Tips to Avoid Bad Curly/Wavy Haircut!

“I cannot find a curly hair expert!! Neither are there hair stylists who cut hair dry!!”

This is the concern of most curly haired people who want to have a haircut that they do not regret! Nowadays, when we search on the internet for idea or tips for curly hair cuts, almost everywhere we read to get hair cut when it is dry!! Frankly, who does that? I mean in India!! Have you ever come across a hair stylist who cuts dry hair in India? No! I haven’t. Also, how many hair salons have curly hair expert? Well I know Bblunt salons have curly hair experts now! Thank goodness. But they do not have branches in all cities 🙁 So in your area have you ever come across someone claiming to be a curly hair expert? No, right?! So most of us end up getting haircuts from stylists who know only one way of dealing with all types of hair –  straight, wavy or curly!! This works fine for straight haired beauties. Even wavies manage to get a way out. Who suffers the most are the curlies!! 🙁 Either they end up having too short hair or they end up having one length hair. The end result of every haircut has been the same – style not showing up any difference on the hair. And the hair ends up being tied in bun or half-up half-down styles or ponytails.

I myself never really had a ‘bad’ hair cut (until recently!) coz I always had set rules: long layers, no bangs.  But recently, after starting to style my hair curly, I got a trim that destroyed the symmetry of my hair. Since I did not want to go very short on my hair, I am currently growing out the asymmetry plus the heat damaged lengths.

This trim made me think long and hard.. Following which I came up with a plan, tried it out and it did work out fine. I will share tips based on that in this post.


*Disclaimer – I am not a prefessional curly hair expert/stylist. This post is based on my personal experiences. :)*


What to keep in mind while getting curly hair cut in the usual way? (means no Dry Haircuts…no Curly Wavy Hair Experts!)

Before going for a haircut:

  1. Determine the spring factor in your hair. Curlier the hair more spring/shrinkage happens. Wavy hair would have very less spring when compared to curly haired women. When your hair is dry, stretch your hair to its full length, mark the spot where hair ends. Then let your hair go and mark the spot where the ends fall. the inches or distance between the stretched out length and the dry ends is the spring factor.
  2. In general, layers is the best haircut for curly hair as it takes the weight off as well as prevents the hair from having a bulk at ends/pyramid look.
  3. If you have long hair, determine where you want your shortest layer to fall. Hold your hair at the point where you want the shortest layer to end. Holding tight at this spot, stretch out your hair to its full length. Remember this spot.
  4. To determine what length of hair you can let go of from the ends, you can use similar method as point 3, but the other way out. Hold your hair at an inch or two or even less from the ends while it is stretched out. Holding tight, bring your hair back to its natural curl pattern. This will show you the effect of each inch of stretched hair on your curls. You can analyze and determine the length as per your liking.
  5. Select your hair salon or the stylist.  Book a prior appointment. Make sure you select a day when the salon would not be crowded so that the hair stylist has the patience and time to listen & understand you.
  6. Before going to the salon, wash your hair and let it dry completely. You can skip the styling gel if you want. But make sure that you wear your hair curly, i.e., the way you usually style them.


At the Salon:

  • After the initial discussions on haircuts or whatever, emphasize the fact to your hair stylist that you always wear your hair curly, the way it is looking right now! (Remember point 6!)
  • Show them the spring factor of your hair, I mean “show” him..Literally, Pull your hair down and let it spring back. So that he can visually see the effect. I know this sounds ridiculous, but believe me it does help. Good hair stylists would definitely keep this in mind while cutting your hair.
  • After you show them that your hair springs back so much, tell them specifically the length where you want your shortest length to fall.
  • Just before starting the hair cut, your hair stylist would wet your hair down and comb it out. At this point, tell the exact spot/length (determined in point 3 above) where you want your shortest length to be. Tell the stylist that he/she can make the length longer but not even a cm shorter. And to adjust the length of the longer layers or lengths accordingly. At this point, also discuss the length of the longest layer(point 3!).
  • After the haircut is done, ask your stylist to diffuse your hair instead of blowdrying. If your stylist is not accustomed to diffusing, you should gladly skip the blowdrying and setting with a round brush. Rather just make them dry your hair slightly so that it is not dripping wet and get it scrunched (or scrunch yourself after you get out of the chair!). Walk out with damp and scrunched hair! 🙂


Additional tips:

  • Even if you get ‘Layers’, make sure that you do not get too many layers. Too many layers can make hair look haywire and is difficult to style your hair curly.
  • Also, try not to make the longest layer/portion too thin. When I was discussing my haircut with my stylist, he suggested two ways: 1) going thick (volume) in mid and thin at the ends. 2) Going thick at the ends. I preferred going thick at the ends and he preferred going thin. At end I opted for going thin at the ends (reasons: to check out if going thin at ends works out for me. My lengths were heat damaged so letting go off more thickness at the ends was not a problem). However, I realized later that going too thin at the ends doesn’t work when you style your hair curly or wavy. It makes hair look frayed at the ends.



