WOW Miracle 10 in 1 Shampoo Review: for Dry, Wavy, Curly, Frizzy Hair

Few of my readers introduced me to this brand called “WOW Organics”. I was asked by several curlies to check the ingredient list of their range of shampoos as they claimed to be sulfate and paraben free andddd there were so many positive comments regarding the shampoo. So, I had to get my hands on this product.


Rs. 499 for  300 ml


Easily available at online shopping sites Amazon & Flipkart


You can buy it here:

WOW Miracle 10 in 1 Shampoo



It is in fact sulfate and paraben free.

It contains Polyquats – 7 & 10. Polyquats have detangling and conditioning properties for which it is usually used in shampoos and conditioner. Well, polyquaternium-10 seems all okay. But I was not sure about Polyquarternium-7 which supposedly has a film forming property if used in higher quantities. But then this ingredient is after the first 5 ingredients on the list so its % would be less. Also, on searching around I found that polyquat 7 & 10 both are present in DevaCurl products ~~ which are bestesttttt products for curly that puts a full stop to my confusion.

WOW Shampoo Review India sulfate free_Curlacious_Miracle 10in1sulfate free
Ingredients – Sulfate free



It was a total love at first sight!! I heart the dark brown plastic bottle with a golden pump!! The pump works like a charm. Dispenses appropriate amount of shampoo with each pump.

WOW Shampoo Review India sulfate free_Curlacious_Miracle 10in1sulfate free

Consistency & Color:

Light golden yellow in color. Consistency is runny.

WOW Shampoo Review India_Curlacious_Miracle 10in1sulfate free


How I use:

This is how I shampoo in general. I section my very wet hair. take one pump of the shampoo, water it down and rub between palms to spread and lather and then shampoo my scalp section-wise.


WOW Shampoo Review India sulfate free_Curlacious_Miracle 10in1sulfate free


My Experience:

This shampoo produces good lather when I rub it between my palms and use more water to shampoo. It gives a very clean feel yet doesn’t dry out my hair. If you have used a sulfate-free shampoo and know what to expect, then you will love this shampoo. it spreads easily and gives an soft feel post wash! (which is probably due to the polyquats). I love how this shampoo leaves my hair feeling.  I have been using it for about a month now and I loving it!!

Does most of the things that it claims to do in ’10 in 1′. Well I cannot comment on the strengthening, binding split ends and protecting color thing. But rest of the claims are true!! 🙂


  • Cleans hair and scalp very well
  • Does not dry out hair or scalp
  • Gives hair a soft feel
  • Spreads easily
  • Imparts a mild shine
  • Doesn’t weight hair down
  • A little goes a long way
  • Forms mild lather (If you are the lather-loving type…then this is a pro for you! 😉 well, we all love our bubbles at times, don’t we!)


  • May be, the polyquats could be a little lower on the list? But I don’t find any build up or weighing down with this shampoo, though. So it seems okay.
  • Some curlies with sensitive scalp have faced little dryness and flakiness with this shampoo. If you have any scalp issues, I would suggest you not to use this one.


Final Verdict:

I am totally in love with this shampoo. If you are looking for a sulfate-free shampoo and do not want to break your bank, then you can go for this!! Gives clean hair and doesn’t strip hair of its natural oils. If you are looking for a cost-effective shampoo (it is always on discount) to start your Curly-Girl Method journey with, then this is the one you need to start with!! 🙂 But if you have sensitive scalp, you should be keeping away from this. Many of my readers with sensitive scalp told me this. (See your feedback helps so much!)


You can buy it here:

WOW Miracle 10 in 1 Shampoo


If you are new to sulfate versus sulfate-free thing, then read this post: Here.

Have you tried WOW shampoo? Once I am done with this one, I might get my hands on the other versions 🙂


P.S. Sorry for the uneven format of the photos…I am not able to edit them!! Couldn’t wait longer to post this soo….u know! 😀 🙂 I will update the photos when I figure it out…..


