Silicone-free Conditioners in India – Best for Curly/Wavy/Dry/Frizzy hair!

Silicone-free conditioners are the best for curly or wavy haired women. Here is a list of Silicone Free Conditioners in India that I have personally come across.

As mentioned here, Silicone can really be damaging for curly and wavy hair in the long run. If your current hair wash routine includes sulfate shampoos and silicone conditioners, I suggest you to revamp your hair wash routine as suggested here.

Curly or wavy hair can get really dry and frizzy due to lack of moisture and a good conditioner is an essential part of our hair care routine. Silicone-free conditioners perform better in keeping our hair well-moisturized and conditioned. And also healthy in the long run.

Now, coming to the list of silicone-free conditioners available in India, the below mentioned are the ones that I have either used myself or have checked out the ingredient list personally.

Silicone-free Hair Conditioners in India:

  1. Enliven Natural Fruit Extracts Conditioner – Raspberry and Red Apple (Contains Parabens as preservatives)
  2. Enliven Natural Fruit Extracts Conditioner – Kiwi and Fig (Contains Parabens as preservatives)
  3. Enliven Natural Fruit Extracts Conditioner  – Coconut and Vanilla (Contains Parabens as preservatives)
  4. L’oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner – Silk Protein
  5. Revlon Flex Regular Body Building Protein Conditioner (Contains Parabens as preservatives)
  6. Revlon Flex Extra Body Body Building Protein Conditioner (Contains Parabens as preservatives)
  7. Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Conditioner
  8. Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner
  9. Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner
  10. The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner
  11. The Body Shop Rainforest Volumising Conditioner
  12. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner
  13. The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Conditioner
  14. The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Conditioner
  15. Organic Surge Moisture Boost Conditioner
  16. Organic Surge Volume Boost Conditioner
  17. Organic Surge Shine Boost Conditioner
  18. Giovanni 2chic Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil ultra Sleek Conditioner
  19. Nyassa Rosemary Conditioner
  20. Nyassa Hibiscus Conditioner
  21. Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jasmine Hair Conditioner
  22. Soultree Hibiscus Conditioner with Shikakai, Henna & Coconut Oil
  23. Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Nutri-repair Conditioner
  24. Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Nutri-silky Conditioner
  25. Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Protection and Radiance Conditioner
  26. Omved Gentle Hair Conditioner
  27. Omved Nourishing Hair Conditioner
  28. Omved Soothing Hair Conditioner
  29. Matrix Biolage Colorlast Color Protecting Conditioner
  30. Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Aloe Hydrating Conditioner


Silicone free Deep Conditioning Treatments/Masks in India:

  1. The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
  2. The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter
  3. Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Aloe Hydrating Masque
  4. Yves Rocher Nutri-silky Hair Mask
  5. Yves Rocher Nutri Repair Hair Mask
  6. Yves Rocher Anti-aging Redensifying Hair Mask
  7. Matrix Biolage ColorCare Therapie Color Bloom Masque
  8. Amsarveda Intensive Treatment Natural Hair Mask Cream
  9. Amsarveda Intensive Treatment Natural Hair Mask Cream
  10. There are many DIY options for deep conditioning. For e.g. here and here


Silicone free Leave-in Treatments in India:

  1. Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care Repairing Balm for Dry Ends
  2. Giovanni Vitapro Fusion Protective Moisture Leave-in Hair Treatment


Silicone free Creams & Leave-ins:


If you are looking for a


All of the above mentioned conditioners work wonders for curly and wavy hair. These also help in taming frizz and combating dryness from hair. These are all available at almost all major online shopping sites such as Flipkart, Nykaa, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Few of these can also be found at nearest supermarkets or cosmetics shops.

There are also many other silicone-free conditioners available in India. I will keep updating this list as and when I personally come across them. 🙂



I keep updating this list as and when I come across more silicone free conditioners. So, do feel free to check back every now and then to see if I discovered any new products!! 🙂



95 thoughts on “Silicone-free Conditioners in India – Best for Curly/Wavy/Dry/Frizzy hair!

  1. Has someone used swati ayurveda conditioner with coconut cream and hibiscus.It also mentioned as silicon paraben free on amazon in.

