Yves Rocher Nutri-Silky Hair Mask + Shoppers Stop Online Shopping Experience!

Yves Rocher Nutri-silky hair mask for dry hair which is silicon free, paraban free and colorant free was not something that I knew existed until I explored the awesome online shopping portal of Shoppers Stop. Yes shoppers stop has a website which has many products which are suitable for curly and wavy haired people!

Let’s begin with my shopping experience  at the shoppers stop website(Link: https://www.shoppersstop.com/):

Shoppers Stop site is easy to explore and finding products based on your requirement is fairly quick. Finding products,  browsing through, adding to card and checking out is pretty simple. The site has a wide range of products – fashion accessories, clothings, hair care, skin care, make up etc.

Once I had decided on what I wanted to buy, from creating account to checking out the product took 5 mins flat! The follow up mails, shipping status and the delivery was quick as well. I received the product within 3 days. Being a very impatient person, this was a huge plus for me!!! 🙂 No surprise that I has ordered a hair care product! The product reached me well packed too.  No damage, no leakage, and a fresh and neatly packed product was delivered. I am usually very skeptical about deviating from the usual, tested and tried online shopping sites. But after shopping from this website I am more confident about explore this very site and even other websites too.

I spent major time in exploring the hair care range on their website and that’s when I came across this brand called Yves Rocher. Shoppers stop site also seems to have many hair  products that are not that easily available at other websites. I was also introduced to few products which are mainly good for us curlies and fits perfectly into the Sulfate and Silicone free hair care. I was amazed to find many such products at one place. I already have many more products on my wishlist from the Shoppers Stop website.

Shoppers Shop Website

Overall I am very happy with my shopping experience at the Shoppers stop site and would surely recommend you curlies to find your perfect product and order it soon since there is a holiday season sale and offers up on the site. On the very first purchase, there is an off on order above 1500!! Hurry up guys and fill your cards from anything from clothing to accessories to hair care product!!

Let’s talk about the product that I got from the Shoppers Stop website……

Yves Rocher Nutri-Silky Hair Mask Review

Yves Rocher Nutri-Silky Hair Mask Review


Yves Rocher is my new fascination. It has so many silicone free hair products ranging from conditioners, vinegar rinses and hair masks. For a started I decided to choose a hair mask. As much as I love hair conditioners, I look out for deep conditioning hair masks to scratch the lazy streak in me which refuses to even blend ingredients from kitchen!! 😉 I love to simply wash hair and apply a readymade mask that gives sure shot results and rinse off to get decently pretty looking hair…. (now don’t we all love doing that?! Atleast sometimes?)

Out of the two varients: Yves Rocher Nutri-Silky Nutrition Hair mask and Yves Rocher Radiance Hair Mask, I chose to get this Nutri-silky one.



Online shopping sites such as: Shoppers Stop website, Nykaa etc.

I have not seen this product in shops yet. Let me know if you have seen it anywhere.



Rs 800 for 150ml


Ingredients List:

Can be seen in the picture below:

Yuves Rocher nutri hair mask Ingredients_Curlacious
Yves Rocher Nutri-Silky Hair Mask Ingredients

Direction to use:




It comes in a pretty green-brown colored plastic Jar. As mentioned on the pack, the Jar is made of recycled plastic. I am usually not a sucker for packaging. But this particular colour combo of a chocolate brown lid and an oh-so-pretty green jar made me wanna keep this jar for sure. The fact that it is made up of recyclable plastic makes it a plus! If we can add our two cents towards saving our environment, nothing better than that!! 🙂

Since it is a jar packaging, it might be a hygiene issue to dip fingers again and again to take product out. I find it travel friendly since the jar is very sleek and doesn’t leak. When we open the lid, it is covered with a foil. it does stop from leaking or spilling, but another layer of a plastic lid would have been better.


Yuves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair mask
Yves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair mask



The product in the jar has a prominent fragrance similar to jasmine attar (you know the one our mallu friend’s relative gets from Dubai? Yeah the very same!). I like this mask’s fragrance since it is the right amount of fragrance – not too mild and not too overpowering. The fragrance is prominent even after applying but reduces to minimal on rinsing off. The fragrance stayed on hair very mildly after wash! Even on day 3 I could find the jasmine-ish smell lingering on my tresses….veryyyyyyyyyyyyy mildly. I like this part too!! But then, I like jasmines…with mild fragrance…


Consistency & Slip:

The consistency of the product is very thick. It is almost like butter. It is smooth yet solid and stays in soft lumps on rubbing. It doesn’t have much slip. The hair mask doesn’t spread that easily. When applied on very wet hair, the product spreads better. The directions are to apply the product on freshly shampooed wet hair and believe me, that is the best way to apply it. If you try applying the product on damp hair, you might end up using aloooott of product unnecessarily and it would not even spread that evenly. Since it does not have much slip, it is not meant for detangling. If your hair is all knotty and not been detangled for long, then make sure that u detangle first and then apply this mask.

