Review: L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Silk Protein Conditioner

L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner Silk Protein has been the only conditioner that I have been using for last many weeks. So here I am ready to review it for you!



Very easily available at local supermarkets

Online at Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle etc.

You can buy it here:

L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner

Rs.170 for 170ml


Consistency & Slip:

Thick – semi creamy. Slippery.

The conditioner is not runny, rather squeezes out in a toothpaste like fashion with semi-creamy consistency.  However it spreads easily on hair and helps in detangling too.


Ingredients list:

It is silicone free and the ingredients list can be found here:

L’Oreal Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner (Silk Protein) – Ingredients



My experience:

Suddenly I have been having doubts regarding enliven conditioners that I have reviewed here. Enliven surely is the most cost effective silicone free conditioner but I always had my doubts regarding it’s not-so-impressive ingredients list and have recently not been much satisfied with the kind of results it gave me. Well, I have another plan to check on that and to update it’s review. Till then, I was looking at trying another cost effective and more easily available silicone-free conditioner. So this L’Oréal one was the perfect choice! It is not as cheap as Enliven Fruit Extract but pretty much fits into our budgets easily as it is in the same price range as any other silicone containing conditioner that we grab off the supermarket shelves.

I have used this conditioner as a rinse off, detangler, leave-in as well as for refreshing. I have not tried it for deep conditioning, though. It moisturizes well enough for day to day use. It is a conditioner with medium consistency and feel (not too heave or not too light). When used as a normal rinse off conditioner in our Curly Hair Routine, it keeps hair well conditioned. After rinsing off and styling as usual with a styling gel,, my hair looks frizz-free and also has an added shine (coz of the hydrolyzed silk in its ingredients list)! With Enliven, I start to see some added frizz while the hair dries…feels as if hair is not well moisturized. But with L’Oreal, hair doesn’t frizz much on drying.


My most used and abused bottle… look how weary it looks… 😀


Day 2 hair is also better but surely needs some refreshing. I use a very small amount of this conditioner, 1/2 inch squeeze in half-a-cup of water and spray on hair using a misting spray, hair feels well covered and moisturized again and frizz is controlled much better. Sometimes, when frizz is too much, I take very little quantity of conditioner in my palms, water it down, rub between palms and spread on my hair by smoothing my hair from roots till ends and the frizz is controlled quickly. This conditioner worked well in this step too.

This conditioner, though being semi-creamy, is good at detangling hair too. When applied on very wet hair, it provides enough slip to remove tangles and knots from hair without any added pressure. Though the slip provided by Enliven is much much better, L’Oreal doesn’t disappoint too. On days when my hair is extremely knotty and tangled, I prefer Enliven hands down for the super slippery consistency. But even on a 3rd day hair wash, L’Oreal fairs well in detangling part.

So, for me all points – detangle, rinse-off, leave-in and refreshing – get a thumbs up from me. Last few months I have been using this L’Oreal Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner all alone for daily use and been liking it a lot.


Overall Opinion:

Let’s talk pros and cons:


  • Silicone and paraben free
  • Cost effective
  • Works efficiently as a daily conditioner – rinse-off, leave-in and detangling
  • Detangles hair easily
  • Gives mild shine to hair
  • Works well for refreshing hair.


  • Contains colorant. Would have been better if it did not added colors.

In my opinion, this L’Oreal smooth Intense Conditioner is probably one of the efficient all rounder conditioner which is cost-effective and easily available. It is good at detangling and as a rinse off too. Can work well as leave-in and also for refreshing hair. The only con that i found was that it contains added colorants (it has mild orange color). It is paraben free as well. For people looking for a cheap and effective conditioner that is silicone and paraben free, this conditioner will surely work well. I find it better than the Enliven Conditioner for daily conditioning. Even though I like my Giovanni conditioners better but having this pretty orange bottle around for daily rinse-off use has become a must for me.

Also, as I usually say, having a cost effective bottle of good conditioner is a must for all curly and wavy haired people coz a little bit extra conditioner never hurt!! 😀


I know I will get this question so I am answering it before hand 🙂

                            I am looking for a cheap silicone-free conditioner. Which one to buy – Enliven or L’Oreal?

Answer: Every hair reacts differently to every product. There is nothing like One product fit all. So I usually give scenario based suggestions for this question.

  • If you want a Silicone and Paraben free cost effective conditioner – L’Oreal Smooth Intense.
  • If  you are looking for easily available conditioner – L’Oreal Smooth Intense Smoothing conditioner is easily available at all grocery stores and supermarkets
  • If you want the cheapest possible silicone free conditioner and do not mind parabens – Enliven Conditioner

Overall suggestion: If you have access to online products, start with Enliven and use it for a while. Then follow up with L’Oreal for few days and see which effect your hair like better and then you can stick to one.

I know curlies who swear by Enliven conditioner…I also know curlies who don’t find it much effective. For me, I use Enliven as detangler when my hair is super-duper tangled. There is no other conditioner that works better at detangling than Enliven. But for conditioning part my hair likes L’Oreal better.

So, have you tried both? Which is your fav??? Tell me in comments below!!!


11 thoughts on “Review: L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Silk Protein Conditioner

  1. Hii m a newbie in curly hair care. Reading thru ur blog was pure joy. U ve addressed each and every hair problem I had faced in my 28 years of life ( well maybe 14 .. coz that wen I started thinking about all these stuff seriously ).U have done a wonderful job
    Well, lately I came this product L’Oreal Paris Lp Hex 6 Oil Conditioner . I wonder if it s any better than the loreal product u ve reviewed here. Nd since I have got an extremely dry scalp, m sort of confused between these two. Can u help me?

    1. Hey Meenu.. feels so good to know that I have addressed all the hair problems that you have faced.. 🙂

      I just went through the ingredients list of the L’Oreal Paris Lp Hex 6 Oil Conditioner that you mentioned. It has Amodimethicone…this ingredient is present lower in the list which means it is less in quantity. Nevertheless, it is a film forming ingred….it doesnt lead to build up but forms a layer on hair..and prevents further moistre from entering hair….so in the long run, you will have to use a sulfate shampoo to remove it from hair… If you are on a sulfate-free shampoo regimen, then L’oreal smooth intense one that I have reviewed sounds better. 🙂 Hope this helps…

  2. I have got a new conditioner loreal paris 6 oil nourish.. Nourishing conditioner scalp+ hair
    .. kindly advise if this could be used or its alright for Curly hair? Kindly advise

    1. Hey Shruthi….the 6 oil nourish conditioner has amodimethicone which forms a coat on the hair. And that ingredient is not curly girl method friendly….if you follow sulfate free regimen, it might not be removed. But if you use sulfate shampoo, it should be fine.

  3. Hi Divya
    If the styling products contain silicone and and you are on sulfate free shampoo then how often to wash with sulfate shampoo and please suggest some……

    1. Ohhh if you are using this regimen for long….i dont think it is a good idea.
      ..but if u are gonna follow then then weekly once washing with sulfate shampoo I would suggest….. still you can do the sulfate wash as and when you feel hair is getting weighed down or having build up.

      1. Hi Divya, Thanks so much for the advice!!!!
        do sulfate free clarifying shampoo help in removing this buildup?
        will khadi or biotique shampoo suffice the need?
        Please help…..

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