    1. Hi Poonam,

      Thank you for mentioning this product. Swati Ayurveda is a part of Khadi India which produces herbal products and are claimed to be chemical free. This particular conditioner claim to be silicone and paraben free. The ingredient list of Khadi products usually does not contain the complete list, hence we cannot be sure of the entire ingredients. I personally have not used Khadi or Swati hair products after going silicone-free. However there are many curlies who swear by Khadi conditioners.

      If you do try, please try and give a review here 🙂

    1. Hi Tanuja,

      I know of one Amway Shampoo that is sulfate free.. The Santinique gloss repair one. However I am not sure of the conditioners from Amway. Didn’t get a chance to lay my hands on them. Will see if I get to check the ingredients somehow. Or if you own it, please share the ingredients list in the comments…or login at the forum (here- and upload a pic of the product ingredients… I will check and confirm 🙂

  2. Hey Divya! I see what you meant when you said our regimens are completely different 🙂 Like I always tell curlies – CG or not, silicones or not, natural ingredients or not, do whatever makes your curly hair look beautiful 🙂 Happy curly days ahead!

    1. Agreed…whatever works for our curls is the best!! Just that we should not rebel against out curls’ basic nature… 🙂 for some one method works better than the other…for many silicones don’t do much good..hence CG…but whatever works, just stick to it and love your curls!! That’s the motto…. 🙂

  3. Hello mam
    Please suggest a good silicone free conditioner for my curly tresses that is easily available in Mumbai and also affordable…

    1. Hi Pooja…

      You can try Enliven conditioners (if you don’t mind using parabens)…These are easily available online at flipkart…

      At supermarkets you can find L’Oréal smooth intense silk protein conditioner…It is an orange colored bottle…

      Both are affordable.. 🙂 and availability is not an issue…

    1. Hi Ayushi! Hard water is good fot for our hair… 🙁
      If you can, please use filtered water to wash hair.. TO water should do…

      Even otherwise, you can use any of the usual sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner. However, you would need to clarify your hair once in a while. I would suggest doing a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse once in a week to remove and to prevent buildup.

      Use 1 part ACV and 3 parts water (use distilled water)… drench your hair completely and then let it soak for sometime and rinse off. This will remove the build up.

    1. Hi Nisha…. No dear, Himalaya Shampoo and conditioners are not sulfate or silicone free (as far as I saw) 🙁 there was an older packaging of Himalaya Shampoo that used to claim to be sulfate free in the front of the bottle but had ALS in ingredients….but they have changed their packaging and removed the sulfate free claim now….

    1. Hi Krrish!

      Leave-in conditioners are basically watered down versions of our usual rinse-off conditioners. So,, you can use any of these as a leave-in conditioner.

      If you feel that the conditioner is thick or heavy, take very little on your palm, add water and rub..then apply through your hair.

  4. Hi Divya ma’am ..Your blog is very useful for curly girls like us. I didn’t haver any idea how to manage my 2B wavy hair. thanks to your blog i got to know what products to use. Can you please recommend a silicon free condioner for thin wavy 2B type hair?

    1. Hi Isha!! I am happy that you found my blog useful 🙂

      You can try using Giovanni conditioner..It doesn’t weigh hair down.if you are looking for a budget hair conditioner and do not mind using parabens, then Enliven might work just fine 🙂

  5. Hi there! this page has been really useful for me… Id like to try Revlon Flex Body Building Protein Shampoo – as u’ve recommened on the list…. I didnt find ‘Extra volume’ or ‘regular’ can I try the ‘Dry Damaged’ version — will it be the same?

    1. Hi Soumya!!

      I have mentioned Revlon flex “Conditioner” and not the shampoo. Their conditioners are silicone free, but their shampoo are very strong and contain sulfates. I would recommend you to stay away from the Revlon Flex Shampoo for daily use as it is very drying and is usually used to clarify hair.

  6. Hey Divya, glad to see an Indian blog for curlies. Great job on that! 🙂 I have high porosity 2B hair, dry not to mention additionally. Enliven Red Apple Raspberry conditioner looks appealing to me. You think it would provide enough moisture given my porosity? Also your hair is lovely, what’s your hair porosity?

    1. Hi Panchi! Thank you so much! 🙂
      Yeah Enliven Red Apple & Raspberry conditioner would be fine. It provides enough moisture. Just leave a little in hair when you rinse off or water it down and use as a leave in conditioner. Also, after washing, use a sealant to seal off the moisture. Like take a drop of oil, spread it on your palms and apply it on wet hair. You can alternately add few drops of oil in flaxseed gel if you use that. The oil would seal the moisture in. Sealing the moisture is a main step for high porosity hair.

