Review: Righteous Essentials Products (Homemade, Chemical-free, Natural)

Righteous Essential is a local brand based in Chennai. It claims to be an all natural, chemical free and homemade skin care products brand. It is owned by one of my curly followers. She sent across a box full of goodies for me to try. I was so excited to receive such an awesome collection of natural skincare products. Using these products met up to my expectations and I have fallen in love with some of these products. To give you a quick lowdown on the products, here is a review with product pics.

I got these in Apr2018 and have been using these for over a month. I have been using them consistently.


General Overall Review: 

The products came in a very sturdy cardboard box. Each tub/bottle was individually wrapped in a plastic wrap and then bubble wrap. There were no damages to any of the products. No leakage, no spilling. 🙂 There were two very cute plastic spoons added in the box. I use these spoons exclusively for these products.


Mostly the powder products are in a plastic tub with a white lid that sits loosely on the tub and then a screw cap which is tight. The body scrub which is rich in oils came in a glass bottle with screw cap and a leakproof package. Only one of the packages leaked when I traveled. The brand can always fix such issues 🙂


Now to the product reviews…


Righteous Essentials Moisturizing Coffee Body Scrub:

My super duper favourite scrub. It has a strong coffee fragrance mixed with that of essential oils. Initially the product seemed as if it had too much of oil. But a quick stir and the consistency got perfect!!

  • Very little is enough for one bath.
  • It spreads very easily.
  • No need for soap.
  • Can totally skip the moisturizer post bath coz the oils keep the skin hydrated.
  • Exfoliates skin gently and makes it soft
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Leak-proof packaging.
  • Dry skinned beauties would love it!! Since I have normal to oily skin, if I use too much of this, post bath i can feel the oiliness on my skin.

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Coffee Body Scrub_chemicalfree_hommade

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Coffee Body Scrub_Ingredients

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Coffee Body Scrub_chemicalfree


Righteous Essentials Face and Body Ubtan:

This is my most favourite product!!

  • Neat packaging
  • Awesome herbal fragrance
  • Removes tan effectively
  • Gives skin a very fresh feel
  • Doesn’t strip the face of the moisture
  • Imparts a subtle glow
  • Very little is enough to cover the face and neck. (at first look, i felt it might not last me long. but have used this several times and can see that it is gonna last me longer 🙂 )
  • Just two small scoops are enough to cover my arms, legs, face and neck. I am a petite person, though.
  • The ingredients were not mentioned on the bottle


curlacious_Righteous Essentials_face and body ubtan_chemicalfree

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_face and body ubtan_ingredients

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_ubtan_chemicalfree


Righteous Essentials Magical Mystic Almond Facial Cleanser:

Personally, this didn’t work much for me. As the name itself suggests, this is rich in almonds and tea tree oil. TT oil & almond fragrance dominates and I love that. This is a coarsely ground paste rich in oil. I have oily skin (especially face) and Chennai is a very very humid place. So, this product being rich in glycerin plus oil and fresh ground almonds, makes it less ideal for me. If you have dry facial skin and have acne prone skin, then this might be for you. I tried using it as a quick face pack at night and that too seemed to be a bit oily for me. However as a face pack this worked better for me than a face wash. Dry skinned beauties you can give this a go…even add it in your night time skincare regimen.


curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Almond Face Wash_soap free

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Almond Face Wash_ingredients

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Almond Face Wash


Righteous Essentials Canlendula Body Butter:

Since this is a butter and not a lotion, it has a thick consistency and is packed in a jar and not an elongated press-type bottle. This one is super rich with so many good oils and butters and ingredients.

  • The fragrance is to die for – floral, rejuvnating and pleasant
  • It is a butter so takes tad bit extra effort to spread evenly.
  • When I apply a pack on my arms or legs or body (we all do that, right?) I follow it up with this butter to combat the dryness.
  • It is very thick and rich. I have not-very-dry skin but this works well for me. It might suit more for very dry skinned beauties coz it is a very moisturizing butter.
  • If I apply too much, it feels a bit greasy but since I apply it at night, I don’t mind.
  • It has very small – very very small – lumps in it..probably the butter… I can understand this part coz it is difficult to emulsify the butter and make it a buttery smooth texture. Since the products are handmade, getting such tiny lumps might be inevitable. But just to point it out, the lumps are tiny but tend to not spread.
  • The fragrance doesn’t stay till the morning. (how i wish it would!!). Still i love the fact that the fragrance is so nice
  • This packaging is not travel friendly. I put this and the green tea face pack tubs in the same cover and this leaked (see in is oil stained 🙁 ) and stained the other bottle too. The brand should consider and change the butter to a tighter packaging. May be like the coffee scrub one!

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Calendula soothing body Butter_chemicalfree

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Calendula soothing body Butter_Ingredients

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Calendula body Butter_chemicalfree


Righteous Essentials Green Tea Tree Pack:

This has the exact feel of a home made pack. this product boosted my confidence in this brand coz I have used homemade packs and it feels the exact same. It contains Kaloin clay, which is super good for the skin.

  • This is a good lift me up pack
  • Clears the skin mildly and moisturizes
  • I did not need a moisturizer after this pack
  • Made skin soft.
  • Like any face pack, need to use consistently to see a difference in the skin
  • Th oil stains on the bottle is from the body butter…this is a dry powder and spill proof package.

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Green Tea Face Pack_chemical free

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Green Tea Face Pack_ingredients

curlacious_Righteous Essentials_Green Tea Face Pack_chemicalfree



Overall Verdict:

The products are all natural and awesome. I found these to be efficient and light on the skin. Like any natural skincare product, should not expect a miracle effect in one use. A consistent and routine use surely produces good effects. I would surely recommend you to reach out to Sharon at Righteous Essentials IG page or FB page. They also customize products as per your need. So you are sorted. 🙂


Have you tried this product? BTW, they have a giveaway going on right now!! Go and enter!! <3 Do you prefer natural products compared to the hyped brands? 


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