The Body Shop Wheatgrass Hair Gel Review

I got the Body Shop Wheatgrass gel from TBS website when they had some sale going on. It was on 50% off so I ordered it without thinking! 😉

And here is a quick review for you!


Rs. 675 for 150ml (I got it for some Rs.350)



Online and in The Body Shop stores.

I am not sure if this product is really available nowadays. It is out of stock in Flipkart and Nykaa and is unavailable at the TBS site. It is present in Amazon here: The Body Shop Wheatgrass Fixing Gel But it is priced too high here.



It is an opaque tube with flip to open cap. Very easy to dispense product. Sturdy packaging. okay to travel with.


The Body Shop Wheatgrass Gel Packaging_Curlacious India



Silicone and alcohol free. Full of natural ingredients. Curly Girl Method Friendly.

I dislike the fact that all the body shop products have this peel off layer which needs to be removed or half removed for the ingredients list to be visible!!

The Body Shop Wheatgrass Gel Ingredients_Curlacious


My experience:


This gel claims to be a medium hold gel and it is exactly that. It gives curls a very natural hold.

This is one of the most non-sticky gels that I have used.

It is so water soluble that if I add a bit of water and rub this gel on my palms, it literally thins out and spreads easily.

Very easily washed out. – even with cowash!

Gives a very natural hold.

Adds shine to the hair.

Hair feels soft and moisturized.

Does not dry out hair (so unlike many other gels).

It works well in non-humid conditions. (love it in Bangalore)

Non-Sticky. This is probably the only gel that feels really good to touch, you can clearly feel that the ingredients are not harsh.

Body Shop Wheatgrass Gel Curly hair Pic_Curlacious

Body Shop Wheatgrass Gel Curly hair_Curlacious



Not enough hold for humid conditions (like in Chennai)

Soft hold ~ not so lasting curls.

Have to refresh hair on non-wash days.

Need a good amount of product to create hold.

Forms hard streaks of gel-applied curls if refreshed on dry hair.

Ingredient list are under a peel off label. (just visualize this scenario ~~ you are the the TBS outlet… the sales person hands you a conditioner saying its lovely for curly hair, no harsh chemicals and all….now, you wanna check the ingredients of the product…what would you do? Just try to peel off the label from the product??? 😛 Can you imagine the reaction of the staff??? hahahaha….They might just ban you from the store…Also, now you know why I was so glad that TBS opened a new outlet in the mall near me :-D). So a MAJOR con hahaha….

The Body Shop Wheatgrass Gel_Curly Hair pic_Curlacious

Overall Verdict:

I loved this product. This gel adds a lot of shine and volume. Gives a natural hold (which I love) and the consistency of the product is so soft and easy to spread. This is not my HG coz I stay in a humid city and this gel doesn’t hold my curls as much. Otherwise, for a daily use, also as an alternate to the natural Flaxseed gel, and in a non-humid condition, you can surely use this. But keep in mind that this product claims to have medium hold with shine and that is what it delivers. Natural looking curls (with some frizz) along with added shine and some body!! The shine it adds is like what I get from the Kinky Curly Curling Custard. This doesn’t dry out my hair. So, extra like!!

Overall, this product delivers what it claims and I like it for that.


Have you tried this one ever?

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