      My hair is low porosity!

  7. For deep conditioning, Matrix biolage ultra hydra source aloe hydrating masque (that’s quite a mouthful!) is good. CG friendly and pocket friendly.

    1. LOL yeah.. that is quite a mouthful!! 😉 I never came across this…. Gonna hunt it down and get it for my Deep Conditionings on-the-go.. Thanks aloooottt for the suggestion!!

    1. Hey Disha….

      Currently I am using:
      Giovanni Brazilian nut and Argan oil shampoo

      Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner
      Nayassa Hibiscus conditioner
      Enliven conditioner (use very sparsely…now and then)

      Set Wet cool hold hair gel (blue one)
      Flaxseed gel
      Shea butter concoction (experimenting!)

      DIY deep conditioning treatments.

      My conditioners are almost over so I have The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner, L’Oréal Smooth Intense Conditioner and a hair mask lined up! 😉

      1. i am a beginner for sls free products. can i use giovanni 2 chic brazillian keratin and argan oil shampoo with giovanni smooth conditioner or enliven conditioner? which one is better

        1. Hey Aadya… the shampoo you have mentioned is awesome.. i am currently using that only.. If given a choice, I would choose the Giovanni Smooth as silk conditioner any day 🙂 I have enliven only as a back-up and secondary one. I am trying to finish the bottles that I already have and I have moved to this Loreal one as the back up now 🙂

    1. Hi Priscilia! Such a nice name, btw..

      Thanks for suggesting Rustic Art Conditioner..Ya I have considered that…but they haven’t provided the entire list of ingredients for each product on their website..they mention on the whole that they do not use silicones. Still I couldn’t be sure. That’s why haven’t mentioned. And haven’t really gotten my hands on the product.

      Do you have its conditioner? If yes, can you please share a pic of the product and it’s ingredients list? (By mail or in forum)

  8. Hi divya i m going to purchase nyassa hibiscus conditioner so plz tell me more about this conditioner…does it de tangle ur hair effectively or not?does it makes ur hair shiny smooth and frizz free?plz do reply & by the way nice article…

    1. Hi Shahnaz!

      Nayassa Hibiscus has a creamy texture. It’s not very good at detangling. Doesn’t give that much slip. But it works great as a leave-in for my hair. If I use it just as a rinse off conditioner, I can see frizz..which is the case for my hair with almost any conditioner since I stay in a humid city. But as a leave-in this is wonderful. Immediately controls frizz and keeps my hair moisturised and smooth. It does not give any shine though. It is so creamy that it works almost like a curl cream for my hair.

      If you are looking for only one conditioner, you mightttt get disappointed..since it doesn’t cover all aspects of our curly hair routine. But this cn surely be used as a leave-in and a rinse off. But detangling would be a little difficult. But nothing that a little extra water and patience cannot solve….

      1. Shahnaz…. i was planning to write a review for this particular product over the weekend but just coz you asked, I have summed up almost the whole post in a comment… hehehe… 😉

        Btw i have started using this one exclusively as a leave-in since I do have other conditioners to use in shower.

  9. Hi Divya…

    I have read ur blogs n people’s comments. Useful exercise.. but can’t go through all… due to paucity of time. I used to have very thick, long and healthy hair (curly from bottom too). due to change of environment and water, they have really become very thin and less voluminous. Recently, I used Schwarzkopf shampoos. I have done disaster to my hair. It says, it would repair hair. but I have faced extensive hair fall, tangled, unmanageble and extremely frizzy hair.. Please please please suggest me, how should I start working on my hair again to make them healthy again. Please

  10. Hi, ur blog is awesome. I have been using cold pressed oils for my hairs since while and definitely this has improved my hair texture and helped me in hair fall. But few week back my hair started to fall suddenly. My hairs are wavy and I don’t have tangle problem but still hairs falls even without any knots in my hair. I learned that we should use conditioner on a regular basis. But completely confused with which one to buy. I have not used any conditioner on my hairs. But ya I have started doing ACV rinse from a month. Could u suggest me a good budget conditioner. I also have a doubt on using Enliven brand as it contains paraben. Will paraben harm my hairs!?

