How to Refresh Day 2 Curly or Wavy Hair!

Once we start following the Curly/Wavy hair care routine, we by default fall in love with our curls…. The curl pattern…the lesser frizz…the gorgeous look….the feeling of liberation………wowwww….. after seeing our Day one hair, you feel so encouraged and fabulous….and you go to bed feeling happyyyyyy…

On Day 2… You wake up with frizzy, not-so-defined-curls, and above all, you cannot comb cannot straighten it now and you have no idea how to fix it…  That’s when you realise….That Curlacious female(aka me!) *Grrrr* left me hanging…without giving the slightest hint of how to tackle day 2 hair!!!!…….. hahaha… I feel you, gal, I feel you!!! And I am so sorry for not having done a proper post on refreshing curls earlier than this!!

Yes, Second Day curly or wavy hair can be very tricky, challenging and discouraging. I myself face issues with day 2 (3 or even 4) hair!! The super gorgeous first day curly and wavy hair becomes frizzy and undefined over day 2 or 3…And you find yourself wanting to wash your hair just to redefine it and to make it feel and look more moisturized.

Well, if that is the case with you and your pretty curls, then here I am with a post to help you define and moisturize your curly and wavy hair on day 2 without washing. The same is applicable for day 3, day 4 or whatever day hair till you wash next.


Let’s begin……


Good day 2 hair starts on day 1 night.

To have better looking curly hair on second day, you need to follow few steps on the previous night first.  These are very simple yet very effective. I have already written a post on it here: Ways to preserve curls overnightFollowing the steps mentioned in this post makes sure that we have minimum frizz.

 Less frizz = Better looking hair = Less fixing required!!

So do not skip this step.


Now let’s talk about second day curly or wavy hair.

Frizzy hair on Day 2 or 3 or 4 is caused by various reasons.

  • Due to friction between hair and pillowcase. While you toss and turn whole night, the curls get ruffled and become frizzy. If you are like me, tossing like a flipping coin every 30mins, then the amount of frizz in hair will surely be huge. (Remedy is using a satin or silk pillowcase or scarf.) To avoid this to an extent, follow previous point!
  •  Due to loss of moisture caused by environmental reason like weather, hair properties etc. This can be controlled to an extent by using certain hair products, sufficient conditioning in the shower, regular deep conditioning etc. But some moisture loss is bound to happen.
  • Frequently touching hair can introduce lots of frizz in hair and also cause curls to lose definition. Avoid touching your hair unnecessarily. 


Refreshing Curly and Wavy hair depends on the below points:

  • Your hair properties.
  • How your hair reacts to the ‘technique’ of refreshing
  • How your hair looks on a particular day


Finally comes THE whole point of this post:

How to refresh curly or wavy hair on non-wash days?

All that you would ever need to refresh your curls on non-wash days are:

  • Water
  • Conditioner
  • Misting Spray Bottle (Use a spray bottle that sprays water as a Mist rather than just squirting water)
  • Styling Product 


Method 1(if frizz is too much!):



  1. Take a small amount of conditioner in your palm.
  2. Add a little water.
  3. Rub between palms
  4. Apply in a smoothing motion all over your hair.
  5. Scrunch.
  6. Apply more on areas that are missed or need more conditioner
  7. Let Air dry
  8. Done!!


Method 2 (if frizz is less):


  • Water – 2 glasses
  • Conditioner – 2 tablespoon
  • Essential Oil (Optional) – 2 drops


  1. In a spray bottle, add all the ingredients and shake well
  2. It will form a whitish milky consistency.
  3. Spray the refreshing mix on hair from a distance pointing downwards
  4. Smoothen hair slowly by cupping between thumb and other fingers.
  5. Follow it up with scrunching lightly.
  6. You can stop here and let your hair air dry.


If you feel that the in both methods, refreshing mix alone is not enough you can use your styling product after step applying the refreshing mix as below:

  1. Take very little just a drop or two of your gel and spread between your palms
  2. Apply on damp hair in soft smoothing motion. Make sure you do not pull or tug at your hair.
  3. Follow it up by scrunching and then let it air dry.
  4. Do not touch till it is 100% dry
  5. If hair feels crunchy after drying, scrunch one final time to free the gel cast and fluff hair.
  6. Done!! 🙂


Method 3(if only few strands look frizzy)



  1. Take a drop of conditioner on your index finger, slightly glaze under running tap and spread the watered down conditioner between your index finder and thumb.
  2. Take the frizzy strand between your thumb and index finger and run from root till end. This should smoothen the frizz.
  3. If the curl needs more definition, wrap the strand around the index finger, hold for a minute and then unwrap


Method 4(if curls are defined and non-frizzy; but flat at the top)


  •  Your fingers


  • Bend at your waist, tilt your head forward and bring all your hair in front facing downwards.
  • Spread your fingers and slowly (without disturbing the curls) put your fingers into your hair near the scalp.
  • Touch your scalp with the pads of your fingers and shake.
  • Without taking your fingers out, stand up and toss your hair back.
  • Give a mild shake and remove your fingers without disturbing the curls
  • This will give nice volume at the scalp and body to the curls


Method 5(if curls look spot on!)


