My Curly Hair Styling Routine

Sharing my curly hair styling routine was long due. You won’t believe that these pics I had clicked in August last year….but I didn’t want to post coz my nail polish was chipped (lol!). I had thought that I would click another set of pics. But I never got around to clicking those. So, if you don’t mind the chipped nail polish, here is the basic routine. I use different products, but the styling routine is pretty much the same. I will also share few other routines or variations that I follow for styling..but then these pics took about 8 months to be up on the blog…so for the next set you can anticipate the expected time of that post!! LOL ūüėÄ   Anyway, let’s start…. In the shower, I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo (it is sulfate-free) Loreal Smooth Intense Conditioner for detangling and as a rinse off […]

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Curly Hair Journey…2016

What an year 2016 was!! ………this post…rather than talking, I would just say it though pictures………. Professionally, I have been super busy Personally, it has been a roller coaster ride Blogging-wise it has been smooth Last two months of the year went by in a daze *still don’t wanna talk about it* Let’s look at the Hair Journey of 2016……..                         I don’t really have pics from November and December My hair routine has been totally off but hair has been behaving better… so I clicked this ‘just outta bed curls’ today (I am at mommyland so Sunday morning be like) Mom’s nightie.. …waking up to good hair… ….piping hot cup of tea served at the table…. … this is called an awesome start to the new year….. How did your year start? I would love to know… […]

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Quick Hairstyle Ideas for Indian Naturally Curly and Wavy Hair

Indian Curly & Wavy Hairstyles

I have been asked about zillion times about hair styles for curly and wavy hair. Somehow everyone feels that once we start wearing our hair naturally curly or wavy, the only option is to keep your hair open. Well that’s not true. We can make and create many hairstyles that look gorgeous on our gorgeous curls. I have been delaying this post for the longest coz —–> 1. I am the laziest person on this earth!! 2. I don’t have some bakra to click proper pics for the hairstyle to show. Even when I try hairstyles which look good in person, I am unable to click at angles that show the hairstyle well. Finally now when I am spending few days with my family, I remembered to make my brother click few pics on days that I tried a hair style. These are few very simple hair styles which you […]

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Basics: What is Transitioning? Hair Regimen for Transitioning (from Chemical/Heat Damaged to Natural Hair)

This is totally a personal choice. But I personally and from few more feedback that using sulfate-free shampoo does make a HUGE difference...skipping sulfates means by default skipping silicones. Using too  much of silicones in the long run does dry out our hair more. BUT, the choice is yours. Many curlies love silicones, many totally hate it. If you are not on a tight budget, I would suggest following the sulfate-silicone free regimen as mentioned here. It makes a lot of difference to the scalp and hair.

I have been wanting to write many many posts on Curlacious. But there are just wayyyy too many reasons to postpone writing a post. Usually, 2 of my friends always¬†call and ask if I am alive since nothing is up on the blog and then I rushhh and write… ¬†ūüėȬ†This time, I am writing a post for you curlies out there…. Day before yesterday, I had a nice long chat with another curlie who was new to my blog (that’s the best part about blogging..I get to talk and interact with such sweet & awesome people!!). She had landed here looking to revive her straightened hair. She wants to grow out her hair and was asking about ways and steps to do that. Since this question is something that I often get asked and this post was already due for really long, I thought why not to write a whole […]

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Know your Curly Hair Wash Routine!

Divya Curly Wavy Hair Indian

If you are a curly ow wavy haired person, then one of the main things you should be aware of is the effect of your hair care and hair wash routine on your curls. If you really want to know what your curls crave for and how they respond to the products that you are putting them under, you should take out the time to observe your hair. Then you can tweak and turn your routine for the benefits of your curls. What is the usual hair wash¬†routine that you¬†follow? It might most probably be something like this: Wet hair, shampoo the scalp, lather it up, rinse it out. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft till tips, avoid the roots, keep it in hair for 2-5mins, rinse out. Soak up all excess water using a towel rub, rub, rub. ¬†Wait for hair to air dry or use a blow dryer. Once […]

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