60 thoughts on “WOW Miracle 10 in 1 Shampoo Review: for Dry, Wavy, Curly, Frizzy Hair

      1. Hey…my scalp is oily and i have to wash my hairs thrice in a week…nd moreover i want to know this wow shampoo is okay for coloured hairs or not?? As i have done highlights…

        1. Hi Sonam. This wow shampoo will work fine for colored hair as it is mild…. also, if you have oily scalp and are using sulfate shampoo, it could be due to the sulfates and harsh shampoo. With consistent use of a sulfate free shampoo, the scalp’s oil production gets regulated.

  1. I mean to ask you if the product is a 100% safe to use without side effects like hair fall and others?

  2. I am using Wow Apple Cider vinegar shampoo and it is really good. I have curly hair and it does wonders for my hair. Do a review on it’s conditioner sometime soon. I got it for my mother, haven’t used it yet. She loves it. I have noticed that if the shampoo is used after applying hair oil, it helps you get rid of the dead skin on the scalp.

    1. Hey Vinita,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback on the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo.. I have heard great reviews from some curlies 🙂
      and if I go by the wow shampoo that I use, I can imagine the lovely results this variant would have 🙂 Oh using with oil removes dead cells? That sounds great!!

      The WOW conditioner is not a silicone-free one. It has Dimethicone in its ingredients. Is your mom using a sulfate free shampoo? If yes, she might need clarifying once in a while.

  3. i am confused which one to buy wow apple cidar vinegar shampoo or wow 10 in 1? I have oily scalp with dry ends..If anyone can suggest me then please help me out..

    1. I have the same hair type and i ordered apple cider vinegar one it does clean your scalp very well and it stays clean for an easy 3-4 days but it is extremely dry for the rest of the makes it mad and frizzy…so i would not recommend using that for this kind of hair type….you can try 10-in-1 i my self am thinking of trying that. 🙂

      1. Hi Priyanka…Thanks for your quick review. It is scry to hear that it makes hair so dry and frizzy.. then it is better to go for the 10 in 1 miracle shampoo. This is pretty good.

      1. Hi I want to buy dis shampoo but bit confused which will suit my hair…
        I have fizzy rough damage hair…as I have done straightening…please suggest

  4. I used the Aloe Veda anti hairfall shampoo (which is free of sulphates and parabens). My scalp does feel clean but my hair turns rougher and more unmanageable than usual – even after using a conditioner (silicon free)! I am confused. Are all sulphate free shampoos supposed to work that way? Am I doing something wrong? Or should I probably switch to WOW?

    1. No Lakshmi, Sulfate-free shampoos are not supposed to feel like that. Are you shampooing the lengths of your hair too??
      if the shampoo makes your hair feel dry, what you can do is….

      Apply the conditioner on the lengths of your hair prior to the shampoo
      Then apply shampoo and massage the scalp
      Do not shampoo the lengths, rub or use the shampoo running down from scalp while rinsing to wash the lengths
      Then detangle and rinse off conditioner
      Also leave in a little if you feel too dry 🙂

      Do not switch too early. try all ways to make your product work and switch only if none of the ways work!

      1. Hi! Thanks for your reply! I don’t rub the shampoo onto any part of my hair except my scalp. I must try the conditioner before shampooing trick 🙂 Aloe Veda does lather a LOT, even though it says it is sulphate free. could this be the reason?

        Thanks again!

        1. Oh does it lather alot?? hmm.. sometimes there might be other ingredients that cause lathering…still “alot” shouldn’t be the case. Do try this conditioner before shampoo trick. and lemme know…if it works or not!! 🙂

    1. Hey Revathi… You can totally use this shampoo. But since this is sulfate free, if you are using a silicone containing conditioner or hair products, then this shampoo might not wash off the silicones and will cause build up….. if ur other products are silicone free, then this will work well 🙂

  5. Plz suggest that if this shampoo not dries out curly hair coz i have extremely frizzy hair.. And i wanna start the cg method as soon as possible.. So plz suggst a shampoo!

  6. Hi Divya,
    Can you suggest sulfate free conditioner as well which I can use along with WOW shampoo , as my hair type is a wavy frizzy hair and I can not do any hair style

  7. Hi Divya,
    While reading all the reviews above , i am very much interested to buy this WOW shampoo.
    Please suggest me which shampoo i need to buy as i have a long and rough hair. Also suggest, whether conditioner to be used must.