    1. Hi Richi…
      Thank you… glad you liked my blog 🙂

      Yes coldpressed oils make a huge difference.. glad you could feel the difference. Sudden hair fall means you have to first find the cause and rectify that. Tangles or knots cause hair breakage and not fall on the whole. You can probably read through the topics related to hair fall in the forum here: Hair Discussion Forum

      Conditioners are a must. ACV rinse is good but it won’t condition your hair. Budget friendly silicone free one you can try L’Oréal Paris Smooth intense smoothing conditioner. It is paraben free too.

      Paraben are not harmful to hair but are feared ciz there was a study that associated paraben with being present in cancer cells.

        1. You are always welcome!! 🙂 Just do come back and share your feedback once you try it out. Even if you try something else and it works, feel free to share here or in Forum so that others struggling for same will be benefitted. 🙂

  11. hi divya…..i too have curly hair which was very dry and frizzy,so i have straightened my hair a couple of months back and now i face heavy hair fall which i dint have before. can i follow CG method for the straightened hair?

    1. Hey Sree…. you can surely start following this CG method even on straightened hair…. The hair fall can be due to the strong chemical treatment affecting the scalp and also due to hair breakage caused by hair being week after all the damage done by the hair treatment.

      Going CG would surely help. But you will have to grow out the straightened hair as it would not curl. Only the new hair that grows out will have natural texture. You will have to be very consistent with your hair care to make sure that the newly grown hair is strong and healthy… also alot of patience is needed 🙂

  12. Hi Divya,

    Hope you’re doing good. I have newly subscribed to this blog and have gone through almost all the curlacious’ blogs. I have been following up alot of you tube channels too for this curly girl thing, I have this doubt regarding the presence of alcoholic ingredients in the shampoos and conditioners. As far as I have got to know, it shall not be there in the ingredients. Can you please write a blog on this too or atleast clear the doubt I have through a reply to this comment.


    1. Hi Neha!! Thanks alot for subscribing and going through Curlacious..umm this does call for a whole new post…but to tell you long story in short…

      there are two types of alcohol in hair care products: short chain and long chain.

      short chain ones – alcohol Denat, SD alcohol, propanol etc. are volatile and cause hair to dry and frizz and hence must be avoided. These are found in styling products like gels (mostly) and such gels should be avoided.
      long chain ones – cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol (most common ones that i have seen in ingredient lists) are moisturizing. These are mainly found in conditioners and hair masks and are desirable to be used for its conditioning properties.

      Hope it helps! I am not a chemist…but have come to know this be reading alot and have also found this to be true by using various products that contain these ingredients and in fact these claims are true….do share your experience if any regarding the alcohol ingredients in hair care products 🙂

  13. Hi divya i have type 3b curls and they very dry and frizzy.. i have gone through many products but they all had sls and parabens. Plz suggest a product which can make my curls smooth, shiny and most imp of all frizz free.

    1. Hey Aadya, I think you have zeroed down on the shampoo and conditioner as you have mentioned in your other comment. Apart from shampoo and conditioner, to control frizz and keep hair moisturized, do deep condition your hair frequently. You can find easy DIY hair packs here. You will need to scroll n find the right one 🙂 this is a list of DIYs on the blog. 🙂 hope it helps!!!

  14. Hello, i am having dry curly frizz hair….i want to knw a best conditioner that is affordable in make my hair silky healthy nd frizz free……plz suggest me something… using loreal shampoo currently nd im goin to buy organix argan creme shampoo….

  15. Hi. I recently permed my hair. Nd using L’Oréal professional shampoo nd conditioner for damaged hair. Nd matrix serum after bath. Is it good enough. My curls don’t sway. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Mallika… After any hair treatment, we should take very good care of our hair since it would have gone under a lot of chemical processing…It would be better to switch to milder hair care products and also to deep condition frequently.

      Is it best to follow recommendations made by your hair stylist. Get a clear cut Do’s and Dont’s…and then set a proper hair regimen with appropriate products and processes.

  16. I have a 2A/2B hair type and i have full forehead fringe haircut. I oil my hair 4-5 times a month, and wash it every day with a mild baby shampoo from Biotique. I have now started taking very good care of my hair and am looking for a natural shampoo and conditioner my questions are – 1. is it really necessary to change shampoo every few months 2. since money is not an issue i was coming to freeze on to Soultree Hibiscus Hair Conditioner with Shikakai, Henna and Coconut Oil and wanted to continue using Biotique. Is that okay? Any other hair care advice i can adopt? I have extremely thin hair

    1. Hi Avani,

      I am not sure how good it is to shampoo daily..even if it is a baby shampoo. Can you please share a pic of ingredients list of it?

