Evolve Naturally Satin Sunset Bonnet Review

I got this Satin Bonnet back in Feb, 2017. I have been using it on and off. Now I have used it in a lot of scenarios to give a holistic review on its usage.

The one I have is the Evolve Naturally Satin Sunset Bonnet. I got it off amazon. It is basically a sleep cap with satin inner side. All you do is put it on your hair covering all your hair and hit the bed.

Also, scroll down till the end for the outfit “Deets” (as fashion bloggers call it!) 😉

You can buy it here:

Evolve Naturally Satin Sunset Bonnet


Why is a Satin Bonnet used?

If you have read this post on preserving curls, then you know that a satin helps in preserving the hair from frizzing, drying out or breakage.


How to use Satin Bonnet?

I tie my hair in either a loose ponytail or a loose bun on top of my head as mentioned in this post and then put the satin bonnet over it and sleep.

If you don’t want to tie your hair, then you can simply put head upside down, push all hair into the cap and pull the bonnet over your head and done! stand upright…adjust the bonnet and hit the bed!!

The silky satin material is towards the inside and that is what gets in touch with the hair.

Evolve Satin Bonnet Review India_Curly Hair_Curlacious night care for curly hair
This is how I put on the satin bonnet


  • Quality of the satin used on inner side of the bonnet is very good.
  • Size is good enough to hold even very thick and long hair.
  • Elastic that holds the bonnet at the forehead is really soft yet firm. It doesn’t leave any mark on the forehead and still keeps the bonnet on the head without slipping off while you toss and turn in sleep.
  • Satin keeps hair frizz free, doesn’t dry out hair and prevents breakage that happens over cotton pillowcases.
  • Very travel friendly. I took it to my Kodakanal trip (You can see my hair pics here) and now this bonnet has become a staple in my travel essentials



  • I somehow hate putting on a bonnet at night. I feel very uncomfortable.  I NEED to have my hair free. So I prefer having a satin or silk pillowcase for daily use rather than putting hair in bonnet. But then this is totally a personal choice.
  • We look super funny after putting it on!! 😀 [As you can see in below pic ;)]


Evolve Satin Bonnet Review India_Curly Hair_Curlacious night care for curly hair


If you can simply excuse the swollen ‘just-woke-up’ face and take a moment to appreciate how the curls are frizz free and super intact!!

Evolve Satin Bonnet Review India_Curly Hair_Curlacious night care for curly hair


Overall Verdict:

This bonnet does what it claims and what it is used for. It preserves the curls overnight. Helps keep them intact, prevents frizz, prevents hair from drying and from getting ruffled. Also, it is a total gem for curlies who travel a lot…comes very handy during travelling. If you are okay with putting on a cap/bonnet and sleep daily then you can go for this. If you don’t like that, then you better go for a satin or silk pillowcase. Curlies who do not have access to satin material (to stitch the pillowcases) or find the silk ones too costly, can totally go for this bonnet instead!! I personally use it in addition to my satin pillowcase and cloth and mainly only when I travel.


Outfit Deets:(As mentioned above..LOL!)

Satin Scrunchie: Local supermarket

T-shirt: Bro’s wardrobe

Shorts (not seen in the pic): Bro’s wardrobe

Background: A part of Bro’s wardrobe 😉

Place: Bro’s House

**Pics are from Feb2017…just in case you were wondering!!

8 thoughts on “Evolve Naturally Satin Sunset Bonnet Review

  1. It’s a nice bonnet, my first. The inside is very smooth, shiny and silky-satiny. It really preserves your hair overnight as compared to just a satin pillowcase. However, I have to pull it down over my ears to keep it from slipping off during the night. But I guess it’s ok, since it functions both as a bonnet and an eye mask.

    1. LOL!! Yeahhh sounds like a multi-purpose one!! t stays on my head..but I pull it down over my ears when I feel cold hehe!! 🙂 it is really smooth and silky. surely does its work 🙂

  2. I need help. Amazon won’t let me order to pay on delivery for satin hair bonnet. I am a foreigner in india. Is there any other store i can get it

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