Set Wet Gel Review for Curly and Wavy Hair

I usually concentrate on the curly & wavy products that are usually easily available in India. Also, I try more of budget friendly products so that if my readers are just starting out or are college-goers who are on a strict budget. I realised that ever since hubby got a box full of hair products from Paris, I have been caught up with those…so I got back to the easily available products to try and review them here before I hop on to the others… 🙂

Set Wet is one of the gels that has many variants that are very easily available in India at pretty much every grocery store. So here is a quick review of the product.


SetWet Gel Review Curly Hair_Curlacious, Silicone free gel India, cheap good hair gel in india


Ingredients List:

It is silicone and alcohol free. So is totally CG friendly

SetWet Gel Review Curly Hair_Curlacious, Silicone free gel India, cheap good hair gel in india



Thick and sticky.

SetWet Gel Review Curly Hair_Curlacious3



Rs.. 150 for 250ml


  • Clumps hair very well
  • Dries faster on hair
  • Curls are well defined
  • Frizz is controlled to a great extent
  • Gives great day 1 curls
  • Helps in refreshing hair on non-wash day
  • Quickly controls frizz on non-wash day too
  • Budget friendly product
  • I use it to control flyways or the baby hair when I do a updo or tie my hair
  • Very easily available at grocery stores



  • The gel feels very sticky on hands while applying.
  • Some might find it sticky on hair too, while applying… but that is what gives the great clumping. The stickiness stays only till u apply. Once hair starts drying, it is not sticky anymore.
  • Need to do a trial and error to find the right amount for your hair. It gives good hold. But if you apply too much, it forms a very hard crunch which is very difficult to Scrunch out on drying and hair or parts of it remains stiff even after SOTC.
  • Hair feels a little dry by Day 2 and surely needs refreshing. Adding a little more Leave-in conditioner on wash day helps!
  • The tub doesn’t leak, but the inner flap tends to fall into the product if not placed properly.
  • It has a very strong fragrance. You know that (umm..) ‘masculine’ kind of fragrance that all the older gels used to have? Yeah, that!  (not-too-pleasant).
  • Hope it was colorless.

SetWet Gel Review Curly Hair_Curlacious, Silicone free gel India, cheap good hair gel in india


You can buy the set wet gels here:

Set Wet Hair Gel Ultimate Hold

Set Wet Hair Gel Cool Hold

Set Wet Hair Gel Casual Hold

Set Wet Style Vertical Hold Hair Gel


Overall Verdict:

Set Wet hair gel is a great product if you are looking for a very budget friendly product that gives you awesome day 1 curls, good definition and hold. However, it dries hair a little by day 2. But nothing that a good deep conditioning regimen cannot fix! This is one of my go-to product for frizz control and definition and totally fits into every budget. If you are just starting out with your curly hair routine, then this and the Flaxseed gel is what I recommend.


So, have you tried this gel for your curly or wavy hair care routine? What’s your feedback of this?


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