Things to Know While Starting Your Naturally Curly/Wavy Hair Journey

Embracing your natural curls or waves is something  that takes long to get used to. Apart from that, deciding to take the plunge is the biggest thing. You have never done that yourself. More often than not, considering how desperate we curlies and wavies are to tame our hair, you might be the only person planning to try this out. That means there is no one to tell you what to expect and what not to expect. Worst part, there will be more people to discourage you than to make you believe in your true Curlacious self!!

Considering all this and after spending some time following this method, I have few pointers to share with you. In case you are considering to quit (Please don’t quit), hope it helps you in continuing your Curl Journey!!  🙂


  • When you shift from Sulfate-containing shampoo to a Sulfate-free one, your scalp tends to get more oily during the initial few days. 

If you had been using a sulfate shampoo for long, then your scalp would be used to producing oil based on the amount of oil being stripped by your usual shampoo. Sulfate shampoos are very drying to the scalp, so our scalp is used to producing excessive oil to combat the dryness. Once you switch to milder cleansers like sulfate-free shampoos or silicone-free conditioners, the scalp is not stripped of its natural oils as much, but the scalp being used to producing the usual amount of oil, ends up producing almost same and the scalp feels oily. It takes few days or weeks for the scalp to get used to the new routine and to produce oil accordingly. After which your hair and scalp both will get used to it.


Switching to a sulfate free shampoo while continuing to use usual (silicone loaded conditioner) will be nothing short of a blunder. Sulfate-free shampoos are very mild and do not remove the silicones from hair. So, if you are switching to a sulfate-free shampoo, make sure you use a silicone-free conditioner or else it will lead to frequent build ups and it is not good for your scalp and hair too. If you are following the Silicone-free regimen, try to be a little cautious of the ingredients of your products. If you use silicone-containing products unknowingly, use a clarifying shampoo once and then you are good to continue your usual regimen of sulfate-silicone free hair care.


  • The results are not instant!! Be patient!!

Once you start following the silicone and sulfate free regimen, you got to be aware that the results are not instant!! You will not get the full Curl Power of your hair in one wash!! We have been torturing our hair with heat damage, chemical damage, if not both then surely environmental effects are unsaid factors, the consistent brushing/combing of dry hair and above all the moisture stripping hair regiment for realllyyyyyy loooonnngg. To adjust to the new regimen and to bounce back to its full CurlPower, our hair will need its own sweet time. But one good thing is that compared to the number of years you have tormented your hair, the time it takes to bounce back and be its curlacious self would be pretty less!! 😉 It might take few weeks for some people and few months for others. But at the end, it will all be totally worth!! Be patient!


  • Getting a haircut that suits your hair properties makes your hair more curlacious!! 

depending on your hair’s length, density and curl pattern, do a little research and a loooooooooottt of thinking thennn go and get a haircut that looks good on you when you style hair in their naturally curly or wavy state. This makes a lot of difference in the overall appearance and look of our curls and waves 🙂


Additional tip:

  • Learn to read product ingredients before buying a hair product

Be it shampoo, conditioner, styling products(Gel/Mousse), deep conditioning treatment….anything…anything that goes on your hair, needs to have it’s ingredients to be scrutinized first. I have learnt over time that this point really makes a lot of difference (I will do a post on how to read ingredients soon… or may be a quick reference list!) Till then, you can refer these list and choose:

List of Silicone-free Conditioners in India

List of Silicone-free Styling products in India
Hope these help you in justifying the few discouraging or nitpicking reasons that you get




11 thoughts on “Things to Know While Starting Your Naturally Curly/Wavy Hair Journey

  1. This is fantastic advice. I’ve only recently made the switch to sulfate/paraben free shampoo & conditioner and also decided to keep my natural curls (instead of straightening them out). Your blog is pretty great!

    1. Hi Maneera!! Thank you so muchhh! 🙂 Good to know that you have decided to keep your natural curls… encouraging others to embrace their natural curls and waves is what I wanna do….hope my blog helps you in that journey…. 🙂

  2. Hi Divya,

    I am glad to see your blog. I am feb up of my curly hair. Was planning to do hair straightening. I came across your blog and now, I am thinking to follow CG method. Thanks for the blog. 🙂

    I have 3 questions :
    1. During CG method, is it ok to stop shampoo completely and use only conditioner? because nowhere except, your first point you have mentioned about shampoo. Should the hair wash always include “sulphate free Shampoo + silicon free conditioner” or only “Only silicone free conditioner”?
    2. I have heard people saying not to use conditioner on scalp but CG method insists to use conditioner mainly on scalp. Do we have side effects?
    3. I am having dandruff and hence a itchy scalp. Can I go ahead with CG method? Planning to buy enliven conditioner with raspberry and red appple.

    1. Hey Tanuja,

      Glad you stumbled upon my blog. I kept facing issues with my net that’s why couldn’t reply earlier…. 🙁 I will respond to your comment in detail by tomorrow (coz it needs time)…..sorryyyy for the delay….

      1. Hi Tanuja,

        Thank you for reaching out. Since your questions required detailed and a very long reply, I have posted the response in the forum Here: CG Method Basics. Hope it helps. 🙂

        If you have further questions or doubts, please feel free to ask in the forum. Registering for the forum is just a one step login and you can also use your fb account (we do not post anything on your timeline or intervene your privacy!). If not you can always reach me via comments.

  3. I am a beginner and planning to go sulphate and silicone free. Your blog has been very helpful. Can you suggest a good clarifying shampoo. Also have you tried Neev products (shampoo and conditioner). They are herbal and as per ingredient list dont contain sulphates or silicones.

    1. Hi Pallavi.. I use Pantene Pro V Lively Clean shampoo for clarifying. It is very effective.

      Oh! Neev products..Thanks for recommending these, I haven’t come across these…will explore more on them and add to the list…if you have any of Neev products, please do share a pic of the product and the Ingredients list pic on the Forum or shoot me an email. 🙂

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