  •  None


  • Shake your hair and enjoy beautiful curly or wavy hair
  • Come back and share the compliments that you get at the Forum here. Spread the #CulrLove & encourage other curlies!! 🙂



  • You can adjust the amount of conditioner vs water based on your hair’s requirements. Start with less conditioner and increase if you feel its not enough.
  • There are no hard and fast rule, what i have mentioned is the basics. You can experiment with the ingredients and techniques and ways and customize based on what your hair needs. If you do improvise, please do share with us at the Curly and Wavy Hair Forum so that all other curlies are helped by it. #SpreadTheCurlLove 🙂


Hope this helps you get gorgeous 2nd 3rd 4th or nth day curly or wavy hair!! 🙂 If you have doubts, feel free to ask in the comments below or in the Forum. I try and respond to every comment. Usually within a few hours and sometimes a day. If you don’t have any doubts, feel free to share your comments, feedback, suggestion, experience or just say a ‘Hi’…..reading your comments makes my day!! 🙂 



30 thoughts on “How to Refresh Day 2 Curly or Wavy Hair!

  1. Hi,
    I have just started following CG method. Is it okay to just leave the conditioner without washing it?

    Note. I am using Giovanni max volume conditioner.

    1. Hi SKA!!

      Welcome to CG method… 🙂
      Yes, it is okay to leave the conditioner in hair without washing . It would work as a leave-in conditioner and will provided moisture. And since Giovanni max volume conditioner is silicone free, it will not sap moisture from hair or dry it out. Rather keep ir moisturized. So no worries there!

      Btw, it is also one of my current conditioners…..cheers! ! 😀

    1. Yes Anna… it is safe… the ingredients in rinse off and leave-in are almost same. Just is a little watered down version. if you wna be sure, just take any leave in and rinse off conditioner and read through the ingredients list. 🙂

  2. Hi Divya.. Mine is a low poros, coarse hair, which falls between 3a n 3b..(hurray! I discovered my hair type atlast, from your poststhank u!). To refresh my day 2 frizzy curls, what should i use, flax seed gel? Or jojoba oil? If i apply, wont they weigh down as my hair is low poros? Need your help here!

    1. Yaayy!! *Hi5* Found your hair type!!! 🙂

      Low porosity hair can easily look product-y but since u have coarse hair, it would not be weighed down easily.. U can try with jojoba or almond oil to refresh.. even flaxseed you can apply in sections and veryyyy lightly.. spread between palms and then apply on hair in smoothing motion followed by scrunching…control the amount of product applied and it should refresh well without weighing down…

  3. Do you know of any products to help with the flat top? I have been able to manage frizz through the lengths, but the method 4 doesn’t work for me. I love the lengths of my hair,, but the crown area is a little depressing.

  4. Hi Divya,
    How do I detangle 2 3 4 th day hair…my hair gets knotty in few hours after washing.
    P.S. I am yet to start the CG method. Your posts have encouraged me enough…Thanks a lot!!!☺

  5. Hi Divya,
    I think the hyperlinks on the blog aren’t working. Not sure if there’s something wrong with my browser. I notice it every time I visit here. Just thought I’d let you know.

    1. Oh ya!! I recently changed the format of my links… but the older posts have the older URLs linked!! I am yet to change all. I have been changing post on post will update this one too! Thanks for letting me.

      1. Thank you. And is it recommended for daily use (both safety and cost wise)? Also what do you suggest for the scalp? I’ve tried the hair oil mixture you’d once written about. That is good before I wash my hair. But then, there are days when my scalp feels very dry and thirsty. Any thoughts?

        1. Ya I feel these both are fine…especially the cantu curl activator works nicely…. cost wise too it is fine coz a little goes a long way so one bottle would last for really long.

          For scalp… you need to see why it gets too dry.. may be you need to do wash days earlier? And may be you can use only 2-3 drops of oil to do scalp massages on non wash days…

  6. Hi Divya,
    I follow pretty much the same cg methods mentioned here.And I have the same problem of day 2 day 3 hair..specially the’s flat dry n flyouts.. It is indeed depressing.. Can you suggest some solution.
    would love to hear from you 🙂

    1. Hey Aparna….After refreshing, to control flyaways, I try to add gel as the final layer and kind of ‘stick’ the frizzy and smaller hair onto the other hair. and let it dry..

      for hair getting flat at the top, i pic hair up a little and clutch it till it drys….(after the gel, i mean) helps to counter the flatness. 🙂

      also fluffing on dry hair helps to give volume at the roots:

  7. I stay in Kolkata and have wavy hair. Your blog looks very interesting and i am about to start the CG way from tomorrow itself. It’s the summers here and the weather is extremely hot and humid. In this weather i cannot afford to not wet my hair everyday as it makes me feel sick and giddy. I used to oil and shampoo my hair everyday but tht has made my hair limp. I cannot afford to just pour water on my head without shampooing as it makes my hair extremely dry like jute (water in our area contains too much iron). I saw your post on refreshing the curls, but just spraying water on my hair in this heat won’t make me feel fresh enough. Kindly help me with a routine for non-wash days.

  8. Hi Divya. Thanks a lot for so many tips. I tend to feel very hot and sweat if my hair in let loose. So I tie my hair almost all the time. What kind of hair tie do you recommend for wavy, frizzy hair?

    1. When I tie, I usually use a satin covered hair tih. If you cannot use that, get plain wthout metal or fuzzy attachment ones…with good elastic and smoooooooth finis.

  9. Hi Divya!
    I refresh my curls by wetting them completely and scrunching in aloe Vera gel. For me every other day is wash day meaning I refresh my curls like this every other day.

  10. Ok so my second comment here…. I’ve found this new way to refresh on day 2 & 3. Section hair, apply aloe Vera gel to each section. Apply Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning repair cream to each section. By the time I’m done my hair looks pokey-straight from the aloe Vera gel. So I’ll scrunch up real well and I soon see curls, spirals & ringlets appearing! Love doing this! Oh, and to those who aren’t aware, the Cantu cream mentioned above isn’t CG friendly.

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