been MIA here for last while week and a half. However I have been trying to catch up on all your comments and queries as and when I got time in last 2-3days! Anyway, now I am almost back to a routine..please note the ‘almost’!! 😀 So will be replying more quickly.

So now to the quick update!! I got a haircut!!!! (Yayyyy!!) Yes, I got a haircut last night. I am yet to style it curly so yet to decide if I like it curly or not!! But for now I am hapyyyy with the cut. Loads of my flat, heat damaged ends are gone. My hair had been feeling weighed down, frizzy and frayed for a long time now. I was waiting to get a cut done and finally got done now. I will post pics after styling it myself and then do a post on few more things!! Till then stay tuned!!! 😀

Just after haircut

I know it’s frizzy and not defined. Coz I didn’t let the hairstylist blow dry my hair fully. And neither did I let him comb it out after the haircut. Well, he knows the drill by now!! 😉

So, who is excited to see how it looks curly? I am…I am!! Yayyyy!! 😀

Much Love,

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