      1. it is not necessary to change shampoo every few months…change it only when you feel that it is not working out for u.
      2. I haven’t used soultree on my own. But some curlies have not been too happy with it. may be try once and if you don’t like then move to Giovanni or TBS.

      If you have extremely thin hair, you should apply a protein pack once a months or every 1.5-2 months… this:

      and please too incorporate some deep conditioning packs in your hair regimen..once every 2 weeks or so.

      Hope it helps 🙂

  17. Hello Divya,
    My hair are super curly and for the past 6 months I am having hair loss dandruff split ends and frizziness ….so yeah….. I have super damaged hair tooo… I am looking for a good in budget shampoo….
    After a lot of research I finally came to wow organics apple cider shampoo (available at Amazon) …it had only positive reviews…..So I am thinking to buy it…

    But I don’t know which conditioner to go with ……should I use a hair mask ,a leave in conditioner,or a normal conditioner,….please suggest me a good product….

    I am really confused …

    1. Hey Ishita,

      You can start with Loreal Smooth intense and if then try others…. I think getting a normal conditioner is better than the other two options…you can water it down to use as a leave-in and add up other kitchen ingredients to make it into a semi-DIY hair mask…. Loreal or Giovanni are what I prefer 🙂

  18. If you haven’t figured it out yet and were in a look-out for silicone-free ready made leave-in conditioner, then this point is a life saver for you!! Leave-in conditioners are usually just a watered down form of our usual conditioners. So, instead of getting a different conditioner, we can simply water down our usual silicone-free conditioner and apply to our washed hair as a leave-in.

  19. Hi divya….
    could you please recommend a sulphate and paraben free conditioner for curly hair. i love giovanni but its a lil expensive. What’s next best after that?

    1. Hi Diana, if your hair is not protein sensitive, you can try L’Oréal Smooth Intense Silk Protein conditioner

      If you don’t mind parabens and need a very cost effective conditioner then may be Enliven Fruit extract conditioner (but u will need one more, more conditioning conditioner with that)

    1. All the conditioners mentioned here are alcohol and silicone free
      the alcohols in these are only conditioning ones……… You can choose any of these based on your budget, Aprajita! 🙂

  20. My 9-yr old, I guess has 2b, medium density, fine hair, shoulder-length. She hates tying her hair up and her hair is completely tangled in the morning while rushing to school. So she applies a little of Livon Silky Potion or Serum, bunches her hair into a low ponytail and rushes off. I feel Livon might contain silicone. Any thoughts?

      1. Wow! Thank you. I’ve been telling her about your blog. And we do the pineapple at nights these days. I’m glad she loves her curls as much as I love mine. In fact, hers are nice large curls, so far free from any harsh chemical treatments and I keep begging her to remain that way all her life.

  21. Hi, Looks like you have removed the “List of sulphate–free shampoos” post. Could you please put it up again… Thanks

  22. Hi Divya, thanks so much for ur blog..
    I have 2b hair type.. do u think I can achieve curly hair..
    I m starting the process.. however still confused about the cost washing thing.
    I have started using bodyshop rainforest moister shampoo .
    Mythic oil mask
    Sunsilk conditioner

    What should I do. And what gel should I use??
    Pocket friendly too.. u said u use set wet?? Is it good??
    Plz help

  23. Hi can you please tell me silicone, paraben, alcohol free conditioner, Hair mask for my curly hair and budget friendly too?

  24. Hi! I have bleached and blue coloured curly hair. Feels a bit damaged. I currently use Pure Sense Macadamia shampoo and conditioner by kaya. And oil my hair with cold pressed coconut oil and use Himalaya anti dandruff cream for styling after hair wash. First, can you please tell me if the pure sense products are actually sulphate, silicone free or not? I can’t tell! And can you suggest if i should change my shampoo/conditioner or continue with these? And i should change, which of these from the list would be suitable? I don’t mind spending upto Rs.500-700. I’m confused.

    1. I will have to see the ingredients list to tell if it’s sulfate or silicone free. Please add the pics on the forum if you can. If it’s sulfate and silicone free then you can continue the same..of not then you switch.

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