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I am Divya Madaswamy and this little blog is my initiative to reach out to all Indian curly and wavy haired people who have spent a lifetime disliking their hair and wishing that they had straight and lustrous hair instead. Not knowing what to do with our natural hair, we torture the poor little ringlets in various ways and end up damaging them more and more with each passing day.

We flat Iron, we blow dry, we tie them up, we pin them down, we brush the life out of our curls. All these are few of the major things that we do to make our tresses look presentable. But nothing seems to work to our satisfaction.

If you are a curly or a wavy haired person who cannot think of getting outta home without using a flat iron or a blow drier or  zillions of hair pins to make your hair look straighter, sleeker, better and tamed, then this blog is for you.

I too have passed all the stages of a curly girl’s issues: painful combing, dreaded hair cuts, frightening frizz, horrifying photos and dilemma to explore anything new. For a really long time, I did not know what to do with my hair. But now I know and with each passing day the more I care for my curls, the more I fall in love with them.

My current hair profile:

I have never chemically straightened my hair for the fear of damage, hair fall and personal dislike. However, I had been flat ironing my hair for few times at really high temperature. My heat protectant was not good enough to protect at that temperature leading to my curl pattern being lost/affected.

Being a current transitioner, I have known both sides of the curly world and have come to realize that living in denial by not accepting our naturally curly hair is a sin we should never commit. 🙂 While exploring the world of curls and waves, I want to help other Indian curly and wavy haired people to embrace their natural hair and fall in love with their curls.

For the love of curls, take few minutes off your busy schedule and spend some time exploring this blog. Your curls will surely thank you…and…who knows, you might just get addicted! 😉

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Lets’s rock the curls that we have!


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