  • If the hair stylist asks you to get your hair Permanently Straightened/Keratin Treatment/Smoothening Treatment, politely refuse and focus on what you came prepared for :p
  • Most hair stylists are patient and listen to our requirements and do accordingly.
  • Rather than saying, “I do not want hair to be cut short!”, when you tell exact length where you want your hair to be, both you and your stylist are on the same page and your expectations won’t be far fetched! 
  • If you feel that the stylist is not patient enough or is not listening to you, walk out then and there. You can find another stylist or salon easily, Once your lengths are gone, growing them back won’t be that fast or easy!
  • Even though you style your hair curly when you go to the salon, make sure to detangle your hair in shower that day and keep it tangle free. This is to avoid hair being pulled and tugged at the salon while the hair stylist combs it out before cutting.
  • Wheen the stylist shows you the length take he “will have to take off your ends”, make sure to not let it be more than what you determined at


I am due for another cut right now. I had a plan. But things are turning out differently. So, I thought I would rather jot down this post to give you at least some ideas! I would do another post as and when I get my next haircut. I hope these points do help you out for your next haircut If it does, please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below or in the Forum.



14 thoughts on “Tips to Avoid Bad Curly/Wavy Haircut!

  1. Nice article. After 2 really really bad hair cuts, I am so terrified to get my hair cut that I am currently letting it simply grow long since almost 2 years. Since I mostly use cg methods and moisturize a lot, I have no split ends and no heat damage since I’ve never straightened my hair. Your techniques give me courage to try and get a hair cut. Maybe when my hair is still longer! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Preeti!! 🙂

      I know how a bad haircut can destroy our faith in another good haircut….!! 🙁 But I really felt that these tips and the patient hair stylist helped me get a better haircut… I am due for another haircut…I have better confidence to go and get it done 🙂

      Hope you get a good haircut by using these tips… Its so great to know that your hair is healthy and moisturized!! encourages me to follow more and more CG…. 🙂

        1. I knowwww….It takes so long to take the plunge!! Just make sure that you have confidence in the hairstylist after you discuss your requirements. First time, don’t go too short. You can go shorter in 2nd time(if you want).

          Good luck! Hope you get to have a nice cut soon, Preeti! :):-*

    1. Hi SKA! Thank you… my hair is still transitioning…

      I have not come across any curly hair stylist in Chennai till now. 🙁 I am on the look out, though…

  2. hi divya,
    i ve type 2b wavy hair … and ive big forehead… so i thought of having fringes… but i ve a doubt… will fringes suits curly hair… how to maintain it…………..?

    1. Hi Reshma…2b wavy….hmm I would suggest you to have long side bangs. Don’t go too short…start with side bangs…that too little long. So that you can let them fall covering the forehead. In case you want them away, you can take side part and loosely pin it up on the side.

      For maintaining, while drying hair or even while refreshing, after applying all products, roll the bangs around you 2 (index & middle )fingers and pin at the roots with Bobby pin. Let loose when completely dry? It will retain the hair pattern 🙂

  3. Hi Divya, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and switched shampoos and conditioners. The trial error method was taxing really but eventually paid off..thanks to you. 🙂 my hair is the typical ringlet kind of curls(i haven’t gotten the hang of the type a, b yada yada) which i haven’t cut for about two years now.
    i know the struggle of finding a good salon that recognizes curly hair and that it needs a diiferent TLC than the other kinds of hair..and i have this “test” that i do..i don’t usually brush my hair and so when i walk into a salon if any of the stylists recognizes that my hair is curly and enquires about it..then that’s step 1.
    the rest is what you said..ofc.
    I like your blog..Thanks.

    1. Hey Divya!!

      Wow.. that’s a nice ‘test’….If there is a stylist who can recognize us curlies and mention that it needs a different TLC, s/he is the one to stick with!! 🙂

      and hey….I am so glad that the Curlacious helped you…and the trial & error paid off!!! :):):) so what’s the hair regimen that you are currently following?

      1. My test. If a hairstylist touches my hair and says, “You have nice, curly hair,” I will let her/him continue. And if they say, “oh, too dry mam” or “you must do smoothening touch-up / keratin treatment”, they are not for me. I remember once someone said “can’t do any styling for this kind of hair,” I politely smiled, walked slowly out of the salon and ran as soon as I stepped out of the salon. Imagine my relief at escaping the potential danger.

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