Review: Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion

Reviewing the Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion. I have already reviewed the Cantu Curl Activator cream and the Cantu Define and Shine Custard already….both of which are my super favs. Soooo does this creamy lotion make to my list of favourites? Read on to know!!!


Ingredients & Instructions:

CG friendly/safe. Doesn’t contain silicones, parabens, mineral oils.

Top 5 ingredients: Water(Aqua, Eau), Glycerin (humectant), Canola Oil, Butyrosermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol (fatty alcohol – softens hair)

Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion_Curlacious_ingredients

You can buy it here:

Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion


It is a sturdy, cylindrical, long, plastic bottle with a half-press-to-open kind of lid. Packaging is same as the Cantu Curl Activator Cream.

Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion_Curlacious


It is a thick cream with a very strong, fruity fragrance.



Spreads easily on wet hair but feels sticky on dry/damn hair.


My Experience:

I expected this product to work almost same as the Curl Activator Cream, since both seem to be parallel products. But nooooooo….they work differently. I automatically applied this in the exact same way as I used Cantu Curl Activator. I tested it for the very first time when I went on a trip to Mysore. I applied it excessively as I was gonna be travelling. On drying, my hair felt greasy and weighed down. I thought it was coz I applied a lot. Next time I applied judiciously, however still ended up having greasy and “oily” weighed down curls. It made my curls look defined. Curls clumped and retained definition yet hair frizzed up easily.

So, I expected the product to have oil in its top ingredients by the way it made my hair feel(read this post to understand why!). I checked the ingredients list and found Canola Oil and Shea Butter in its top 5 ingredients. (On the other hand, happy to know that I could make out what type of dominating ingredient this product might have, by its feel on my hair!!). Even applying very little of this on my low porosity hair makes it greasy. My hair doesn’t take oils that well. I use oils only as a pre-poo or only few drops for scalp massages at night. I do not apply as a ‘sealant’ after hair wash. My hair likes shea butter in moderation and not in excess.  Shea butter is also a heavy ingredient for Low Porosity and fine hair.. its a ‘butter’.. Duh-huhh…

If you have high porosity hair and like to use a layer of oil to style your hair, then this product would work for you. If LOC or LCO is your go-to styling method, then you can choose this product. Also, if your hair likes whipped shea butter, then this is the wonder product for you!!!

I cannot use this product for refreshing my hair, since it makes my hair more oily and doesn’t control frizz.

Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion_Packaging_Curlacious


  • Would work well for high porosity hair.
  • Would work for coarse hair that needs to be weighed down.
  • Does help in forming clumps
  • If you use oils in your styling routine, using this will help.
  • This will suit the LOC or LCO  method where you can combine the O-oil and C-Cream layer into one by using this product. (in this LOC (or LCO) method, high porosity curlies use a layer of oil after the L-leave-in conditioner to ‘lock in the moisture’).
  • Very little quantity is enough to cover a lot of hair.
  • If your hair loves shea butter, your hair would love this!!
  • One bottle will last very very long.


  • Too heavy for low porosity hair.
  • If your hair doesn’t take oils well, this will not work.
  • Need to closely watch the quantity of product to make it work.
  • Would easily weigh down wavy or fine hair.
  • Doesn’t control frizz.
  • Even a little extra product makes my hair greasy.
  • Doesn’t help in refreshing my hair.
  • Need to shampoo (sulfate-free works too) to remove this product. If you exclusively cowash it won’t be enough to rinse off this product


Overall Verdict:

This product is too heavy for my low porosity hair. If oils or shea butter in your styling product works for your hair, then you can opt for this. The higher content of oil in this product makes it feel greasy and oily on my hair if I apply a little too much. This will work for you only if your hair takes oils well. Or if you use LOC (Leave in – Oil – Cream) method of layering your products while styling. This will agree with high porosity hair and for hair that can take some weighing down. I would not recommend this to people with wavy or fine hair or to people who cowash exclusively. High amount of oil as well as shea butter makes it a super heavy product which, unlike the cantu curl activator, might not be suitable for all hair types.

I personally prefer the Cantu Curl Activator Cream over this. Before you decide for or against this product, please read both the reviews and then decide based on your hair’s liking and properties. 

Whatever you decide, please do let me know how it worked out for you!!! 🙂

This is how my hair looked on my Mysore trip. Though my hair has clumped well, you can see the greasiness and frizz!! This is my hair after fluffing. I can make this product work by regulating the amount applied and the method of application. Still I prefer letting my hair feel light.

Have you used this product? Does this work for your hair type?? What are your thoughts on this one? Do lemme know in comments below!!!

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