Read Ingredients Before Accepting a Brand’s 100% “Natural” claim!!

The Hindu’s magazine Metro Plus’s (Bangalore Edition) first page news by Sriya Narayanan (the one clicked in the pic!) resonates every word of what I keep telling all you dear curly/wavy haired people!!! Do NOT accept any brand’s claim of being 100% “herbal” or “natural” or “organic”. Look at the ingredients list. Learn to differentiate between what truly is an organic or natural product than just fake claims that include one or two natural extracts or oils towards the end of the entire ingredients list!!!

If ย you are okay with using products with chemicals, then fine!! But if you are buying a product coz of its claims of being natural or herbal, then you need to think and look twice before you buy these products……

Typical conversations I have with some readers ๐Ÿ™‚


A: Can I use hair product X, it says it is all natural.

Me: Umm.. cannot be sure..please share the ingredients list?

A: *shares* But it says it 100% natural!!

So it has to be mild on hair, right?

and it has to be sulfate-free, right!

Me: Oh dear!! no no no…all these has nothing to do with the ‘Claim”

It has everything to do with the “ingredients” listed!!

Me: *checks the ingredients list*

*as suspected 95% of times these products are loaded with chemicals*

A: *Heart broken* *Confused*

A: *Probably Divya isย outta her mind!!*

Me: hehehe… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

Such “so-called” natural products either have

  • incomplete list of ingredients reported. In which case we never know whats the base or the missing ingredient is…which has 99.99% chances of being some harsh or not-so-good ingredient..otherwise why won’t it be listed?!


  • the “natural” ingredient is towards the end of the list. Please note that the first 5 ingredients on your Hair product’s list are the most effective ones…any ingredient listed beyond this is probably in such minute quantity that it probably won’t be imparting ‘that’ much of effect on your hair!!


So both such products are trying to make us a fool…..

Products that claim to be ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ does not equal to being mild or more effective or better…. It is the ingredients list of each product that makes it work for us….So, please be very much aware of the ingredients list of the products you use or buy. Before buying, flip it over and read the ingredients to see if the ingredients match the ‘claims’.

There are very high chances that you might be shocked by number of fake ‘being natural’ claims…. ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Read Ingredients Before Accepting a Brand’s 100% “Natural” claim!!

    1. Hey Rita,
      Patanjali shampoo doesnt mention what surfactant they use and the conditioner has silicones….. are you on a silicone-sulfate free regimen for your hair?

      1. Yes… I am…using Amara Organix hair products…I have used Patanjali shampoo & conditioner today and wanted to decide if I should continue using them or not

        1. Amara sounds promising..but then I couldn’t find its ingredients list anywhere…. so cannot be sure… Patanjali doesn’t seem sulfate free or silicone free… it is not CG products.. you will have to find some other silicone and sulfate free products for your hair!

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