Temple visits and curls!

Let’s talk temple visits and curls!!!

So, my dearest Indian beauties…(especially South Indian curlies….) you will surely relate to this.

  • Super early temple visit.
  • NEED to wash hair(coz how can you even visit a temple without washing your hair)
  • End up looking like a wet dog through out the visit! 🙂
  • Can’t handle the stares coz of the wet curls! LOL


✔ Plan your wash and style accordingly
✔ Have a go-to temple hairstyle! No, seriously! You should have one or two hairstyles handy that go with your #templelook expectation. And I am not even kidding!)
✔ Do not give up on your curls just coz you need to go to a temple or any place where washing hair that very day is expected!
✔ #EmbraceTheWetCurls.


Here’s what I usually do if it is a very early morning plan:

💖 Wash and style hair in the morning.
💖 Use a non-sticky, lighter gel that would dry faster.~this time I ditched my usual Set Wet and grabbed the lighter Mielle Organic that Naturally you and me had sent me. Topped it up with Arata gel. I should have used only one of these.
💖 Plop hair in the shower itself. Plop till I get ready.~I double or triple plop. Use one t shirt in shower and plop with another once I am out of shower. If time permits, I change that t shirt as well.
💖 Take hair out of plop upside down and I shake my curls upside down. I also, sometimes, put my fingers to the scalp and shake the roots very mildly. So that my hair doesn’t stick to the scalp while drying. No it doesn’t frizz. Then….
💖 Pick bunch of curls and pin them on top..kind of make slight puff with the curls. So that the hair doesn’t look too flat at the scalp.
💖 While in temple, I mostly redo my hair once it is a bit dry.
💖 My temple trip is incomplete without the flowers.so I try to pin flowers in the most non-intrusive way.

Curlacious_Temple Curls_Gajra_Divya

Well, this routine is not only for the temple visit….we should be following these for all the days when we need to hurry out with washed hair….#WashandGo, you know!!

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