Silicone-free hair Styling Products in India

Silicone-Free Hair Styling Products in India – Gels & Mousse

Following Curly Girl Method in India is difficult if you do not know of any silicone-free gels/mousse available in India. To make your life easy, here I am updating a list of silicone-free styling products available in India. Mainly hair gels and the only silicone-free mousse that I know of. The below list is of products that I have personally used or read the product Ingredients list myself. I will keep updating as and when I find more such silicone-free products. 🙂

Silicone-free hair styling products are not only for curly haired people. It is useful for anyone who uses gels/mousse to style their hair. It is always better to avoid ingredients that dry out your hair and harm them in the long run. If you use hair gels/mousse to style your hair, then read on.

To know why you need to avoid silicone in your hair routine, read this post. 

To know how to use styling gel to define curly/wavy hair, read this post.

To find a list of Silicone-free conditioners available in India, go here.

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Now, to the list…. 🙂


List of silicone-free hair styling products in India:

Gels & Custards:


Creams & Leave-ins:




Homemade Gel:

Here is the step by step method to make flaxseed gel – Here. You can also add aloe vera gel or oils after the flaxseed gel is ready.


Hope this list helps!! I will be updating this list as and when I come across more silicone-free hair styling products.

Did you find this list helpful? Do you know any silicone-free hair styling products that I have missed? Please mention in the comment below. I will check out and update this list so that others are benefited by it.

If you have any further doubts or comments or feedback or views or experiences to share, feel free to share through email or in comments below!!


13 thoughts on “Silicone-Free Hair Styling Products in India – Gels & Mousse

    1. Hey Ganga, any of the silicone-free conditioners can be used as a leave-in conditioner. Leave in conditioners are basically watered down version of usual rinse-off conditioners. You can just rub a little conditioner between your hands and apply evenly on wet hair and squeeze out the excess water instead of rinsing it off. That would work as a leave-in conditioner. 🙂

      Here is a list of silicone-free conditioners that are available in India: List of Silicone-free Conditioners in India

      1. Hi Divya, thank fr yr suggestion. After applying conditioner, can I apply a gel also ? Pls share SM more tips to get more define and bouncy curls. I have frizzy hair

        1. Yes dear, you can apply the gel over the conditioner… It will help in controlling the frizz and keeping hair moisturized us well defined.

          Sure I will more tips for defining curls soon… 🙂

    1. Hi Pooja…I have never really come across Enliven Hair gel. So never looked at the ingredients. Not sure if it is CG. And neither can I find its ingredients list anywhere online. 🙁

    1. Almost all hair serum contains Silicones, Pallavi.. So if you are going sulfate and silicone free, I won’t recommend using serums. Better to look for a hair gel without silicones and alcohols.

  1. Hey Silicone free n Alcohol free Hair Conditioner that Work?!have tried a few New FB page Brands but They are Not really working for Softening /Smoothing of Hair…

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