Scalp Massage – Why, How, When and a Challenge!!

So, as seen on my IG stories yesterday, lets dive into the importance of scalp massages and kick off this daily massage challenge!!!

Before that, lemme give you the details quickly.


Why you need scalp massages?

Doing daily scalp massage has the below effects:

  1. increases blood flow to the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles
  2. strengthens the hair follicles and drastically reduces hair fall
  3. increase hair growth
  4. improves health of your scalp ~~ hence healthier hair
  5. helps you relax and rejuvenate
  6. if you use oils, it gives added nourishment to your scalp and hair
  7. keeps scalp clean and healthy
  8. strengthens hair
  9. helps in achieving longer hair faster

Most of these benefits show up only when the scalp massages are done consistently. We cannot do just for a day or two and expect drastic results 🙂


What I need for doing scalp massages?

  • Just your fingerpads! No, really!! the least that you need is your fingers for these massages.
  • You can use a scalp massager, but it is really not mandatory. I have not use any, yet!


How do I do a scalp massage?

  • Start at the temples, just above the eyebrows. Slowly in circular motions, do light and relaxing massages.
  • Move on to the area just behind that and do the same circular massages. move on till you reach the back of your head.
  • Then do at the center from the front and cover your entire crown area.
  • Finally move towards the end and the nape.
  • Do small and slow circular motions.
  • Do NOT be too harsh or hard


Is it mandatory to use oil for scalp massages?


I highly recommend using oils, though!

  • Use any oil that suits your hair. Any regular oil that you use, you can use just few drops of it. Literally 2-4 drops.
  • You can use a blend of oils (it really helps to use at least one essential oil with your usual oil)
  • If you cannot use oils daily, do dry massages throughout the week and the night before wash or anytime before hair wash, do a full on oil massage.
  • Skip the oil if you feel it makes your hair oily or greasy.


How frequently should I massage?

  • Daily
  • Daily twice is the best. But you need to do atleast once in a day


How long should I do these massages for?

  • 2-10 minutes. Anywhere between 2-10 mins or even longer, if you like it.
  • 2 minutes of good massage with small circular motions covering entire scalp is good enough!! 🙂


What is the challenge?

I am starting this daily scalp massages challenge. Where I post a scalp massage reminder on my IG stories daily. AND, you need to do the scalp massages along with me daily.

Let’s start this with a smaller number, say 7 days? Yes! starting today for 7 days. It is not time consuming at all!


Hey this needs a hashtag, doesn’t it?! #CurlaciousSMs ?? #CurlaciousSM ? #CurlaciousSM7 ? SM- Scalp Massages!! 😉 

I think I will go with #CurlaciousSM7 and change the days as we go? May be will start with 7 then move to 14, 21, 28 and so on!!! 


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So, are you up for this??!! Any additional thoughts? Comments?? Doubts?? Shoot in the comments below!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Scalp Massage – Why, How, When and a Challenge!!

  1. Let’s do this! I have actually started doing this recently for a minute almost every day – with exactly 2-4 drops of coconut oil or 2+2 (coconut+jojoba or almond oil)

  2. Scalp massage is a real thing, but be careful and don’t overdo it. Massaging for 5 minutes twice per day is an optimal variant for me. It’s been a month since I started doing it and won’t stop for a while. I’m going to try some new oil each week.

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