Yuves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair mask - Thick consistency
Yves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair mask – Thick consistency


Based on the consistency of the product, I had expected it to feel heavy on hair. However, after applying, I felt that the product quickly soaked into the hair. It did not disappear but felt as if it got soaked into hair plus coated each strand. I applied it on shampooed hair which was very wet, left it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed off. While rinsing off I felt that there was a coat on my hair. The product didn’t give the feel of being rinsed away completely. Hair felt soft yet coated. It was the exact feel that we get while deep conditioning with Shea Butter and Oils. I made a mental note to check out where on the list was Shea mentioned.To my surprise it was 6th on the list! And I was impressed that the shea in the product actually seemed to give exact results that my raw unrefined shea butter gives!! MASSIVE plus for me right there!! Usually when a product claims to have any natural ingredient, it is in such minute quantity that the effect it almost nil. This was impressive!! Now the thickness of the product is also explained…coz shea butter was probably in more amount.


Yuves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair Mask
Yves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair Mask


After rinsing off, I did not apply conditioner and styled with Set Wet (Green) Hair gel that I have been using for last many washes. It was easy to apply the gel and there was no sticky or clingy feel. I scrunched with a t shirt and air dried my hair. The time taken for drying was same as always.

On drying, my hair felt soft, moisturized, frizz-free (even though I skipped the leave-in conditioner) and bouncy. The hair mask gave some volume and extra softness to hair..probably due to the shea butter effect. Curlies with fine hair might love this factor. There was no extra shine, rather hair had muted moisturized look (milllld shine that probably only you can notice!) and definition was good. This Mask anyway claims nutrition and not radiance and it does meet it’s claim.

Day 2 as well as 3 hair were also good. Hair still felt soft by day 3. Both days hair needed a little bit of refreshing with a gel to control the frizz. I did not apply conditioner on both days and hair retained definition. There was no greasiness or stickiness. Hair was not weighed down. The post hair mask effect gets a thumbs up from me.

Two major cons that I felt was that 150ml for 800 is expensive. Also since the product is thick, more than usual amount of product is required. If we apply the mask on damp hair, there is a lot of product waste as it doesn’t spread properly and we end up applying too much which is a waste given that the quantity is less to start with!

Yuves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair mask
Yves Rocher Nutri-Siky Hair Mask

Overall Verdict:

I will mention the overall pros and cons:


  • Gives soft and moisturized hair
  • Ingredients list is CG friendly and very effective (Silicone, paraben, colorant free)
  • Works equivalent to raw shea butter hair pack
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Beautiful packaging, travel friendly and recycled plastic is eco-friendly….& I luurrvvv that green!! <3)
  • Day 2/3 hair too feels soft and defined even without conditioner. Also doesn’t feel greasy on drying though it gives a coat on hair while rinsing.
  • Provides volume to hair. Fine haired curlies and wavies would love this
  • Doesn’t weight hair down


  • Expensive
  • Jar packaging is not hygienic
  • While washing, feels as if it has not been rinsed off completely. Well that’s not a con but the effect of this feel is softness and volume which is ultimately a pro….still some curlies don’t like that feel while rinsing hair 🙂
  • Not easily available in stores
  • More than usual quantity of product is required to cover hair. So will get over very quickly.


Will I recommend buying?

If you are not on a budget and do not mind some added volume then yes! This gives good results – softness, volume, moisture, mild pleasant fragrance. If you are on a budget and would rather use raw unrefined shea butter to make your hair packs, then you can skip this.


Have you tried this hair mask? Share your views!! Or have you tried other silicone free conditioners from Yves Rocher? I found few more CG friendly conditioners from this brand. Will soon update this List of Silicone-free Conditioners in India. I will surely get my hands on the conditioners after emptying some from my current stash!!

Opsss….I completely forgot…this is how my hair looked on drying!!! 🙂

Yuves Rocher Hair Mask Result
Yves Rocher Hair Mask Result


Have Happy Holidays……..and keep loving those pretty curls!!! Muuahhh!!! <3 <3


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