DIY Coconut Milk Hair Mask – How to Make and Use!!

Coconut Milk is one of Mother Nature’s most nourishing gifts for the hair as well as the tummy. If you have ever had an insight into South Indian Kitchen recipes and menus, you would know that coconut and coconut milk is an essential part of our lives (and kitchen, mostly!!). I use coconut so much […]

DIY: Egg Hair Mask for Shiny, Strong and Bouncy Hair!

Hello Curlies!! Have you ever woken up thinking its a weekend and are glad that you can spend whole day in your cozy bed? And then you realize…Sheesh!! It’s weekday and you are running late for work/college/school!!! Well, in my case it happens very often… 🙁 I wake up thinking it is a Sat/Sunday and end up feeling low till the […]

DIY Hair Protein Treatment: Gelatin Hair Mask

Our hair are made up of proteins and with daily wear and tear, our hair strands tend to lose its strength and get damaged. Applying heat or chemical treatments damage our hair more and weaken the strands. Heat and chemicals are not the only culprits in causing damage to our strands. On a daily basis […]

Quick DIY deep conditioning hair mask: for dry or frizzy hair

If you are facing dryness in hair…..want a quick fix….have run out of your store bought deep conditioning treatment (DT)…..are feeling too lazy to whip out homemade remedies…..then this is the perfect Quick and Easy DIY Deep Conditioning treatment for your ever thirsty hair that feels dry or frizzy.  Orrrr… If you are travelling and […]

DIY Hair Protein Treatment & Deep Conditioning Mask – Avocado + Oil

Protein treatments for the Hair must be an essential part of your hair care routine. Not only for wavy and curly hair but also for straight hair. If you wanna start with why you need protein treatment for your hair, then you should read this post first. Now protein treatments are mostly not veg ingredients….So this one […]

DIY Deep Conditioning Idea for Curlies Living in Hostels

Hello Curlies!! I often get asked by many young curlies staying in hostels to give simple DIY deep conditioning ideas.   I am  in hostel… do not have multiple kitchen ingredients at my disposal and above all, do not have a blender or mixie to create a smooth blend Hmm… I can understand that….to be frank, […]

For Healthy Long Hair, Dust Your Hair! (Dust What?!! – Read on!!)

I love to keep my hair long! I love it so much that I transitioned veryyyyy slowly rather than doing a chop off of huge length! Even the last few inches of heat damaged hair I chopped in 2 cuts!! But you know what? If you ask me now, I would always suggest you to […]