  8. Hello,

    I have been experiencing hair thinning for quite sometime and have decided to use SLS and paraben free shampoos. I have used Biotique green apple shampoo but it sort of leaves my hair looking frizzier and also slightly brown which has been the case with almost all herbal/natural shampoos I have tried using. My natural hair colour is black but now it has turned brown. I am considering using the Wow 10 in 1 shampoo but I’m unsure about which conditioner to use because the one Wow has isn’t silicone-free ?

    Also, if I do try using the conditioner before shampooing, then do I have to wash off the conditioner and then apply shampoo or how does this whole trick work ?

    Could you please explain ? I really can’t decide on what to buy and I’m scared to further experiment with my hair. TIA (:

    1. Hey Dipika, there are so many things to reply here….

      1. if your natural color is black and it is turning brown, it means your hair is dehydrated and really really needs a lot of moisture. so start doing weekly deep conditioning treatments. can read here:

      2. Biotique doesn’t mention the entire list of ingredients in its products, so we cannot be sure if those are really sulfate free or not. Same is the case with majority of the products claiming to be herbal or natural. What we really need to do is, to read the ingredients list and decide.

      3. Using the conditioner before shampoo works like this: you wet your hair & scalp >>> apply the conditioner to the entire length (except the scalp) >>>then shampoo the scalp as you usually would (while the conditioner is on the lengths) >> then rinse off the conditioner and the shampoo thoroughly. This helps in keeping the lengths getting dried from the shampoo’s effects. You need to follow this up with your conditioner or leave in. Please note that this is different from Cowashing. Cowashing is explained here:

      4. For hair thinning, please read through this old forum topic:

      5. If your hair is not protein sensitive, you can start with the Loreal smooth intense conditioner(budget & easily found!):
      or else can start with Giovanni conditioner…mainly the smooth as silk one… can be found in health & glow store if you have one in your city or on amazon(costly there)

  9. Hey.. I’ve always wanted my hair to be straight. Does the conditioner make my hair feel straight? And also I have an oily scalp and my hair is wavy. I want to try this conditioner so badly.

  10. I had alot of hairfall. I consulted doctor. And he gave me a few lotions shampoos . Its been more than 2 to 3 yrs n nw i am nt consulting doctor too. Therefore i am planning to start using some normal shampoos. While seqrching for a gud shampoo, i found this on net.
    Wil it make my hair smooth silky and control hairfall.
    i have oily oily scalp too.
    So please to tel me which shampoo is gud.

    1. Hey Rekha, this shampoo is good… but it might not make much of a difference in hair fall. changing shampoo alone would not control hair fall. You should find the reason behind the hair fall and fix that. A consistent hair care routine would surely help in controlling hair fall and improve hair regrowth. you can go through these posts:

      as far as this shampoo is concerned, it is good, makes hair soft and imparts shine. I am not sure if it will give silky smooth finish and control hair fall

    1. If your hair is very very dry, try the giovanni smooth as silk shampoo. Even this would work. But for dry hair, conditioner is more important! 🙂

  11. hey divya i have done hair Smoothing. can i use this shampoo?? even after hair smoothing i am facing hair fall. please give me some suggestions.

  12. My hair scalp is oily but i want soft and straight hair So i want know that which one shampoo should be used, Plz suggest urgently

    1. Hey Anchal, shampoo cannot make your hair straight. Do you naturally hair straight hair? Hair products just make your natural hair healthy or better or manageable.

  13. Hi divya,
    My hair is very dry and it’s silky ..plz suggest me which shampoo and conditioner is good for my hair.

  14. I used wow 10 in 1 shampoo but it makes my hair dry and unmanageable than usual.. even I also use the conditioner of wow…. I am totally confused

    1. Hey Preeti!! the WOW conditioner has silicones…and the shampoo is sulfate free.. A sulfate free shampoo cannot remove the silicone. So this might coz silicone buildup and the dryness too. You either need to use a sulfate free shampoo with wow conditioner or a silicone-free conditioner with the the wow shampoo.

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