Transition to Natural Hair (Curly or Wavy)!!

Back in 2012, I really had no Idea that my hair could look this good in its natural curls. I had tried to embrace my curls back in 2009  coz I really Liked my hair when it was wet… But I did not have much knowledge of products.

I actually tried it just for a week with the Brylcream and another hair cream. I was scared to use a Hair Gel, so steered clear of that…I tried for about a week or more to apply cream on wet hair and went without combing. I did not change anything else in my routine. I liked how my hair looked. but it became quickly greasy and flat and my scalp became oily.

I didn’t know the concept of Refreshing my hair so day 2 or 3 was not-so-manageable…Even though I was in Trivandrum, a curly hair heaven, I could see 2/4th of the women population with straightened hair, 1/4th with super oiled and tightly braided hair, 1/4th with the usual hair routines and none wearing it curly.

I quickly got discouraged and quit.

The pic on left is when I had totally forgotten about my curls. I had moved to Chennai and the weather was giving me and my hair a very tough time. This is one of the few pics where I was laughing heartily without trying to tame my hair for the click!!!

Right is a recent pic…which I have posted in this post. I am totally in love with my hair now….with frizz and fuss included!! 🙂


I highly recommend you curlies and wavies to give your natural hair a it some love and care…you might be happier wit your naturally gorgeous curls than with those straightened poker straight ends!!!


….. So, please read through these two posts:

Basics: What is Transitioning? Hair Regimen for Transitioning (from Chemical/Heat Damaged to Natural Hair)

Do’s and Don’ts of Transitioning from Relaxed/Damaged to Natural Hair


BTW, this week I received so so soooo many mails back to back from curlies who have straightened their hair and are not happy with the results 🙁 it breaks my heart that they didn’t land on my blog before hopping onto that.. If you have straightened, relaxed or heat damaged hair surely do read those posts!!!!


Do you have relaxed hair, what are your thoughts? love it? hate it? 


P.S. Coincidentally, both these pics were clicked when I was on way to the very same friend’s house!! 2012 went to his hometown and 2017 was his very own grihapravesh in Chennai!! 🙂

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